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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all my friends!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all my friends 01

Be Hello Kitty Santa!

Be Hello Kitty Santa 01

Happy birthday, our lovely My Melody!

Happy birthday our lovely My Melody 01

January 18 is My Melody’s birthday!

Let’s celebrate~! My Melody, wish u always have your sweetest smile on your face and share all your joy with us too!

I have got the Sanrio stuff finally!

there are so many Sanrio stuff in the game that i am playing..

i took some photos for them… My Melody doll, My Melody brooch, Hello Kitty balloon, Hello Kitty ears, Hello Kitty doll, Cinnamoroll dress, Little Twin Stars doll…

I have got the Sanrio stuff finally 01I have got the Sanrio stuff finally 02I have got the Sanrio stuff finally 03

and, there are some Sanrio furnitures and decorations in that game too!

I have got the Sanrio stuff finally 04

what a big Hello Kitty and a big My Melody!

I have got the Sanrio stuff finally 05

Wearing my yukata in Japan

Wearing my yukata in Japan 01Wearing my yukata in Japan 02

i was wearing my yukata in Japan last year (summer time).

this photo was taken in front of a Japanese temple.


when i was little, i loved watching Japanese cartoons.

some of them had their characters wearing yukata. and, they were so cute!!


this blue yukata is my first yukata.

i love it very much.

Happy birthday, my dearest, My Melody!!

today is My Melody’s birthday!

Happy birthday my dearest my melody 01

A wonderful time with My Melody in Sanrio Puroland!

A wonderful time with My Melody in Sanrio Puroland 01

January is My Melody’s birth month! she has many events celebrating her birthday in this month (January)!

i went to Japan 7 days ago for meeting My Melody and saying Happy Birthday to her face-to-face!

i was so lucky that i could do it for real!!!!! i went to Puroland last Saturday (7 of January) and i met My Melody twice because i bought some stuff at the counter (if we want to meet My Melody, we have to spend 2100 yen on buying some stuff at that shop; and, i did it twice!!)

My Melody was very very very very kawaii (lovely). her moves and attitude was very sweet and cute! she loved to pat on my head softly. and, her handshake was so firm and warm too. i told her that i like her and then she was shy. i really like her very very much!!

my dream comes true.

thank you, My Melody, my love…

 A wonderful time with My Melody in Sanrio Puroland 02

(there are some other games/shopping counters/events in Puroland celebrating My Melody’s birthday. so sad that my tour could only spend 2.5 hours in Puroland. if i could decide by myself, i would stay longer and would  join the other events.)

Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to all of you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to all of you 01Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to all of you 02Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to all of you 03Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to all of you 04

Let us party in Disneyland for halloween!

Let us party in Disneyland for halloween 02Let us party in Disneyland for halloween 03Let us party in Disneyland for halloween 04

too bad it was raining that day…

but i was happy to see Mickey & Minnie wearing beautiful costumes…

the lunch set was soooooo cute! see the tomato? it had a funny face!

My melody wins a prize in Ameba

recently, i have been playing an online game in Ameba.

and, i found this….

My melody wins a prize in Ameba 01

it’s something like a ceremony…

My Melody, Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters came and took photos with us.

i was very very very happy that i could take a photo with my favorite character, My Melody.

My melody wins a prize in Ameba 02

Visiting Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland 09Sanrio Puroland 08Sanrio Puroland 07Sanrio Puroland 06Sanrio Puroland 05Sanrio Puroland 04Sanrio Puroland 03Sanrio Puroland 02Sanrio Puroland 01

oh it was such a wonderful experience to go to Sanrio Puroland! i love that place sooooooo much! i just could not help (left the tour & stayed in Sanrio Puroland) but spent a whole day in there for visiting Kitty’s house (twice!) & watching my favorite shows: “Believe (twice too!)”, “My Melody’s Legends of Stars & Flowers”, “Hello Kitty in the Magical Land of Oz” & “Jewelpet & Cinnamon (don’t know the English name of this show)”.

it was fun to have a walk under the Wisdom Tree too. i met some characters there. they were so sweet, friendly & nice! they were willing to let us to take photos with them (for free!). and, they smelt good and were clean! i like them very much!

the shops & restaurants were cute too. i got a Cinnamon lunch box & a Hello Kitty cup because i had a meal there.

i enjoyed the boatride so much too! i played it twice!!

there was just one thing that made me sad. i could not meet My Melody for photo taking. i wore a new dress for hoping taking a beautiful photo with My Melody but finally i realized that it could not come true. i cried when i got to leave that lovely place. hope i can meet My Melody later in my life.

heard that Sanrio is building a new theme park in China? hope i can go there and i can take photos with My Melody finally.

i love Sanrio Puroland! wish i can go there again! (also wish i can go to Sanrio Harmonyland next time!)

(anyone wants to view more of my Sanrio Puroland pix. please leave your facebook email here. thanks.)


if u know anything about Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo (Japan), please tell me:

1) how to get there by train if i am in Shinjuku?

2) which show is the best? “Magic Kingdom”? “Believe”? “Star & Flower Fairy Tale”?

