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I am so happy

Monday, September 24th, 2007

You will not guess what me and Tabby have received today..

Mooncake!! ^^

And from..

Kuromi!! ^^

I am very happy~~~ I do not usually get good food as a gift, and I very much appreciate delicious food when given by friends!

Also, I am happy because she liked the tulips, even though she has found out my secret!!

I wish that Kuromi and me are friends now~~~ ^^

Oh it is really my first time to eat mooncake. And that is very strange for me, because as you can see from my roundness, I have eaten many many kinds of food already hohoho!

It is sweet!! But it is unlike what I am used to~ I will ask Keroppi and Mimmy what they think, because they were also given mooncakes.

How wonderful is it.. I have learned about a festival of mooncake also, and that it is tomorrow! Happy festival of mooncake friends~~~

However.. please let me know what this festival is about ^^

Tabby will write here tomorrow..

(P.S.~ Zashiki is my name, but XO wants to call me Zashi. I do not know if I should say no.. but I think it is okay if he wants to TT)

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I wanna blog too

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
Tabby *nod nod*

Hi! It’s me Tabby. I’m Zashikibuta’s friend, I think he’s mentioned me to you already. Nice to meet you all. ^_^

Why am I here on Zashiki’s blog? Well I wanted to try this out and asked him if I could use his blog instead of make a new one. He agreed of course.

Okay so here’s what happened. We brought some cookies for Keroppi and Mimmy because they seemed like they needed some. Then, I was asked by my jolly friend here to send some cookies and flowers to Kuromi.

This was the scenario in my head. On the bright side, I was very proud of my friend because he obviously wanted to make things right. On the dark, gloomy, bordering-on-depressing side, I remember that time at the party when she kicked me into the pond. Intentionally or not…that hurt. T_T

It really is hard being a mouse sometimes.

Tabby *nod nod*

Anyway, he said he was shy. Part of me wanted to say “Shy huh?” and calmly walk away from him and not speak to him for the rest of the day. But the other, more convincing part of me decided to help him out, after all he seems really affected by all this. Poor guy.

So I went to the bunny’s house, carrying some tulips (an inwardly praying that she actually likes tulips), and a strawberry shortcake (maybe I should cry too, I love strawberry shortcake), and trotted over to her doorstep.

Then, the pink skull by her doorbell made my decision to ring it once, leave the goodies and quietly run away rather easy. I’m sure she’s a nice bunny, I… just… prefer a certain level of anonymity in my delivery-boy errands. Um, yeah. ^_^v

It’s weird using a mouse. It’s alright you can laugh, it’s funny. @_@

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That was fun

Friday, September 7th, 2007


I am tired from the party! It was very nice, and I even saw old friends Badtzmaru and Pochacco. He is still round like me hohoho ^^

I am happy that they like my cake! I do think I spent too much time at the table, the cookies Mimmy brought were very good to eat~~~

There were many games! And also much singing. I was convinced by Tabby to play, although I would much rather stay at the table hoho ^^


But I am bothered..

There was a nice new friend Kuromi. But she said I am weird. I wonder what she meant. Maybe because I am fat? Hoho but I can not change that ^^ Food is good.

But I also heard that she was not invited. Is she not a friend?

I am happy for friends Mimmy and Keroppi, they have found some good fans, they are still loved much..

I wish that I would meet people who still remember me ^^

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