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Carrots are good

Friday, September 21st, 2007
Me and a carrot hohoho

The carrot is almost as big as me hohoho~~

Are you curious because I am holding a carrot? Well I have made another discovery on the internet! ^^

I will show you something that I have found. Are you ready?


Voila! It is me again, and again holding a carrot hohoho! But it is not really me. This is something made to look like me, it is actually a night light.

So it is like a small version of me that shines in the night~~~

I found it on a site called Ebay..

I have read that it costs HK$159.00, I do not know how much that is in Euros. I think I look rounder than usual in that night light.

But I do not speak Chinese.. That is all I know..

I hope someone buys it! I will make your room bright at night ^^

P.S.~ I will not wear the mustache anymore. It is itchy. Also my friends here do not agree with it~~~

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