3) where can i play the Capturing Doll Machines?

4) where can i find Hello Kitty/My Melody for taking photos?

5) some other info (anything u know)

thanks alot! (i will go to Hello Kitty Land the coming Sunday. there is not much time for me to do the research about it but i really don’t want to miss the chance to get the best memory in Hello Kitty Land, so please help me.)

My new bikini

My new bikini 01

this photo was taken in Pattaya.

Swimming in Pattaya

Swimming in Pattaya 01Swimming in Pattaya 02Swimming in Pattaya 03


Thailand 01Thailand 02Thailand 03Thailand 04

My yukata - “Flowers on the moon”

My yukata 01

flowers on the moon?

it’s the name of my yukata.


yukata is something that Japanese wears for going to hot spring.


i love it soooooooooooooooooo much!!

Afternoon tea on 102nd floor

Afternoon tea on 102/F 01Afternoon tea on 102/F 02

it’s so wonderful to see the sea view from 102nd floor. and, the tea set was so tasty..

i love it so much!! face - redhearteyes

I have got a Hello Kitty purse!

I have got a Hello Kitty purse 04

oh i love that pink ribbon! it’s Hello Kitty’s ribbon!


I have got a Hello Kitty purse 03

the wrapping paper is my favorite My Melody! she is so cute!!!!!!!!!


and, the plastic bag of that Hello Kitty purse has My Melody too!

I have got a Hello Kitty purse 01

my My Melody (stuffed animal) looks at her own face which is printed on the plastic bag…

I have got a Hello Kitty purse 02

’see? we are about the same size having the same flower on our right ears.” My Melody said to the plastic bag. 

My Melody is so cute~

Flower show 2011

Flower show 2011 01

i love going to flower shows.

the flowers are so lovely~ and, it’s easy to take good photos for them~

Bauhinia blakeana rabbit said to me, ‘Happy birthday!’

a beautiful birthday card from Bauhinia Blakeana rabbit~

BB rabbit b-day card 2011 01

Perfumes 02 (Hello Kitty perfumes)

Hello Kitty perfumes

Perfumes 02 01Perfumes 02 02

there are 3 kinds:
1) Hello Kitty Baby EDS
2) Hello Kitty EDT
3) Hello Kitty Woman EDT

i love them all.. hope i can get one as my birthday gift.

University in spring

University in spring 01

Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit

Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 01Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 02Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 03Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 04Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 05Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 06Love story of my Bauhinia-blakeana rabbit 07


i love making cartoons with my dolls.

if anyone wants to read more, please leave your facebook’s email to me.

thanks for reading it. (please leave me comments too. let me improve it.)

Guess what? (Question 5)

oh.. of course it’s a pair of glasses but what’s the function?

Guess what? (Question 5) 01Guess what? (Question 5) 02


hey.. it’s not sunglasses. it’s a 3D glasses.


it’s not for cinema. it’s for 3D TV. see? there is a button on the glasses (2nd photo above). when u want to have the 3D effect, u have to press it for getting it activated.

Guess what? (Question 5) 03

I am a winner of Sanriotown’s Blog All-stars!

thank you, Sanriotown!

and, i hope everyone enjoys reading my blog. thanks!

I am a winner of Sanriotown’s Blog All-stars! 01


Hat 01

i like trying many different kinds of hats. 

it’s easy to make different looks with different hats.  

LittleBigPlanet (PS3)

LittleBigPlanet (PS3) 01

is it cute? it’s me in LittleBigPlanet, a game of PS3.

it’s an interesting game. hope i can play it again.

Godiva chocolates

they are very sweet~ face - purplesweet

Godiva chocolates 01Godiva chocolates 02

it’s a lovely gift from a friend.

Valentine’s flowers

just six hours ago… 

William Shakespeare: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..

Yurika: but i think the name ‘rose’ completes the whole thing in a perfect way.

Valentine’s flowers 01 

when dawn comes… when dreams are gone… when it’s time to wake up…

everything changes in a sudden.


u gave me a paradise and now u give me a hell.


William Shakespeare: Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes..

Yurika: so true.. (my teardrops fall down)

I love yogourt

I love yogourt 01

the rainbow color… face - smiling heart eyes

A giant version of my soft doll My Melody

A giant version of my soft doll My Melody 01

my cute little My Melody’s giant version. so big!!


see? my soft doll has the same flower.

A giant version of my soft doll My Melody 02

Poem about me

Poem about me 01

i wrote this poem in year 2007. i don’t think it’s a good one but i think it’s nice to write something about myself.

Painting of me

which one is better? which one looks like me?



Painting of me 01

or (b):

Painting of me 02

Hello Kitty @ London

Hello Kitty London 01Hello Kitty London 02Hello Kitty London 03Hello Kitty London 04Hello Kitty London 05

wish i would go to London with Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel.. & also My Melody drawredheart 

20oz steak! Jumbo size!

20oz steak Jumbo size 01

it was my first time to order such a large piece of meat for dinner. (usually 10oz only)

without knowing why, i could finish it and also the sidedish at once. i was so hungry aftering seeing the opera.


my friend’s order:

20oz steak Jumbo size 02


and, we had a salad, soup and bread too.

