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(´・∀・`)oTHE PATH TO AN INTERESTING BLOG day 1 - getting started on the topic

Hello all, welcome to my very FIRST blog writing. Some maybe wondering why on earth is this not about a particular interesting topic,  but a lame topic about some person trying to figure out what the hell to write.

(¬_¬)<- I can imagine some people are like this right now

Well I’ve never been a blogger, in fact I’ve barely if ever written some sort of journal or diary, so I didn’t know how to start. (T_T)
I SO hope that some people reading this has a similar experience, so to know that I’m not the only one. ☆彡  (-人-; )

Well anyhow,
since I’ve decided to try out blog, I feel like I should write things and ways that would interest the users. So I’m going to make it my first step to swift through some blog rankings to take a look into what kind of blogs sparks interest.

……  (・ω・。≡。・ω・) ( browsing )

……  (゚∀゚ )三 三( ゚∀゚)  ( browsing )

( ☉∀☉)!

After going through a number of sites, the case seems to be something along the line of:

( starting from most looked at to least looked at )

18.One’s Life/Personal blogs  

hm, interesting must write down φ(._.。:) oh wait, this is already recorded on the website so theres no need for that haha….

okay, I felt like I made the first step so I’m gonna cut day 1 here.
feeled so drain already….. |つω-`)ノ”

101 Responses to “(´・∀・`)oTHE PATH TO AN INTERESTING BLOG day 1 - getting started on the topic”

  1. Kooh Says:

    I’m not much of a blog writer either, so Kudos to you my friend! o(^_^)o But we have one thing in common which is posting really strange smilies in our blogs! \(・ω ・)/

    Oh yes, do try to add something in your About page so I know who’s blog I’m reading about. m(__)m That would be a great start for you!

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