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I am back!!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
Ma cherie

To my blog.. hoho I did not mean I am back home..But indeed I am with my lovely Marie and I am happy!!

Is she not lovely~~? ^^

But I can not stay long today, she will be taking me to see the different places here in Paris. I would just like to say.. I have missed a lot!

I am sorry, very sorry, to my Sanrio friends Mimmy, Keroppi and Kuromi.. also my new friend Pink Bear.. TT

I forgot to say goodbye properly, or even to tell them that we are leaving already! I read from their blogs that they tried to catch us in the airport but could not because of a parade!! There are also new bloggers, the We Are Dinosaurs!

But now me and Tabby are being missed. We miss you too Mimmy and Keroppi.. I wish that you could forgive your silly friend.. TT

But what is this?

Kuromi is angry at me!! @@;

Because I have left and not become a part of Kuromi 5!!

I do not know why they say it does not look good on me. I think I look cool with a cape. Super Pig hohoho~~~

But please do not be mad at me Kuromi! I am sorry.. TT

Oh I must leave now. I will tell you about my journey tomorrow~~~ ^^

I miss you all!!

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