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Yay! It’s been a while since my first post. Busy much eh? =)

Midterm exams are officially over! Hope the results would be great ~_~

It’s been a long week. Happy weekends everyone!


Hello everyone!

Let me first introduce myself. *big grin*

My in-game name is “Tweetums”. (It took me years to choose and decide for my character’s name. JK. Choosy me! XD) I started playing HKO last year.. And it was HKO Ph. I felt really sad when HKO Ph shut down. But now? Cheers! HKO is back in PH, though the sad part is we need to start all over again.. *sob* It’s okay though, questing is fun! And having new friends (yes, because we are now in International server. Yay!) adds awesomness to the game!

I’m really sleepy. Christmas vacation is over. Tomorrow is back-to-school day, and ooh! I have exams tomorrow. Lol, yeah! (Time check? 11:23PM GMT+8) But, but… I still need to break those 5 last gift boxes (Pinatas)! See? Now, I’m a certified HKO addict! *after 10 mins* Oh there! Done. I should sleep now, i really should. XD

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