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What the… whats with all the spam!?!?!? (`_´#)/

Hello all, I think it is kind of common for people to try out a blog for 1 post, and stop.  Well you can certainly say I’m one of them, it’s been what… around 5 month? since I last made a post.
( interesting to see how my account hasn’t been deleted ).

So why the hell am I writing again after all this time? Well, it just so happen to be that I cam back accross my old post, and I noticed something… 31 comments.  THIRTY ONE. 

Even if my wit is telling me there is something wrong, it’s just natural to feel interested to what that 31 is. Could it be that alot of people found the previous topic interesting? did I have a hidden talent of writing that I just suddenly opened?


spams, spams, spams and more spams…. no matter if I expected it somewhere in my heart it’s still annoying. It’s just natural right? So I’m going to write a post just to release my fury, thats it, a totally useless post I know, but nevertheless here I go:

Eat this!  o#-_-)=○)゜O゜) <– virtual spammer aka vs

and this! (#・_・)ノ~~~~~~卍 (><) <– vs

and this…. (#・_<)┏━   —-⊃ \( X◇X  )/ <– vs

and to finish off ………….. ( #▼_▼)ノ⌒●~* 



……….. ( calmed down…. looks around and feels embarassed at the childish action)

….so….. Just to wrap up, a totally immature, and so called lame action can sometimes be the answer to your stress needs.

P.S. thanks to those 2, Kooh and amethyst_lover who wrote a normal comments on the previous post.  (´・∀・`)o

7 Responses to “What the… whats with all the spam!?!?!? (`_´#)/”

  1. Says:

    Yeaaaaah!!! Hahaha! It’s like a video game only better XDD Lol.

    You can opt to keep things moderated :D Then just let the blog automatically allow comments from people who have at least posted once XD That’s what we usually do :) Well, me, actually :D

    Sorry XD I tend to blabber!
    I love your smileys XD

  2. Shij Says:

    Cool emotes, how’d you make those?

  3. Says:

    Hi, thanks for a none spam comment! (⌒∇⌒)ノ

    Thanks amethyst, will investigate and try out the blocking system.

    and Shij, these emoticon can be made from character map which is in accessory, but I find these on the net. It’s just that I felt a deeper creativity in these icons then in the standard ones so I enjoy using it.

  4. Daniel Says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding whats with all the spam!?!?!? \(`_´#)/, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  5. Nanao-Chan Says:

    Cute emoticons! ^_^ I can only do normal ones… T_T

    And yeah, the spam is a pain… I have to delete a vast amount everyday… TT___TT Sadness…

  6. Pallab Mcardle Says:

    Konsys GmbH

    Thank you for your post!

  7. Says:

    I feel your pain. I saw 352 comments a week ago and was like, “OMG, they care!” Only to notice that 348 of the comments was spam. Grrr..death to the spam! I used a website called, it’s suppose to minimize the flow of bot’s and spammers and so far it works for me.

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