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Greetings from some of your favorite forgotten friends, Zashikibuta and Tabby mouse!

What I have come to realize

Looking up…

I have come to realize..

That I am not used to Tabby being gone..

He has always been there. He has been with me even longer and more than my dear Marie. He is almost like my brother..

And it has made me think, maybe he is not lost at all..

Maybe he has grown tired of me, and is now looking for another poor pastry-loving pig to be friends with?

He has not done much except help me in what I do.. He is a very loyal friend..

But what if he does not want to be found by me? Maybe could do more if he did not have to stay with me..

I miss my dear friend Tabby..

But I wonder if he does miss me.. TT

I am now wandering around Paris, not sure of what I am doing.. I hope Mimmy and Keroppi find their way, because I, am now more lost than all of them..


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7 Responses to “What I have come to realize”

  1. Raein Says:

    We’re going to see this story through! Yay.

  2. lilybethflame Says:

    Don’t think that way! Tabby is a wonderful friend, he does not seem like one who would just up and leave because his tired of you. He would of least been caring enough to tell you in a note or something that his leaving, of which I don’t think he wanted to leave, after all he did tell the painter he was ‘lost’ right? He never told the painter he ‘did not want to be found’. As for your friends come down from Sanriotown their still looking for you, Tabby and Marie. CHEER UP, TABBY IS OUT THERE LOOKING FOR HIS FRIEND, AND THAT IS YOU!!!! Go find him, true friends never give up on each other.>:).

  3. fairlady-z:kuririnmail.com Says:

    True friendship! That’s so touching.

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