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A Tale of Two Tabbys

November 1st, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com

First let me say that trick-or-treat was very fun. We have collected much candy!! ^^ Also Happy Birthday to our Hello Kitty, and my wonderful friend Mimmy~~~ ^^

But now.. Because everyone is now telling scary stories, I will also join in the fun. Be prepared~~~


This is something that happened to me and Tabby. We were going to a party one day, but we forgot about it. When we remembered, it was already late at night, but we wanted to go still..

I was already near the door, and I was calling Tabby because he was still inside his room. He always said “wait!” when I called. And then finally he came out after a long long time.

When he came out he only said to me “Sorry” and then he walked to the door with me. He was behind me when I opened the door..

When I opened the door..

Tabby was already outside!! @@

I looked behind me, and there was another Tabby!! He laughed for a moment and then he ran away backwards and disappeared!! @@

I did not know where the fake Tabby went or where he came from..

It is so scary TT.. I am just glad that the real Tabby is here, I know he has more scary stories, maybe he would like to share~~~

But I wonder where Tabby is, he has not come inside yet.. I will look outside and call him.

Happy Halloween everyone, do not think too much about scary stories ^^

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Trick Or Treat!!

October 31st, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com
Halloween Costumes

Our costumes are ready~~

How do you like my costume? I think it looks good, I will make a very convincing pumpkin, you will see!! ^^

Although it is a little hard to move..

Can you see Tabby in the picture? And he is in the candy bag, is he not also very convincing? ^^

There have been some children already trick-or-treating last night, and they had some nice costumes. I was worried and surprised because one of them was so pale, I thought he was sick.. @@

We are about to leave now, we hope to get much candy!! It is still very early, but I heard there will be a local parade near our house, so I am excited ^^

Marie is still getting ready upstairs. I am sure she will look very pretty in her dress. She will have wings and a stuffed tooth hohoho I will show you her picture tomorrow ^^

I hope there is some good chocolate out there~~

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Preparing for Halloween

October 25th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com

Oh yeah! I’m back and feeling great. If you’re wondering, all feeling on my tail has been restored. Hoohaa.

It’s almost Halloween, and though we’re not in Sanriotown right now, we have every intention of celebrating with you guys. We’ll be trick-or-treating here but we’ll keep you updated on how that goes. ^_^

Helping Marie make costumes

As you can see, I’m helping Marie make costumes. Amazing that for how much she loves shopping, she’d rather make the costumes herself. Gotta hand it to her though, she’s really good.

Let’s see, in the picture that’s Zashiki’s costume. Can you guess what it is? I guess that’s pretty easy, it’s a pumpkin. Fitting no? Nyahaha!

Marie is going as the toothfairy, and she says she’ll make me a costume where I look like wrapped candy. I LOVE CANDY. I’m so excited ajsdgasjfasjh I can’t wait!

After this we’ll be buying candy (for when we’re home and kids start trick-or-treating) and bags to put our own candy in. It’ll be GREAT I tell you!

Hope your preparations are going well ^_^!!

(P.S. We Are Dinosaurs agreed to sign me their autograph. OMG! I spazz.)

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It was not so good..

October 23rd, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com
So much!!

As I have promised, I have a story for you..

Do you see my picture?

When that was taken, I was feeling very bad. Because..

I was about to fall!!

Do you remember that I said I was with Marie on a date? I must tell you that it did not go as I had expected.. But please know that I still love Marie and I do not think badly of her. I will tell you what happened.

We were at the 8th arrondissement, it was a very nice place that Marie was showing me. I saw large structures, even a giant obelisk and arc! ^^ They were very nice to see, I cannot imagine how they were made so large!!

It was a wonderful place, and I was very happy to be with Marie there. But that is when it happened..

She said we had one more place to go, and I was excited. But I did not know that when she said “one more”, she meant that we had many places to go inside that one place!

And that is when I saw, a different side of Marie!! @@

She was running in the street, and she would go into a store very quickly and she would run again inside the store. Before I know what is happening, she would shout so loud.. and then she would give me a box or a bag to carry..