20oz steak Jumbo size 03

Opera: Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac 01

i like to try some new things like music of foreign country..

it was my first time to see an opera at cinema. (well.. actually i don’t see opera usually.) it was a nice try as i enjoyed the show very much. it was not boring at all. the voices of the singers were great! and the story was funny too.

Cups - Cat and flowers

i enjoy looking at high quality china, including plates, glasses, bowls and cups.

i love the shape/color/print and i like to take photos for them or even buy them (if not expensive).


at my friend’s home: 

Cups - Cat and flowers 01

so cutie! it’s like doing exercise because it wants to lose some weight..


Cups - Cat and flowers 02

the flowers are so lovely.. i guess the cup is very good quality and expensive.

Cups - Cat and flowers 03

Strawberry daiquiri dessert recipe

(6 servings)
Prep: 15 minutes

Strawberry daiquiri dessert recipe 01

2  cup strawberries, hulled
1/2   cup powdered sugar
1/3  cup dark rum
1/4  cup lime juice
1-1/2  cups mango sorbet
Lime zest as garnish

1. For daiquiri mixture, in a blender container combine strawberries, powdered sugar, rum and lime juice. Cover and blend until smooth.
2. Divide the sorbet among 6 dessert dishes. Pour the daiquiri mixture around the sorbet, then garnish each serving with a lime zest. Makes 6 servings.

(Quoted from BHG.com)

Sakura on my nails

Sakura on my nails 01Sakura on my nails 02

Sweet smell from flowers..

Sweet smell from flowers 01

i like sweet smell from flowers…

Sweet smell from flowers 02

Halloween decoration 2010 (restaurant)

Halloween decoration 2010 (restaurant) 01

Which one do u like better? Sandwiches or burgers?

sandwich A:
Sandwiches or burgers 06Sandwiches or burgers 07

sandwich B:
Sandwiches or burgers 08

sandwich C:
Sandwiches or burgers 05

sandwich D:
Sandwiches or burgers 11


burger A:
Sandwiches or burgers 01

burger B:
Sandwiches or burgers 02

burger C:
Sandwiches or burgers 09

burger D:
Sandwiches or burgers 10


if the combo includes:
Sandwiches or burgers 03Sandwiches or burgers 04

Rainbow bridge?

it’s a rainbow color bridge..

Rainbow bridge 01

i was on my way to a stand-up comedy.

Rainbow bridge 02

Giant Christmas cake

Giant Christmas cake 01

it looks yummy, right? haha.. it’s a decoration at a shopping mall only..


another decoration..

Giant Christmas cake 02

Christmas trip 2010 (hotel)

my dad brought us for a trip after Christmas.


the beautiful hotel:
Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 01Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 02Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 03Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 04Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 05Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 06Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 07Christmas trip 2010 (hotel) 08

Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants)

Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 01Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 02


Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 03Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 04Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 05Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 06


Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 07Christmas trip 2010 (restaurants) 08

Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing)

Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 01Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 02Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 03Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 04


Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 05


Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 06


Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 07Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 08


Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 09Christmas trip 2010 (site seeing) 10

Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan

Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan 01

most of the stuff in this photo are from Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan.


from left to right:

(top) Hello Kitty lunch box, My Melody cup, Little Twin Stars box

(middle) Sugarbunnies bib, Hello Kitty paper towels, Hello Kitty straw, small Sanrio Puroland plastic bag

(bottom) large Sanrio Puroland plastic bag, Sanrio Puroland show timetable/attraction information, Sanrio Puroland guide & map, Hello Kitty plastic bag


take a closer look for details:

Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan 03Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan 02


although it was not me who could visit Sanrio Puroland, it is still nice to get the stuff about Sanrio Puroland.

hope i can visit it in future!

My Melody drinking with a My Melody cup

My Melody drinking with a My Melody cup 01

i love My Melody!! i sleep with My Melody every night..

My Melody drinking with a My Melody cup 02

My Melody bags

wish i can get one as a gift..

My Melody bags 01

Agnes b rabbit

Agnes b rabbit 02Agnes b rabbit 01

Christmas dinner 2010 (French food)

Christmas dinner 2010 01

i seldom have french food. i like it very much.


it was very very romantic..

Christmas dinner 2010 02Christmas dinner 2010 03Christmas dinner 2010 04Christmas dinner 2010 05

Candy house

Candy house 01

lovely sweet houses!

Red beans inside

Red beans inside 01

they were so in love..

so sweet..

Photo sticker

Photo stickers 01

it was taken on December 25, 2010.

Strawberry white cholcolate coffee

strawberry coffee

with smell of strawberry.. the white cholcolate coffee is too sweet..

Guess what? (Question 4)

stuff for cleaning 01stuff for cleaning 02

what are they?


they are not dolls/soft toys. they are stuff for cleaning!


they are too cute to be used for cleaning the dirt..

Please warm my hands and my feet

i bought new gloves and new socks in Dec 2010 but i still have not yet used them..

because they are too lovely!!

face - light purple sweet


the socks are too long.. let me show u the upper parts first..

