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Blog Banner -ThX-

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I finally have a nice set have banner’s for my blog!Thanks to a very generous and kind person who by choice will  stay anonymous.  Even though I had even planned a “Thank You Speech”.

Since I can’t even crop an image. >.<

Well these are the Banner’s.

Both are 88 x 31




Thanks again!

Please link me, I’ll link back. :]

Summer Reading list?

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Pff. I’m such a nerd.


Anyway! I just thought I would post some books I read for entertainment this Summer. Maybe you read one? Maybe you’ll like one?

I started with-

By- Cornelia Funke

At first I didn’t find it very interesting, kinda slow. But it started to get very fun to read, with a lot of action and twist. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys fantasy and quotes in the start of each chapter.


The sequel to dun-dun Inkheart. This one is really interesting. So basically the character get sucked in the book “Inkheart”, who keeps causing more and more trouble for everyone. Not to mention the fact that it’s non stop twist, action, and the highly anticipated “Inkdeath”. Which I hope to purchase in Sept.


When I finished that book, I read-


I loved this book, really! It was really descriptive and not to mention sad. You really feel like your in Chiyo’s head/shoes during the whole book. Defiantly recommend for those who enjoy romance and culture.


The fourth book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympian’s collection. I absolutely adore this series! You’ll like it too if you enjoy Greek Mythology and kick-ass adventure. That being said the book is a bit fast-paced, but Percy’s sarcasm is enough for me.

Sharp Objects?-

Dark, dysfunctional, and down right creepy. But really awesome! It’s my first mystery novel and I enjoyed it a ton. Especially how each character is so strong and twisted in a way. Not for lolly suckers.



Okay, let me be honest. I dislike this book! It’s so, so,so, cheesy! My gosh. Sparkling vampires? Well it’s her first novel, so I give Meyer a break.


Beautifully written and emotional. This book grabs your heart strings and tugs. If a theme like being sold into prostitution without knowing by your own step-father, when you think your going to be a maid does not make you sad for her, then monster!

Step right up-

The Sequel  to Twilight. She got better. But still a bit annoying.


The book that follows New Moon. One word- Improvement.  Major improvement on Meyer’s behave. I enjoyed the book, of course it had it’s moments of..”ugh!”. But much more interesting and better written then the last two.


I finished reading Eclipse today and gonna start reading “Burned” by Ellen Hopkins , who by the way is a great author.

I usually never read English Novels until recently, so I guess that’s why my writing has gotten better. I think?

But I kinda regret reading those books so fast. I should have savored them and what not. Maybe added a bit of marinara sauce?