Braiding hair


1) two pigtails

Braiding hair 02

2) one pigtail

Braiding hair 01


which one looks better?

face - bigrealrabbit

Guess what? (Question 2)

what is it? 

Magnifier 01

the white plastic thing (not the bear next to it) !!?!


please choose one from below:

(a) thermometer

(b) magnifier

(c) spoon

(d) insect killer


ban - black lace


the answer is (b)

it is a magnifier…

Magnifier 02

… having a small torch in it.

(my daddy uses it to read the small print.)

Hello famous!!

Hello famous 06Hello famous 10Hello famous 09Hello famous 12Hello famous 01Hello famous 02Hello famous 07Hello famous 03Hello famous 11Hello famous 04Hello famous 05Hello famous 08


it was funface - twoexclamationmarks

Dragon Boat Festival

we didn’t go see the dragon boat racing.


my daddy bought us a wonderful dinner for Dragon Boat Festival celebration.


Dragon boat festival 01

shark fin soup


Dragon boat festival 02



Dragon boat festival 03

big lobsters


Dragon boat festival 04

fish maw


Dragon boat festival 05

steamed chocolate hind (not sure about the English name of this fish)


very delicious chinese food

Dragon boat festival 06

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