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NaNoWriMo 2008!

Holy Baloney!

I just deleted a heck load of spam! Talk about bot’s. I hope this math filter works, cause the spam is getting on my nerves.


I guess that’s what happens when you stop posting on your blog and leave it to dust like an unwanted book. Even though it can’t get dusty…just spam-y.


But I’m back! Not that anyone really cares, but at least I have something else to do on my spare time. (I hope someone cares!)

You may have noticed I changed my blog title. Yes! I am no longer making my blog a fan-based. Why? Because I lost interest and found it more like an obligation to post rather then a hobby. I tend to have many obsessions and Naruto was one of them. Don’t blame me! Blame Fan-fiction! I was more interested in fan-fiction then the series itself, since it’s gone down a disappointing path. BUT don’t worry, I still might post some Naruto related stuff. I might.


Rather hard to keep up this blog since my hot-linking has now turned on me. Half of my images now say “IMAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED OR DELETED.” What a shame, it took me some time to find those images and copy-paste. I guess things are much faster now since I can type without looking and got a handle on BBC, HTML, and CSS.

Yay for me!


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    Welcome back!:D

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