Please warm my hands and my feet 01

and, then the lower parts..

Please warm my hands and my feet 02

can’t see them clearly? wait please..

Please warm my hands and my feet 04Please warm my hands and my feet 05


the gloves..

Please warm my hands and my feet 03

Christmas 2010 (shopping malls)

Christmas 2010 01Christmas 2010 02Christmas 2010 03Christmas 2010 04Christmas 2010 05Christmas 2010 08


Christmas 2010 06Christmas 2010 07

Halloween 2010 (street)

Halloween 2010 01

Lovely napkin folding

my daddy took us out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

the napkin folding was so cutie! face - heart eyes smiling face

Lovely napkin folding 01


the plate and decorations were good too..

Lovely napkin folding 02Lovely napkin folding 03Lovely napkin folding 04


the abalone was yummy.. the shark fin soup/chicken/bamboo fungus was ok..

Lovely napkin folding 05

Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy New Year 2011 02Happy New Year 2011 01

just some photos taken at a restaurant..

Missing a friend who is now living in California

i don’t know whether my friend remembers this shop or not.

Missing a friend who is now living in California

he took a photo for me in front of this shop two years ago. 

this shop ceased to operate in October? i don’t know the exact date.

What i did in October/November 2010

i didn’t write much in October/November 2010.


i was very busy. i did nothing special.


oh i just did one thing which i don’t usually do. 

face - coldsweat

“taking care of my skin”

What i did in October/November 2010


hope i can get better skin in year 2011.

Merry Christmas to all my friends!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends

My brother from Canada

it’s not my wedding..

My brother from Canada

it’s my elder brother’s wedding. 

i hope i will have my own wedding in future.

(too bad that i am still single)

When i was 8..

(photo taken in November 2010)

when i was 8

when i was 8,

i had a clip with the same design.. (i don’t know where it is now.)

Red is color for christmas

Red is color for christmas 01



i really don’t know how to get onlined with my computer.. still..

anyone can help?

I got a problem

i can’t get connected to the internet these days without knowing why..

should be a problem of my computer..

hope i can solve it soon and update my blog again! see u guys soon!

Perfumes 01

My favorite..

PerfumesPerfumes 02


Moschino I LOVE LOVE

Perfumes 03

Becoming stones

Stones 01Stones 02

Chinese dragon jade (Yellow)

Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 02Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 01face - chinese flower banChinese dragon jade (Yellow) 03Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 04

face - red flower

Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 10face - bearingChinese dragon jade (Yellow) 12face - fearChinese dragon jade (Yellow) 11face - happy teeth

face - red flower

Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 13Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 05Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 14

~ the white lion stone ~

Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 06Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 07Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 08Chinese dragon jade (Yellow) 09

Beautiful swimming pools

see the beautiful swimming pools?

Beautiful swimming pools 01

and the beautiful sea view too.. 


full view of the main swimming pool:

Beautiful swimming pools 02


when i was in the swimming pool:

Beautiful swimming pools 03Beautiful swimming pools 04


i could see the beautiful sea view right from the pool: (sunset)

Beautiful swimming pools 05


the pool-side chairs are in different shapes.

i love this one - the pearl looking chair. so cute!!

Beautiful swimming pools 07Beautiful swimming pools 06

too bad that i could not open my eyes in sunset.


too beautiful… it is like a heaven..

Beautiful swimming pools 08

Rabbits again!!

Cartoon on TV 01

i never watched this cartoon on TV before but i know it’s a famous cartoon. i like the lovely rabbit. that’s why i took photos with them.


Rabbits again 02

so cute!! and i love the rabbit collection.

face - pinkrabbit moves ears

i have one of them - the rabbit headphone!

Rabbits again 03


i love collecting rabbit’s stuff.

face - white rabbit doll

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 02

i really love this game.


it’s my first time playing PS3. i think the songs/scenes are lovely. the surrounding effect is good too.


i stopped playing this game at stage 6 i guess. i am sad. i can’t know what will happen next then.


my favorite character?

too many: Vanille/Snow/Serah/Hope/Lightning/Fang/Chocobo chick (Sazh’s bird)/Sazh


my favorite song/music?

i like Lightning’s theme and Snow’s theme

and i love the song that Serah sang. here is the lyric:

“Make my wish come true, let darkness fade to light. Show me there’s still hope, and show me it’s not over. Battles we can win, our struggle lies within. Will we live to greet the dawn? Love will not leave you, hate will not heal you. Promise me one day that peace shall reign.”


the last scene that i saw:

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 01

My choice for summer

many Japanese models like to post photos of their clothes and share with their blog readers.

face - white camera


i think it’s interesting to share what i like to wear

with my friends..

face - twobears

My choice for summer 04My choice for summer 01My choice for summer 02My choice for summer 03

Bring my own bag

Bring my own bag 01


the structure:

Bring my own bag 02Bring my own bag 03


when it’s empty:

Bring my own bag 04

when it’s not:

Bring my own bag 05Bring my own bag 07


i use it everyday!

