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Greetings from some of your favorite forgotten friends, Zashikibuta and Tabby mouse!

Update on Mission: Find Tabby!!

It has been exactly 3 weeks already since Tabby’s disappearing..

This is very serious..

But I have news for all of you. One, our friends Mimmy and Keroppi are now in Paris as well! Their concern for Tabby is very touching, because I know that they have left a lot to help us find him.

Two, I have found a clue on the location of the missing Tabby!! I was walking around Montparnasse looking for Tabby, it is in the other end of Paris. I got tired.. I sat down on a bench beside the road.

After maybe 30 minutes, I noticed something from the other side of the road. It was TABBY!!

…but not really.

Tabby Painting

It was a painting of Tabby being sold by a man beside the street. The man had a small collection of paintings about different things, simple things, but his paintings were beautiful.

I was excited and hopeful!! I asked him about it and why he thought of painting a mouse..

He said he had met a nice mouse over a week ago, who had shared a cup of coffee with him. The mouse told the painter about how he had been lost, and that he could not find his way home.. TT

The painter asked the mouse where he lived, but the mouse was not sure what place his house here in Paris was..

The painter was so sad for not being able to help the mouse, even though he wanted to. So he had an idea to paint the mouse in case someone who knew him would pass by..

He told the mouse to stay, but he did not, because he said he was looking for something.. He said thank you and left.

And the story ended.

He said the mouse had walked South.. he tried to tell him that he was walking out of Paris, but he just kept walking..

I wonder what he was looking for?

Does that mean that he is really outside Paris now? @@;

Things are getting even more difficult. It is hard to find a small mouse in a busy city. But do not worry~~~

We shall find you~~~

But I wonder where Mimmy, Keroppi and Keroleen are? @@;

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6 Responses to “Update on Mission: Find Tabby!!”

  1. Sailorkitty_ Says:

    Mimmi, Kero, and Keroleen are lost looking for you.

    I really hope you find Tabby soon enough!

  2. poiwriter:hellokitty.com Says:


  3. angelchao4:hellokitty.com Says:

    I hope you will find Tabby soon, but it’s nice to know he’s ok. Why don’t you tell the painter that the next time he sees Tabby have him stay over and let you pick him up in the mourning?

  4. lilybethflame Says:

    The last I heard they were at that famous tower being chased by guys who wanteds to cook frog legs! Quick, find them before Kero and Keroleen are eaten and they find a recipe for cat as well.@0@!!!!

  5. zashikibutablog:hellokitty.com Says:

    I thank you so much for your comments~~~

    Yes I am worried about them too Sailorkitty and Pink Bear!!! TT

    I did tell that to the painter angelchao, thank you ^^

  6. Find Ur Husband Says:

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    I am sure you’ll read my site..

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