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Tabby is found!

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Welcome back, Tabby.

Tabby is finally back..


I am sorry that I have not been posting about it these past few days, I must be honest to say that I have not thought of blogging much because of my joy from finding Tabby again!!

But actually he is not very well yet..

Do you want to know how it happened? ^^ (more…)

On new years eve…

Monday, December 31st, 2007

This holiday has been so very wonderful for me.. I have been found by Mimmy and Keroppi at last!

Although I did not know that I was lost at all, but I can not explain the happiness that I have felt when I found out that the voices I have heard are really from Mimmy and Keroppi and Keroleen..

My dear friends whom I have missed.. I could not help but cry.. TT

What a nice Christmas Tree…

But even though I am so happy to see them again, it is not complete..

At Seine River, it is really nice here.. There is a beautiful Christmas tree that I think is shaped like Mimmy but I am not sure..

There were people making wishes for the new year.. There is a fireworks display at midnight but I know that I will not enjoy it without my friend Tabby..

And so I needed to make my wish..

I have only one wish..


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Very tired

Friday, December 14th, 2007


So I am still searching..

How long has it been? I have forgotten. All I can think about is..

I want to go home..

When I say home, I mean Sanrio town TT

Paris has not been good to us. It is beautiful, but all of the beautiful places and happy times can not compare to having my good friend Tabby here..

Why must he be lost for such a long time? Maybe it is a sign..

I want to find my friend and go home..

But this countryside is beautiful. It is very quiet. The only sound you can hear is sometimes from a goat or a passing milk truck.. It reminds me of Sanrio town.. only it is lonely.

It is almost like I can hear my friends Keroppi and Keroleen and Mimmy laughing and calling my name.. TT

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What am I saying?

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Thank you so much to Pink Bear who has encouraged me!!

I am reading my post from 2 days ago, and I cannot believe that I have said that of my friend Tabby @@;

Because he has spent so much time with me, it will hurt him to hear that I am doubting his friendship!!

And I even keep saying before that I will not give up!

What is wrong with me, I should be slapped.. TT

Tabby and all my friends, please forgive this silly pig. I was just frustrated and tired, but I do not mean it!!

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What I have come to realize

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
Looking up…

I have come to realize..

That I am not used to Tabby being gone..

He has always been there. He has been with me even longer and more than my dear Marie. He is almost like my brother..

And it has made me think, maybe he is not lost at all..

Maybe he has grown tired of me, and is now looking for another poor pastry-loving pig to be friends with?

He has not done much except help me in what I do.. He is a very loyal friend..

But what if he does not want to be found by me? Maybe could do more if he did not have to stay with me..

I miss my dear friend Tabby..

But I wonder if he does miss me.. TT

I am now wandering around Paris, not sure of what I am doing.. I hope Mimmy and Keroppi find their way, because I, am now more lost than all of them..


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Update on Mission: Find Tabby!!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

It has been exactly 3 weeks already since Tabby’s disappearing..

This is very serious..

But I have news for all of you. One, our friends Mimmy and Keroppi are now in Paris as well! Their concern for Tabby is very touching, because I know that they have left a lot to help us find him.

Two, I have found a clue on the location of the missing Tabby!! I was walking around Montparnasse looking for Tabby, it is in the other end of Paris. I got tired.. I sat down on a bench beside the road.

After maybe 30 minutes, I noticed something from the other side of the road. It was TABBY!!

…but not really.

Tabby Painting

It was a painting of Tabby being sold by a man beside the street. The man had a small collection of paintings about different things, simple things, but his paintings were beautiful.

I was excited and hopeful!! I asked him about it and why he thought of painting a mouse..

He said he had met a nice mouse over a week ago, who had shared a cup of coffee with him. The mouse told the painter about how he had been lost, and that he could not find his way home.. TT

The painter asked the mouse where he lived, but the mouse was not sure what place his house here in Paris was..

The painter was so sad for not being able to help the mouse, even though he wanted to. So he had an idea to paint the mouse in case someone who knew him would pass by..

He told the mouse to stay, but he did not, because he said he was looking for something.. He said thank you and left.

And the story ended.

He said the mouse had walked South.. he tried to tell him that he was walking out of Paris, but he just kept walking..

I wonder what he was looking for?

Does that mean that he is really outside Paris now? @@;

Things are getting even more difficult. It is hard to find a small mouse in a busy city. But do not worry~~~

We shall find you~~~

But I wonder where Mimmy, Keroppi and Keroleen are? @@;

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Thank you everyone..

Monday, November 19th, 2007
There There…

Oh dear..

Thank you very much to everyone who has commented and has shown us their worry for Tabby. As you all know, he is missing, and I am sad to say we have not yet found him.. TT

Marie is blaming herself for his disappearing.. I do not know what to do..

But thankfully, our dear friends are all willing to help. Mimmy and Keroppi are not coming over to Paris to help us find Tabby.. And our other friends have also offered help..

I feel bad because we have become a burden to our friends TT

Thank you everyone.. and I am sorry for not posting often. It is just that I am feeling really sad.. I just want my friend back.

I will update more on the developments..

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Tabby is missing..

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
Tabby is missing

It is me Zashikibuta..

Do you remember I have said in my last post that Tabby has not come inside from trick-or-treating?

I have very bad news.. Tabby is missing.

I am not joking, but I wish I am joking.. TT Me and Marie cannot find his candy-shaped head anywhere. We have looked inside, outside, we have walked in the streets calling out to him but he is nowhere to be found..

Do you think he has been abducted? TT

Or perhaps because last time there were two Tabbys, now there are none!! @@

What shall I do.. Please help, if you have any ideas.. I miss my dear friend, and it has been already 5 days..


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A Tale of Two Tabbys

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

First let me say that trick-or-treat was very fun. We have collected much candy!! ^^ Also Happy Birthday to our Hello Kitty, and my wonderful friend Mimmy~~~ ^^

But now.. Because everyone is now telling scary stories, I will also join in the fun. Be prepared~~~


This is something that happened to me and Tabby. We were going to a party one day, but we forgot about it. When we remembered, it was already late at night, but we wanted to go still..

I was already near the door, and I was calling Tabby because he was still inside his room. He always said “wait!” when I called. And then finally he came out after a long long time.

When he came out he only said to me “Sorry” and then he walked to the door with me. He was behind me when I opened the door..

When I opened the door..

Tabby was already outside!! @@

I looked behind me, and there was another Tabby!! He laughed for a moment and then he ran away backwards and disappeared!! @@

I did not know where the fake Tabby went or where he came from..

It is so scary TT.. I am just glad that the real Tabby is here, I know he has more scary stories, maybe he would like to share~~~

But I wonder where Tabby is, he has not come inside yet.. I will look outside and call him.

Happy Halloween everyone, do not think too much about scary stories ^^

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Trick Or Treat!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
Halloween Costumes

Our costumes are ready~~

How do you like my costume? I think it looks good, I will make a very convincing pumpkin, you will see!! ^^

Although it is a little hard to move..

Can you see Tabby in the picture? And he is in the candy bag, is he not also very convincing? ^^

There have been some children already trick-or-treating last night, and they had some nice costumes. I was worried and surprised because one of them was so pale, I thought he was sick.. @@

We are about to leave now, we hope to get much candy!! It is still very early, but I heard there will be a local parade near our house, so I am excited ^^

Marie is still getting ready upstairs. I am sure she will look very pretty in her dress. She will have wings and a stuffed tooth hohoho I will show you her picture tomorrow ^^

I hope there is some good chocolate out there~~

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