Bring my own bag 06

i like the color and pattern very much!

face - bag

Marco Polo

Marco Polo 01Marco Polo 02

the drink gave a special smell..

face - one pink one purple flowers

so interesting..

Have fun in summer!

Have fun in summer 01Have fun in summer 02

i love this swimsuit very much.. the lovely skirt..

face - pink check heart


Have fun in summer 03

it’s not Easter but we could see the Easter Eggs walking around at the park.

face - love chick heart


Have fun in summer 05

wish i could play it with my boyfriend.


beautiful view (see the Roller Coaster’s rail?)

Have fun in summer 04

face - blue check heart

Chinese dragon jade (Red)

face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 02face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 03face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 05face - red sakura

Chinese dragon jade 01Chinese dragon jade 15Chinese dragon jade 16Chinese dragon jade 17

face - chinese flower ban

Chinese dragon jade 06face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 07face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 04face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 19

face - chinese flower ban low

Chinese dragon jade 11Chinese dragon jade 12Chinese dragon jade 13Chinese dragon jade 14

face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 08face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 10face - red sakuraChinese dragon jade 09face - red sakura

Hello Kitty the queen!!

i joined a Hello Kitty event called ‘Who is the next Hello Kitty?’


before the journey began:

Hello Kitty the queen 04


the entrance:

Hello Kitty the queen 06


the place that i collected a lovely Hello Kitty saving box: (for collecting coins after winning a game)

Hello Kitty the queen 05


stage 1:

Hello Kitty the queen 07Hello Kitty the queen 08Hello Kitty the queen 09Hello Kitty the queen 10


stage 2:

Hello Kitty the queen 11Hello Kitty the queen 12


stage 3:

Hello Kitty the queen 14


stage ?:

Hello Kitty the queen 15

i had to run from place to place.

face - rushair

it’s sad that i could not have sufficient time for taking photos at all.

if i could take more photos with the lovely characters, i would be happier!!

face - camera


stage 7:

Hello Kitty the queen 16Hello Kitty the queen 17Hello Kitty the queen 18Hello Kitty the queen 19

(the story: Hello Kitty was not satisfied with the number of coins that other characters collected. She made a hole on the ground and the characters fell into the hole.)


stage 8:

Hello Kitty the queen 21Hello Kitty the queen 22Hello Kitty the queen 22Hello Kitty the queen 23Hello Kitty the queen 25


stage 11:

Hello Kitty the queen 28Hello Kitty the queen 29

this was the end of the journey.

i wish i could win the first prize..

Hello Kitty the queen 30

but i could not..

Hello Kitty the queen 31

the prize determined what photo frame i could have for taking photo..

and the place that we took photos:

Hello Kitty the queen 32Hello Kitty the queen 33


the shop selling Hello Kitty products:

Hello Kitty the queen 00-1Hello Kitty the queen 37


the end of journey:

Hello Kitty the queen 38Hello Kitty the queen 39


a bank promoted a Hello Kitty credit card!

Hello Kitty the queen 03

so cute!

i love My Melody’s sweet smile!!

face - pink yellow dot ribbon


there is another event about Hello Kitty.

it’s sad that i can’t join it because it’s abit too expensive for me.

 face - coinface - crying eyes

Hello Kitty the queen 00

A bun

face - redsakurahair style for summer face - redsakura

A bun 02

with 1 or 2 clips only..

A bun 01

Ride a bicycle

Bike 04Bike 05

well.. to be honest, 

i don’t really know how to ride a bicycle.

but i did enjoy riding a bicycle with my friends.



1) riding on a bike which has front/back seats like this one..

Bike 01

2) riding on a bike having two seats side by side and two people riding the bike at the same time

Bike 02Bike 03


i was so afraid even if my friend was responsible to hold the brake.

face - fearfaceface - brownskull


Marron Cream likes riding bicycle.

Bike 06

Wish I can take photos with My Melody too!

i like reading the blogs written by Japanese models.

face - pinkcomputer

one of the Japanese models took some lovely photos with Hello Kitty & My Melody.

Japanese model with Hello KittyJapanese model with My Melody


i wish i can take photos with them tooface - twoexclamationmarks

they are so lovelyface - redexclamationmark face - redsparklingheartface - redsparklingheartface - redsparklingheart

The light pink rose on my wrist

Light pink rose on my wrist 01

Light pink rose on my wrist 02

It’s not a bird! It’s not the superman! It’s..

Plane 02Plane 01Plane 03

i went to the airport for taking photos.


and, i had some food at the airport.

Plane 04Plane 05


(taken at another restaurant at airport)

Plane 06

Guess what? (Question 3)

what are these cute little plastic things?

Rice topping


please choose one:

(a) deodorant

(b) aromatherapy

(c) glue

(d) rice topping

(e) plastic toys


face - colorful rainbow ban


the answer is (d).

the cute little plastic bottles contain rice topping.

it enhances the smell of the rice which makes the rice tastes better.

Doraemon transformer

putting the rabbit skin/ears on…

Doraemon transformer 01

Doraemon and i become rabbits now

face - moving ears pink rabbit


Doraemon transformer 02


and, Doraemon’s tail is being well-protected now.