She reminded me of a wolf when it is hungry.. TT

I was carrying a lot already and I was very tired. I tried to tell Marie but she was too far away and running again.

I fell.. TT

I felt bad because the boxes and bags were on the ground and I tried to pick them up all again.. It was surprising that she was not tired..

But thankfully, we went home.. and we did not walk. Because I was too tired..

I hope this does not happen again. I can not keep up with Marie. I am too fat for this.. TT

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This is Paris!

October 18th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com

Bonjour!! ^^

How is everyone? I hope you are fine.

Me and Tabby have a surprise for you!! Here it is~~~

We have made a video on Dream Studio!! Hohoho it was so fun to make this, we used the pictures that we took while seeing Paris! If you would like to comment, please do it in this page ^^

I am sorry I did not take more pictures.. But we hope you still enjoy~~~

P.S.~ Next time I will tell you a story.. ^^

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City isn’t mouse-friendly

October 16th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com

First of all, Zashiki renamed this blog to “Zashikibuta and Tabby”, yay! Awesome ain’t it? Like Batman and Robin! Hihihi… ERHM ERHM. Actually the reason is that I seem to be posting a lot more often than I’d originally planned.

I actually think using this keyboard’s good exercise. And it feels like I’m playing that old game show. “Gimme a T!” *bleedibleedibleep!* Hahaha.

Ooookay, moving on. Let me explain that picture.

I’m aware, I’m a mouse — I’m small, grey, make small squeaky noises and my feet make this light tap that sorta qualifies me as a “creepy crawly” to many people. In fact when I asked about our kind, I think those were my mother’s exact words. o_O

But despite that, I did NOT expect this. Let me tell you what happened to me a few days ago. I was getting a little bored here at Marie’s home, which is by the way lovely, and since the couple was out on a date, I decided to go out for some fresh air.

When I stepped out, wow was it noisy. I mean, I was getting used to the distant buzz from Marie’s apartment, but that was just nasty @_@

I looked around and saw a bright row of umbrellas, I figured there was something up. It looked like a cafe or something, coz the vanilla-coffee smell was unmistakeable. Wow I needed me one of those.

But as soon as I stepped near the pretty waitress, she screamed!


I can’t believe it, she jumped around a bit and then, she stepped on my tail! Waah! The heels on her shoes were almost as tall as I was, and she slammed it on my poor tail waaaaaaaah T_T!!

And it didn’t stop there! When she started screaming, everyone else started panicking, then they started throwing stuff at me, and others even ran after me trying to step on me!

I tried to reason with them but they all seemed dead-bent on knocking me out. I’m a friendly mouse. I’m not even a rat. T_T No offense to my rodent cousins, of course.

So I ran, ran for my life. For anyone still wondering…no, I didn’t get any coffee. U_U

I hope Zashiki and Marie had a better day than I did…

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Happy birthday Ganta!!

October 11th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com
Is this on..

Am I using this correctly Marie? ^^


I am using a web camera!! I am being seen at Keroppi’s house as I am speaking!! Can you believe it, technology is wonderful!!

Happy birthday to Ganta! I am envious, because there are many of them in the party, I wish that the three of us could transport there instantly and join you all in the party!

I am really missing all of you~~~

Marie also says hello ^^ And happy birthday also Ganta from her.

How is everyone? Mimmy, Keroppi, I see you!! Oh what is happening to Kuromi? @@

Oh I will let Tabby write so that he may greet Ganta as well..


Heeeey! Wuddup party people! Can you see me? Am I looking too close?

You guys look so happy there!! Sooo happy. With everyone there… all the cookies… and happiness, in that place, where we used to be…

Hi!!! *waves furiously* @_@!!

Well if you’re wondering, I’m okay! We’re all okay. For the other readers as well (wow I didn’t know we’d get this many in the first place), if you’re wondering, Paris has been…okay.

