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Greetings from some of your favorite forgotten friends, Zashikibuta and Tabby mouse!

A Tale of Two Tabbys


First let me say that trick-or-treat was very fun. We have collected much candy!! ^^ Also Happy Birthday to our Hello Kitty, and my wonderful friend Mimmy~~~ ^^

But now.. Because everyone is now telling scary stories, I will also join in the fun. Be prepared~~~


This is something that happened to me and Tabby. We were going to a party one day, but we forgot about it. When we remembered, it was already late at night, but we wanted to go still..

I was already near the door, and I was calling Tabby because he was still inside his room. He always said “wait!” when I called. And then finally he came out after a long long time.

When he came out he only said to me “Sorry” and then he walked to the door with me. He was behind me when I opened the door..

When I opened the door..

Tabby was already outside!! @@

I looked behind me, and there was another Tabby!! He laughed for a moment and then he ran away backwards and disappeared!! @@

I did not know where the fake Tabby went or where he came from..

It is so scary TT.. I am just glad that the real Tabby is here, I know he has more scary stories, maybe he would like to share~~~

But I wonder where Tabby is, he has not come inside yet.. I will look outside and call him.

Happy Halloween everyone, do not think too much about scary stories ^^

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