Doraemon transformer 03

Doraemon radio

Doraemon radio 02Doraemon radio 03Doraemon radio 04Doraemon radio 05


Doraemon radio 01


i wish i can get help from Doraemon too.

Dogs eat rubbish

face - whitedog??



i am not talking about the real dogs.


Dogs eat rubbish

it’s a dog-shaped rubbish bin.

Black helmets

Black helmets

oh four black helmets??

Beautiful bridges

1) bridge A

Bridges 01


2) bridge B

Bridges 02(part 1)Bridges 03 (part 2)

part 1 + part 2 = bridge B

Bridges 04


3) bridge C

Bridges 05


let’s enjoy the summer breeze!!

face - blueelephant

It is not a magazine? It is a boutique?


it should be a magazine’s name.

Hello Kitty candy pens

Hello Kitty candy pens 01

Hello Kitty candy pen = candy + pen + Hello Kitty wearing 12 animals zodiac clothes)


i’ve got two Hello Kitty candy pens.


1) year of dragon

Hello Kitty candy pens 02


2) year of rat

Hello Kitty candy pens 03

See my toes?

See my toes 01

See my toes 02

Lovely socks face - rainbow color heart

Braiding hair


1) two pigtails

Braiding hair 02

2) one pigtail

Braiding hair 01


which one looks better?

face - bigrealrabbit

Guess what? (Question 2)

what is it? 

Magnifier 01

the white plastic thing (not the bear next to it) !!?!


please choose one from below:

(a) thermometer

(b) magnifier

(c) spoon

(d) insect killer


ban - black lace


the answer is (b)

it is a magnifier…

Magnifier 02

… having a small torch in it.

(my daddy uses it to read the small print.)

Hello famous!!

Hello famous 06Hello famous 10Hello famous 09Hello famous 12Hello famous 01Hello famous 02Hello famous 07Hello famous 03Hello famous 11Hello famous 04Hello famous 05Hello famous 08


it was funface - twoexclamationmarks

Dragon Boat Festival

we didn’t go see the dragon boat racing.


my daddy bought us a wonderful dinner for Dragon Boat Festival celebration.


Dragon boat festival 01

shark fin soup


Dragon boat festival 02



Dragon boat festival 03

big lobsters


Dragon boat festival 04

fish maw


Dragon boat festival 05

steamed chocolate hind (not sure about the English name of this fish)


very delicious chinese food

Dragon boat festival 06

O it’s my rabbit’s head!!

Rabbit head purse

well.. wrong photo? it’s my head..!!?!

no! please look at my rabbit’s head!!


face - pinklaughface - haha


it’s a purse actually.

face - bear w a heart


Rabbit head purse 02

the pink strawberry thing is the zipper of the purse.

Summer makeup: brown? pink?

face - yell openbrownface - yell )

Summer makeup - brown


lips: pink

Summer makeup - pink 03

eye shadow: pink + brown + light orange

Summer makeup - pink 06Summer makeup - pink 04

eyeliner: dark brown (as thin as possible) (…..?) (well.. at least i tried, ok?)

Summer makeup - pink 05

fake eye lashes: 3 long ones from center to corner (show them on my closed eye)

Summer makeup - pink 01


face - yell openpinkface - yell )

Summer makeup - pink 02

My new shoes

without knowing why,

5 pairs of my shoes were damaged within 1 month.

i.e. 2 pairs of sandals + 2 pairs of running shoes + 1 pairs of high heels

face - bearingface - angrycloud


i got to buy some new ones or i can’t go out.

My new shoes 01

so, i bought them…

face - shopping

My new shoes 03

My new shoes 02

i like the color. 

face - heartinheart


someone told me that i look good in high heels

but i don’t want to buy them now.

hope this can bring me good luck in love relationship.

face - redribbon

Blue flowers..

Blue flowers 02

Blue flowers 03


blue flowers 04

blue flowers 05

blue flowers 06


blue flowers 07

Blue flowers


anyone knows the name of these blue flowers?

Yacht club

these photos were taken in January.

Yacht club 02

Yacht club 03

Yacht club 01

Am waiting for you.. still..

On the phone

face - brokenheart


it’s sad to hear/talk to answering machine..

face - cryeyes

Starry night

Starry night 01

my room was designed and decorated by me (some years ago).

this is one of my ’stars’ in my ’sky’..

face - purpleturningstar

Skin of rabbit

Skin of rabbit 04

found these photos from my external hard disk

face - frustratingrabbit


Skin of rabbit

rabbit ears..


Skin of rabbit 02

me wearing the skin of rabbit

face - marks


Skin of rabbit 03

… with a rabbit tail


the photos were taken some years ago.. 

face - sweat

Scent of flowers

Autumn leaf in Summer

don’t know why..

in the last 2 days, i woke up in the scent of flowers..

face - lightblueflower face - sunflower face - dancingflower

i don’t use perfume.


i don’t think it’s the scent of my hair.


it’s not something happened long ago.


i sat next to you and i could smell the scent.


in the cinema..

in the car..

