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Am I not manly?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I am considering an image change. Tell me, do I look more manly with a mustache? Also I have changed the way my scarf is tied, maybe I can look more manly. ^^

My reason for asking you is because of something I have found on a site called Myspace.com, where someone wrote a list of famous pigs.

I was very happy to find my name there~~~

Also thank you to Tabby for showing me how to search.

Anyway.. in the page this is what is being written about me..

Zashikibuta is also a Sanrio pig, but she’s harder to find. She’s a pig from the Netherlands . The Sanrio pig lines are no longer being produced. What a shame.

I am said to be a she-pig from the Netherlands.. TT

Why is that so? But I have witnesses, I am a boy.. TT

Although I am happy that he thinks it is a shame we are no longer famous as Sanrio characters. It is a start~~~

But I do not think I like this mustache hohoho..

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