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Ice skating gone wrong

Just a few days ago I went Ice skating with my new family. :)

It was pretty cool, except for the fact that I fell 6 times flat! I mean, geez, I was the only one there that would fall in such extreme ways. I fell on one leg while the other leg was in the air, I fell on my knees (but not before I skidded down farther), and I even fell in some sort of twisted position.

Why did I fall so much? Was it my posture or maybe my balance? Nope, that was not the case. It was my skates. And how would I know this? Simple, while everybody was skating with both feet placed firmly on the ice…I had one foot on the ice and my other foot bent the other way around.

I thought,“I guess this is how the pros. do it!” How wrong was I. The skates did not support my foot correctly, so I came out with the worst ache ever.

Remind me next time that if your leg is twisted in an unnatural way, ask for new skates. It will prevent you from looking like an idiot, being laughed at, and most importantly avoid the throbbing pain of the next day.

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2 Responses to “Ice skating gone wrong”

  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    Poor you.:(

  2. Zakura Says:

    iheartbadzt : I know and it hurt to, plus there was a summer camp watching my failure. :(

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