(also when u were driving) face - bearlove


i slept in scent.

i woke up in scent too.


now, i still have some dreams about it.

and i hope i can still have dream for having more of it.


i miss the scent of you.

i miss you.


face - pinkroses

The ocean & the cake

The ocean & the cake 01

it was a beautiful cake that i had at a nice restaurant with an excellent seaview. 

face - sparkling


The ocean & the cake 02

i enjoyed the cake very much but i was sad actually.

i felt so lonely and tired..

Strawberry kiss

how do u enjoy your strawberry?

face - ribbon


Strawberry kiss 01

kiss it?


Strawberry kiss 02

smell it?


Strawberry kiss 03

drink it?

It’s art!

Colorful windows

i like to take photos for the windows with colorful glasses/interesting shapes.


Colorful windows 02

Colorful windows 03

Colorful windows 04


Colorful windows 07


i wish i can fly in the sky with a balloon..

Balloon 01


i love the blue blue sky!

face - cloud

Balloon 02


i love to take photos for the sky.

Balloon 03

Balloon 04

Balloon 05

Balloon 06


will try to post some more here if there is a chance..

Charlie Brown cheese cake

Charlie Brown cheese cake

Yellow eye shadow

i bought a new yellow eye shadow and tried it today.


i wanted to look fresh in summer.

face - giraffe

that’s why i picked the yellow color.


Yellow eye shadow 031

the ‘chocolate cookie’ thing is a mirror, not the eye shadow.


Yellow eye shadow 01

it doesn’t look good on me, right?


i may need to try some other colors for my summer look.

The red horse

this is the another horse that my friend owns.


the red one…

it did the horse racing in the past.


Red horse 01

it has good temper.

i like it.

Red horse 02

Red horse 03


i wish i could ride on it but my broken arm disallowed me to do it.

Red horse 04

Red horse 05

Red horse 06


the red horse’s neighbors:



Red horse 07

Red horse 08

i like the white horse.

i like the color.

it’s like something appeared in fairy tale.



Red horse 09

this one is cute too.

it should appear in cartoons.



i like horses.

The black horse

my friend has 2 horses.

one is black and the other is red.


it’s the black one.

Black horse 02

Black horse 01

me feeding the horse with a carrot.


“don’t bite me!” i begged it.

i was told to stretch my fingers straight when i fed the horse.

i did as what i was told.

my fingers were safe.

face - coldsweat


horses love carrots.

face - cherryblossom

My birthday gifts for year 2009 (last year)

i found the photos of my birthday gifts for year 2009.


1) ‘Little Lullaby Bear’ from Forever Friends

My birthday gift for year 2009 01

this ‘Forever Friends’ can play me lullaby.


2) L’Occitane hand cream

My birthday gift for year 2009 02


3) pink heart-shaped necklace

My birthday gift for year 2009 03

My birthday gift for year 2009 04

My Melody pencil case and more

sorry that i can’t find my soft toy My Melody/its photo.


but there are some other photos about My Melody in my folder…

My Melody pencil case & more 02

My Melody pencil case & more 03

My Melody pencil case & more 04


the collection has pencil case, soft toys and etc.


i dressed like this on the day i took the photos

My Melody pencil case & more 01

Me in Wii again

i went to karaoke with my friend.


i could play Wii at karaoke.

Me in Wii again 02


hey… it’s me!

Me in Wii again 01

i look so smart in Wii….

face - winkface - sparkling


hope that i can be that smart in reality.

face - coldsweat

My Melody lunch box

MM - blink

i have a My Melody lunch box too (although i never use it).

My melody lunch box


it’s really cute.

what happens if my knife/fork cut the face of My Melody?

MM - angry

i don’t want to destroy its lovely face .

MM - verysadMM - sad 

that’s why i use it as a decoration of my desk only.


(hope that i can find my soft toy My Melody and show it to u later.)

MM - close

My Melody folder

i loved My Melody when i was a small kid.

MM - normal


i loved this folder very much.

MM - happy

i still keep this folder.

My melody folder 01

My melody folder 02


there were some pink round-shaped paper (looked like Compact Disc) in the folder.

MM - twirl

What did i wear at New Year Eve?

New Year Eve look for 2009 02

 face - exclamationmark



it’s not me of course!

face - laugh


it’s my look for last year’s New Year Eve.

face - dancingflower

New Year Eve look for 2009 01

Beautiful night view (from rooftop)

the photos were taken on Dec 25, 2009.

Night view from the top of building 01

Night view from the top of building 03

Night view from the top of building 02


(i am still doing the clean-up for my computer folders)

face - coldsweat

My friend made a wallpaper with my photo

when i tried to clean up my folder today,

i found a wallpaper made by my friend.


he used my photo to produce the wallpaper.

my fd made a wallpaper with my photo

i like this wallpaper. 


actually, some of my friends used my photos to produce banners/wallpaper/facial expression icons and etc.


i don’t mind if they ask for my consent before using my photo to make one.


i don’t mind if they ask for my consent before posting my photo to any web site/anywhere.


just, please ask me directly.

face - smilinggal

Piano love

good mood

i watched a japanese cartoon about a couple.

it’s a love story of 2 musicians.


i hope i can have some good memories for my love.

face - bearlove



he played piano for me… it was soooooooo beautiful!!

i love the music that he played for me.

face - dancingnote


i love him.

face - jumpingheart


i hope i can have more of the good memories.


i will save the memories in my heart.

it can make me smile everyday in the future.


