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I am excited

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Tabby has told me something very important..

My lovely Marie has written to me ^^

I was very happy to know that she is doing well~~~

But when I was reading the end of the letter, I was very surprised and also happy. She has invited me and Tabby to live in Paris with her.

I have talked with Tabby.. He does not want to go to Paris, as I even read in his post yesterday. Me and him sat down for a while..

He is my dear friend, I said to him that if he does not want to go, we will not go..

He only looked at me for a long time without words.. He walked away and left the house for a while. I did not follow him because I think he was angry.. TT

But I was secretly hoping he would change his mind.. I wanted to be with Marie, I do not know if he knows this well. TT

After more than an hour, he came back. And then he changed his mind!! ^^

He said he would love to go to Paris~~~ I am so happy, maybe he has asked about Paris and has found out it is a beautiful place.

Marie, ma chérie, we will see you!! ^^

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I am not so happy

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Hi everyone, it’s your favorite forgotten sidekick-mouse again heheh.

Hoookay well, I was gonna write about the whole shortcake-tulip thing again. In which somehow my cowardice has led to considerably good things, including a yummy mooncake which is by the way, bigger than I am. Not self-pity, mind you, smallness has its benefits.

Not including this infernal optical mouse, which I made the mistake of peeking under. I think I’m half blind now.


You must be wondering why I’m sad in the picture above. If not then maybe now that I mentioned it heheh. I shall explain, but brace yourselves. Get some tissue, move away from sharp objects, so on so on. Here goes.

I haven’t been completely honest with Zashiki recently.

Oh no loyal friend, how un-loyal of you! I know I know. T_T But see, there’s this letter that came in the mail from Zashiki’s girlfriend Marie. I opened it and read it.

Dear Zashikibuta…

Before you feed me to the cats (um hello Mimmy), it was adressed to both of us, so that wasn’t really snooping. The bad part is that well…I found the letter three (3) days ago, but I…haven’t told him yet.

Okay, NOW you can feed me to the cats (hello again Mimmy).

But see, after the usual pleasantries, and mushy stuff that I kinda wish I didn’t read @_@ …uh, there was something BAD in the letter. VERY BAD. Marie, you should know, is currently in Paris. She’s been there for a few months now. Why she doesn’t just email is beyond me though.

So at the end of the letter, she said she was having a wonderful life there, seeing and experiencing things she never would have if she had stayed here in the country.

And now, she wants Zashiki to move there with her.

Which means me too.

And I’m pretty sure he’ll say yes, a decision which sidekick-mouse over here will have no choice but to accept.

No, for the record, I do NOT want to go to Paris. And yes, you read right, Zashikibuta does have a girlfriend.

I guess, it’s time to tell him about the letter. I posted this here so I can’t turn back, he’ll read this in the morning… *sigh*

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I am so happy

Monday, September 24th, 2007

You will not guess what me and Tabby have received today..

Mooncake!! ^^

And from..

Kuromi!! ^^

I am very happy~~~ I do not usually get good food as a gift, and I very much appreciate delicious food when given by friends!

Also, I am happy because she liked the tulips, even though she has found out my secret!!

I wish that Kuromi and me are friends now~~~ ^^

Oh it is really my first time to eat mooncake. And that is very strange for me, because as you can see from my roundness, I have eaten many many kinds of food already hohoho!

It is sweet!! But it is unlike what I am used to~ I will ask Keroppi and Mimmy what they think, because they were also given mooncakes.

How wonderful is it.. I have learned about a festival of mooncake also, and that it is tomorrow! Happy festival of mooncake friends~~~

However.. please let me know what this festival is about ^^

Tabby will write here tomorrow..

(P.S.~ Zashiki is my name, but XO wants to call me Zashi. I do not know if I should say no.. but I think it is okay if he wants to TT)

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Carrots are good

Friday, September 21st, 2007
Me and a carrot hohoho

The carrot is almost as big as me hohoho~~

Are you curious because I am holding a carrot? Well I have made another discovery on the internet! ^^

I will show you something that I have found. Are you ready?


Voila! It is me again, and again holding a carrot hohoho! But it is not really me. This is something made to look like me, it is actually a night light.

So it is like a small version of me that shines in the night~~~

I found it on a site called Ebay..

I have read that it costs HK$159.00, I do not know how much that is in Euros. I think I look rounder than usual in that night light.

But I do not speak Chinese.. That is all I know..

I hope someone buys it! I will make your room bright at night ^^

P.S.~ I will not wear the mustache anymore. It is itchy. Also my friends here do not agree with it~~~

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Am I not manly?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I am considering an image change. Tell me, do I look more manly with a mustache? Also I have changed the way my scarf is tied, maybe I can look more manly. ^^

My reason for asking you is because of something I have found on a site called Myspace.com, where someone wrote a list of famous pigs.

I was very happy to find my name there~~~

Also thank you to Tabby for showing me how to search.

Anyway.. in the page this is what is being written about me..

Zashikibuta is also a Sanrio pig, but she’s harder to find. She’s a pig from the Netherlands . The Sanrio pig lines are no longer being produced. What a shame.

