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Carrots are good

Friday, September 21st, 2007
Me and a carrot hohoho

The carrot is almost as big as me hohoho~~

Are you curious because I am holding a carrot? Well I have made another discovery on the internet! ^^

I will show you something that I have found. Are you ready?


Voila! It is me again, and again holding a carrot hohoho! But it is not really me. This is something made to look like me, it is actually a night light.

So it is like a small version of me that shines in the night~~~

I found it on a site called Ebay..

I have read that it costs HK$159.00, I do not know how much that is in Euros. I think I look rounder than usual in that night light.

But I do not speak Chinese.. That is all I know..

I hope someone buys it! I will make your room bright at night ^^

P.S.~ I will not wear the mustache anymore. It is itchy. Also my friends here do not agree with it~~~

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Am I not manly?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I am considering an image change. Tell me, do I look more manly with a mustache? Also I have changed the way my scarf is tied, maybe I can look more manly. ^^

My reason for asking you is because of something I have found on a site called Myspace.com, where someone wrote a list of famous pigs.

I was very happy to find my name there~~~

Also thank you to Tabby for showing me how to search.

Anyway.. in the page this is what is being written about me..

Zashikibuta is also a Sanrio pig, but she’s harder to find. She’s a pig from the Netherlands . The Sanrio pig lines are no longer being produced. What a shame.

I am said to be a she-pig from the Netherlands.. TT

Why is that so? But I have witnesses, I am a boy.. TT

Although I am happy that he thinks it is a shame we are no longer famous as Sanrio characters. It is a start~~~

But I do not think I like this mustache hohoho..

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This is not good

Saturday, September 8th, 2007
Oh no…

I understand now what Kuromi meant by saying I am weird. Sob sob.

But that is not the trouble..

Everyone is fighting now! I also now know why Kuromi was hiding sometimes during the party, and why Tabby was angry when we left.

I think it is not fair, Keroppi worked hard on the donuts (and I know how hard they are to make!) and Mimmy also worked hard on the cookies. Do not worry friends, I very much enjoyed your food~~~ ^^

I wonder if Kuromi will apologize, I hope so..

Also, Badtzmaru now has a blog! It is nice we all now have blogs. But he is also being mean.. I guess, he is just being Badtzmaru. That is how I remember him!

I do not know what to do. Should I try to fix it? I also feel a little bad because Kuromi was mean to me. But I am an old-timer, I think she is very famous now. What can a pig like me do?

Kuromi! Do not be mean to my friends!

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That was fun

Friday, September 7th, 2007


I am tired from the party! It was very nice, and I even saw old friends Badtzmaru and Pochacco. He is still round like me hohoho ^^

I am happy that they like my cake! I do think I spent too much time at the table, the cookies Mimmy brought were very good to eat~~~

There were many games! And also much singing. I was convinced by Tabby to play, although I would much rather stay at the table hoho ^^


But I am bothered..

There was a nice new friend Kuromi. But she said I am weird. I wonder what she meant. Maybe because I am fat? Hoho but I can not change that ^^ Food is good.

But I also heard that she was not invited. Is she not a friend?

I am happy for friends Mimmy and Keroppi, they have found some good fans, they are still loved much..

I wish that I would meet people who still remember me ^^

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Become famous again

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Hello again, it is me Zashikibuta!

I feel so nice, I had a very nice welcome from nice people here in Sanrio Town. Thank you very much, I feel that I would really like to stay ^^


And now let us move on~~~

As you can see in my picture (I like my camera~~) I have made a cake. I would give you all a slice, but that is not possible in a blog hohoho! Please accept the picture instead.. ^^

I was asked by my friend Mimmy if I would like to join the allegiance of she and friend Keroppi so we can become famous again. Have I been famous? I do remember a time when I would see my picture around, it was nice to make people happy!

But what do you do in an allegiance? What help can I offer? Maybe I can provide the food!

I asked my friend Tabby. And he said it would be nice, as long as there is no violence. Hoho I do not think there will be violence because they are good people ^^

I would appreciate advice~~~

Thank you very much!

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