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For this week:




 This one is better than the last week. And oh, why still heart?! Eeekk. *blame Cupid! XD

I was bored last week, so I decided to go farming! :3


 Strawberries and Red Cabbages!

and oh look! I got visitors!


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 IGN:  Tweetums

Server:  International

Regular GMs:

GM-Galatea ^_^

GM-Destiny  ^_^

GM-Zel  *He’s afk >:)*

GM-Chamomile *Another afk~ :D*

GM-Heine ^_^

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Hello everyone!

This is my entry for the event *drumrolls*:


The name is Tummytums! It’s a huge creature that extremely loves sweets. (Who doesn’t love though? :D) You can always see it carrying a basket full of candies and a lollipop in its mouth. Tummytums is friendly, calm and gentle creature. It never attacks any adventurer near it, unless you do something very unethical – stealing its sweets!  Tummytums started its addiction in sweets ages ago, when someone accidentally dropped some candies while passing by its territory. You might ask where did she got her supply of candies now? Well because Tummytums is so alluring, the nearby creatures can’t resist  Tummytums’ charm! And there, nearby creatures frequently visit Tummytums and offer candies/lollipops to her. Isn’t it great?  It has also a floppy wing-shaped ear, but it can’t be use to fly because Tummytums has a huge and heavy tummy.

*I think my addiction to sweets kinda affected this post. Mwuahaha. :D 

This post and as well as the pic was edited, for the benefit of those who posted some comments.. I did give my best shot here.. Hope this one is enough *sigh


Look what I’ve got!


Yes! I finally got my own Great Burr after 1 week of hunting! And I’m gonna call him “Pinkish“.. Teehee~~
This was my dream pet since I was playing HKO in Ph. Actually I tried to hunt this in HKO Ph.. But.. Ugghh.. For almost 2 months, I got no card.. But leave the past behind!
Now I’m extremely happy! =)

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