I actually have a story for you all, hooo boy, but I’ll wait till next entry coz I don’t wanna ruin this happy mood.

Happy birthday Ganta! ^_^

Miss you guys sooo much!!

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I am back!!

October 9th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com
Ma cherie

To my blog.. hoho I did not mean I am back home..But indeed I am with my lovely Marie and I am happy!!

Is she not lovely~~? ^^

But I can not stay long today, she will be taking me to see the different places here in Paris. I would just like to say.. I have missed a lot!

I am sorry, very sorry, to my Sanrio friends Mimmy, Keroppi and Kuromi.. also my new friend Pink Bear.. TT

I forgot to say goodbye properly, or even to tell them that we are leaving already! I read from their blogs that they tried to catch us in the airport but could not because of a parade!! There are also new bloggers, the We Are Dinosaurs!

But now me and Tabby are being missed. We miss you too Mimmy and Keroppi.. I wish that you could forgive your silly friend.. TT

But what is this?

Kuromi is angry at me!! @@;

Because I have left and not become a part of Kuromi 5!!

I do not know why they say it does not look good on me. I think I look cool with a cape. Super Pig hohoho~~~

But please do not be mad at me Kuromi! I am sorry.. TT

Oh I must leave now. I will tell you about my journey tomorrow~~~ ^^

I miss you all!!

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The piglet has landed

October 5th, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com

Paris is so different. It’s so…different. Buildings everywhere. So many people! It’s so noisy too. Very…different.

I kept a log in my tiny notebook during the travel time. From when I last posted here to this point, here’s what I scribbled down.

Entry 01: Left the house, it’s moving farther and farther away. Shrinking out of our sight, out of our life…WAAAAH! Must not cry! T_T

Entry 02: A lot of people gathering on the road for some reason, like they’re waiting for a parade. I saw some dinosaurs too, looked kinda scary since they were so big, but they didn’t really look mean. I wonder what’s going on…

Entry 03: Zashiki has fallen asleep. He’s squishing me. @_@

Entry 04: We’re at the airport.. I called Mimmy and Keroppi up before leaving and I’d hoped to see them at the airport. But I guess I just can’t see them over the big-people crowd. While Zashiki’s still kinda absent-minded ^_^;

Entry 05: Boarding time.. Bye bye..

Entry 06: (Zashiki found out I was keeping a log and borrowed it, wrote this down) Hellooooo~~~ ^^ I am blogging from the air! the clouds are very cute! Do not believe that pigs can not fly!! ^^

Entry 07: Wow! Paris looks so uh…FLAT!

Entry 08: Landing now, see you guys!!

That’s pretty much it. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), we landed. Zashiki’s exstatic! Seriously! Um I’m using one of the computers at the terminal, we’re waiting for—

Oh here she comes. Catch you later!

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Leaving on a jet plane

October 2nd, 2007 by zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com
Heavy Bag

Don’t know when I’ll be back again…

I love that song.

Well it’s almost time to leave. I got my bags packed since last night. Yes, we’re leaving that soon. I can tell that Zashiki wants to leave early. Well, I know the guy, more than he thinks ^_^

He probably won’t be blogging for a while, he’s managing everything coz…well, I’m just a mouse. You can’t imagine how hard it is traveling when we have to convince everyone I didn’t just get past pest control T_T

Zashiki’s so excited, he’s been bouncing around the house, I don’t even know what he’s doing anymore, I mean he’s had his bags packed since two days ago. As for his garden and this nice…comfy…ever-so-familiar home…we’ll be leaving them to our nice neighbors. I mean, we’ll be back. Soon. Someday. I hope.

Well *cough* Checklist time.

Bonnet - check. Mittens - check. Socks - check. Confirming that yes, I do have clothes - check. Secret stash (OF COINS!) - check. Bathroom stuff - check. Uh that’s pretty much all I have. I hope I didn’t miss anything. Hrmm.

Wait, why is this bag so heavy? @_@

(P.S. Gotta go but I’ll write again as soon as I get the chance!)

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