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NaNoWriMo 2008!

Look into the eyes…

of Sharingan. I found this awsome fanpic on the web. It’s pretty obvious it’s Photoshop ,but I just have to admire the work. And since im such a fan of the Sharingan, I think ill share some info.

The Sharingan is a very powerful kekkei genkai passed down by the Uchiha clan. It consists of red eyes with 2-4 pupils, Sharingan allows user to perceive motion clearer than normal eyes, sees through Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, copies motion and even ninja techniques, and can subliminally input ideas into its victim - Mangekyou can even induce extremely powerful hypnosis.

So there you have it a little bit of info on the powerful Sharingan.

Now all I need are the contacts!

15 Responses to “Look into the eyes…”

  1. Prlntzz Says:

    nice man….. contact me on yahoo messenger id :prlntzz ,

    i wanna talk something to you :D pls

  2. monica Says:

    un om adevarat sa aiba saringan vreau si eu e

  3. Allajia Says:

    Photoshop !!! Its a Jouk!

  4. konty Says:

    se parece a mi wawin!

  5. Roberto junior Says:

    E muito legal este olho dele!!!
    De onde vc tirarão este nome (Sharingan)

  6. SeC EmPtY Says:

    the naruto cartoon it’s cooooolll

  7. Lazar Mita Says:

    itz sow cool this sharingan . and mee brothers its have sharingan

  8. gab Says:


  9. johan Says:

    it’s nice sharingan because i also fan of sharingan

  10. Sheena Says:

    Even with photoshop, I didn’t think it was possible to make it look that realistic. Wow…

  11. UCHIHAA!! Says:

    goshh..i would love to have eyes like that would be amaze!

  12. Lomora Says:

    This is awesome

  13. dynar Says:

    awsome. I am a fan of sharingan.

  14. L-boy Says:

    lol but u forgot to mention use too much mangekyou u can damage ur eyesight until become blind… well, so sharingan is just fine for me, mangekyou is just too much

  15. ayoub Says:

    je ne sais s’il existe vraiment mais parfois je vois des choses que les autres ne peuvent pas les voirs pour moi ils sont trop simple et claire mais comment je l’explique c’est ça le dure bon j’aime bien que tu me laisse ton site pour te connecté et t’expliqué ce que je vois plusieurs pense que j’ai ce pouvoir sachant que je pratique le full contat et presque j’ai jamais perdu une combas
    je peut pas te dire que je peut copier les tichniques mais comême je suis un peut différent des autres comme ils me disent ça tout le temp

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