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Who can I believe?

What can I do?? Since after the things happen in 1st sem I start that I don’t believe in anyone in college.
Even Brandon.. GOSH!!!
I’m just thinking too much I guess.
But then I won’t know who will be back stabbing me
My classmates.. I don’t know how to say. I just that kinda my fault
Cause I cant mix around with them
That’s why I’m looking for other friends/group
But then people start making comment about that!
I’m totally hating this kind of people!!! GOSH!!!


I’m worried about myself and my friends
H1N1 is totally scary
Cause this virus attack our lungs
You wont know when will you get this virus
Cause normally I do have a difficulty of breathing
So I’m scare that I will die of this
I haven’t meet Tabi yet
I cant die like this
All my friends have high fever
But then I just had normal fever
This Saturday I still wanna go out with my friends
I cant be sick I have to be strong!
I have to pray hard and also for my friends
Cause I don’t hope that my friends missing here and there
Just hope that all of us will be there and have a great time together

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I’m happy but I’m sick!

I’m sick! hopefully to recover FAST!
But then I’m really happy that I meet my cousins that already for 7-8 years I didn’t meet them.
They are just so cool and sweet.
I have no idea what am I saying.
I’m really crazy.
I totally cant wait for the Saturday to come!
I might be going out with B6 gang!
Oh my! We will be going to K-box!
Oh yes! I really cant wait for it!
I have no idea why that in my mind that I want a boyfriend now.
But then I really don’t know who is the one that I can trust.
I cant trust anybody for now.

Lovely day

I love those moment with them. Is totally a memorable moment with them.
Our laughter is on non stop
Everybody in the mall was like looking at us
Yet we are still having our own fun
Is like something related to how I do go out with my best friends.
Is totally a good moment.
I do love all these moment.
Can’t wait for next Saturday.
Cause will be going out to Sing K with them.
I really hope that I won’t see those people that I would not be happy to see them.
Only my best friends will know who are they.
Every time I do think that no matter what I do think will be related to everything happen in the pass. As like I will know what will happen.
There are lots of thing that I did dream before and it did happen.
Is kinda scary.
Then today I went to Jusco with my mum.
Guess who the hell I saw!
My ex! He is totally out of my memory! Is totally a bad memories!
But then I saw him. He did called me. But then I did look like I’m rushing away.
Gosh!!! Please God! Don’t let him appear in front of me anymore!
I hate guys that when every I say break up they will be telling how bad they went or stuff like they go smoke or fight with other peoples.
This is just stupid things!
Or even worst say that wanna die when I broke up with them or saying that cant live without me.
Come on! Use your idiot brain! If you cant live without me then why are you still here? Why does your mum gave birth to you? Just because a girl you said that? Do you know how bad does your mum feel?
I do hate people who use me as a reason that smoke! To me is just like a looser!
I know that what I said is harsh.
But then is just my feelings. Who cares.

┬áThis is my best friends. Still have Miko. I haven’t meet her.

Still waiting he day that I can meet Miko.

Then today we had so much fun!!

Totally a good memory~dsc01596.JPG


My feelings

What can I do?

I haven’t study.

I really don’t know that does all these effect me.

I’m really scare.

I’m tired of assignments.

At least I’m happy that no more formal dress presentation.

Cause my leg really in a pain.

My shoe hurt my skin.

I have a blisters for months and is still there yet getting worst.




Now I’m happy that I might be going out with Ting Ting and Kaede.

Cause I wanna meet them and have a BFF talk.

Miko is busy with her assignment.

Of cuase we will have a day going out.

I have to wait til she is free.

Then only can go out with her.

Now what I do is everyday looking at our photos and remind myself that I still have them although everything go wrongs.

Brandon, really sorry that I cant gain trust to you now.

Cause of so many things happening around me.

Of cause you are still in my list of BFF.

Is just that I totally trust you like how I trust 4 of them.




I don’t know is God fooling me.

I deleted Kenji from my Favourite list in MSN.

Cause I guess I gave up.

But then today I was walking to class he saw me and he did called me.

We did talked a little.

In my mind was.

What is happening?

For so long we didn’t talk.

When I delete then he talked to me.

What deos God want me to do?

I guess I just have to focus on my studies.

Get my Advance Diploma then go study my favourite Interior Design!

I believe that I can!

I wanna go overseas!

I don’t wanna stay here.

Sorry ya.

Although I wanna leave here but then I will not forget all of you.


I wanna go to the Super Band’s concert so badly.

Cause I like most of their songs.

Although is a little bit old.

But then no doubt their songs are great!


Now I hope that he can look for someone that he love.

I don’t wanna think so much already.

Is just that hurting myself when I’m thinking all this.

Ok i promise myself I will just let go.

Just be myself.


I have to smile all the time.

Yet I have to change myself.

Cause I know that I’m having lots of problem.

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Although there are many things happening around me. But then I’m really happy. Cause I know that there are many people around me. Is something like a test for me to see who is my friend.dsc01526.JPG

Love this slipper. Cause I love it. But then today I went BB.VIP’s website. Then I saw Big Bang’s ‘My Heaven’ performence’s photo. Then I saw their shoes is this pattern!!! I’m so happy!!! Too happy!!

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