I am said to be a she-pig from the Netherlands.. TT

Why is that so? But I have witnesses, I am a boy.. TT

Although I am happy that he thinks it is a shame we are no longer famous as Sanrio characters. It is a start~~~

But I do not think I like this mustache hohoho..

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Monday, September 17th, 2007

I have just visited Kuromi’s blog, and thank you to Tabby, she has received the shortcake and the tulips from my garden ^^

However.. she does now know that they were given by me.. TT

She thinks that they have come from another person, her chéri, a Mr. Hiragi Keiichi..

Somehow I feel that I have failed..

But also, I feel that I have succeeded! Because I have sent her cake and flowers so that she will feel better. And now they have made her happy because she thinks they are from Mr. Keiichi.

So in a way, it is good~~~

Maybe I should not tell her that they are from me. Ssssh everyone, hohoho~~~

Also, thank you for accepting Tabby as a blogger ^^

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I wanna blog too

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
Tabby *nod nod*

Hi! It’s me Tabby. I’m Zashikibuta’s friend, I think he’s mentioned me to you already. Nice to meet you all. ^_^

Why am I here on Zashiki’s blog? Well I wanted to try this out and asked him if I could use his blog instead of make a new one. He agreed of course.

Okay so here’s what happened. We brought some cookies for Keroppi and Mimmy because they seemed like they needed some. Then, I was asked by my jolly friend here to send some cookies and flowers to Kuromi.

This was the scenario in my head. On the bright side, I was very proud of my friend because he obviously wanted to make things right. On the dark, gloomy, bordering-on-depressing side, I remember that time at the party when she kicked me into the pond. Intentionally or not…that hurt. T_T

It really is hard being a mouse sometimes.

Tabby *nod nod*

Anyway, he said he was shy. Part of me wanted to say “Shy huh?” and calmly walk away from him and not speak to him for the rest of the day. But the other, more convincing part of me decided to help him out, after all he seems really affected by all this. Poor guy.

So I went to the bunny’s house, carrying some tulips (an inwardly praying that she actually likes tulips), and a strawberry shortcake (maybe I should cry too, I love strawberry shortcake), and trotted over to her doorstep.

Then, the pink skull by her doorbell made my decision to ring it once, leave the goodies and quietly run away rather easy. I’m sure she’s a nice bunny, I… just… prefer a certain level of anonymity in my delivery-boy errands. Um, yeah. ^_^v

It’s weird using a mouse. It’s alright you can laugh, it’s funny. @_@

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Confused once more

Monday, September 10th, 2007

I would first like to say thank you for your comments..

I did not mean to say that Badtzmaru is bad, I hope I did not give that impression. But very much thank you also.

But right now I am still sad..

I think I should have done something, because people are getting hurt. I feel as if I should to something now. I think I would like to bake cookies for Mimmy because she is very frustrated now. ^^

Also for Keroppi. But most especially for Kuromi. Because she is crying..

Maybe I can send flowers too. What do you think~~~

But I am shy to ask what kind of cookies and flowers she would like! I still am not sure if she is a friend or not, but I feel sad for her.

I hope Mimmy does not be mad at me.. Am I being silly?

I asked Tabby if he would deliver the cookies and flowers to Kuromi for me because I am shy. Also I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea hohoho~~~

He said he will think about it. I know Tabby, that means yes ^^

Please help me decide! Merci beaucoup~~~

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This is not good

Saturday, September 8th, 2007
Oh no…

I understand now what Kuromi meant by saying I am weird. Sob sob.

But that is not the trouble..

Everyone is fighting now! I also now know why Kuromi was hiding sometimes during the party, and why Tabby was angry when we left.

I think it is not fair, Keroppi worked hard on the donuts (and I know how hard they are to make!) and Mimmy also worked hard on the cookies. Do not worry friends, I very much enjoyed your food~~~ ^^

I wonder if Kuromi will apologize, I hope so..

Also, Badtzmaru now has a blog! It is nice we all now have blogs. But he is also being mean.. I guess, he is just being Badtzmaru. That is how I remember him!

I do not know what to do. Should I try to fix it? I also feel a little bad because Kuromi was mean to me. But I am an old-timer, I think she is very famous now. What can a pig like me do?

Kuromi! Do not be mean to my friends!

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That was fun

Friday, September 7th, 2007


I am tired from the party! It was very nice, and I even saw old friends Badtzmaru and Pochacco. He is still round like me hohoho ^^

I am happy that they like my cake! I do think I spent too much time at the table, the cookies Mimmy brought were very good to eat~~~

There were many games! And also much singing. I was convinced by Tabby to play, although I would much rather stay at the table hoho ^^


But I am bothered..

There was a nice new friend Kuromi. But she said I am weird. I wonder what she meant. Maybe because I am fat? Hoho but I can not change that ^^ Food is good.

But I also heard that she was not invited. Is she not a friend?

I am happy for friends Mimmy and Keroppi, they have found some good fans, they are still loved much..

I wish that I would meet people who still remember me ^^

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