(whenever i watch the video again… i may smile/cry.)


because i really love him.

face - crystalheart


it’s a cafe’s new piano (not mine).

face - wink

Piano love 01

hey… the lovely dolls!!

Piano love 02

My birthday gift

My birthday gift for year 2010

it’s a very lovely gift.

face - threehearts


My birthday gift for year 2010 02

it’s a ring..


My birthday gift for year 2010 04

diamond + pearl

(not the real diamond/pearl but it’s beautiful)

face - blushedbear


My birthday gift for year 2010 03

i love it very very much.

face - growingheart

It’s hot!!

It’s soooooooo hot!!

It’s hot 01


face - umbrella

i hate rainny days!!

but there is one thing that i like..

i like drawing with a finger on the windows when it’s rainning outside.

it was one of my favorite things to do when i was a small kid.

i liked to draw on my school bus windows.

It’s hot 02

just like this.


can u read it?





it’s my name.

it once appeared…

Beef or fish or sausage?

i love all of them…


Lovely beef

the steak was so sweet.


Lovely beef 02

face - love

the sauce for the rice was so creamy..

and, the sausage was good too!

face - ribbon

Tasty sausage


Lovely pancakes (orange favor)

i love the orange sauce for the pancakes.

face - yummy


Salad for 2

the salad was spicy.


Lovely blackboard

the view was good.


Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon 02

the grilled salmon melt in my mouth.


Lovely sea breeze

we could listen to pop songs.

Dessert parade


Dessert parade 01

Dessert parade 03

Dessert parade 04



 Dessert parade 08

Dessert parade 09



Dessert parade 10

Dessert parade 11

Dessert parade 12

Dessert parade 13



 Dessert parade 18

Dessert parade 19

Dessert parade 17

Dessert parade 16

Dessert parade 15

Dessert parade 14




Dessert parade 02

Dessert parade 07

Dessert parade 06

Dessert parade 05


Dessert parade 23

There is an ant on your jeans

A pair of blue jeans

love it so much..


love the feeling of sitting on it too..


Have u ever tried to taste sushi in this way?

actually it’s my first time to eat Sushi without soy sauce.


Sushi without soy sauce 03

Sushi without soy sauce 02

Sushi without soy sauce 04

Sushi without soy sauce 01

it tasted ok to me.


i like the dessert.

Sushi without soy sauce 05

ice-cream: green tea & vanilla

cakes: chocolate brownies

dressing: melt chocolate


i’ve got an empty heart but a full stomach

Japanese style Korean food

i like both Japanese food & Korean food.

it’s nice to try this one.

Japanese style Korean food 03

Japanese style Korean food 01



Japanese style Korean food 02


i saw a movie about a traditional Japanese woman.

i felt so sad after seeing that movie.

what can we do when men don’t treat us good after we commit to the relationship?

Chocolate donut

Chocolate donut

My cake with sakura petals

Sakura cake

Sakura cake 02

i like the pink color of the cake.

but the cake was not as sweet as i thought.

Petals of rose in my drink

i really like the smell of rose.

Rose drink 02

Rose drink 03

seeing the petals of rose floating in my tea cup…

i felt so relaxing.

happy flower

Smoke gets into my eyes..


because there was smoke coming out from a drinking fountain at a park!



Drinking fountain smoke 01

Drinking fountain smoke 02

Drinking fountain smoke 03


how to do it?


there were some card ice in the drinking fountain.

once there was water in the fountain, smoke came out.



we learnt it from a movie.

Sad birthday

My birthday cake for year 2010

it should be one of the sweetest birthday cakes that i have ever tasted.

My birthday cake for year 2010 02


but.. teardrops kept falling that night..

tear tear tear tear tear


shooting star

my stars in the sky won’t shine again..


Yellow church with beautiful music

this church played some beautiful songs with its church organs.

Yellow church 01

Yellow church 03

Yellow church 02

i miss the church that i went when i was a little girl.

it got praying tables too.

Yellow church 05

(it’s sad when u know that u can’t have any hope.)

Swing me up… swing me up to the sky!!


it was a good memory..

hope that we can do it again in future..

shooting star


i just love the movie ‘Kick-ass’ so much.

the Hit-girl was so cool in the movie.

shooting star

i hope that there will be a ‘Kick-ass II’.


i had Japanese curry at the movie night.

Japanese curry 01

Japanese curry 02

the deep fried oysters were very tasty!!


i like Japanese food!!


My bear-shaped mirror


it looks romantic.

so lovely..


Know more about our history

Museum 02

Museum 01

i like going to museums.

i like all kind of museums

because i like seeing things of artistic, cultural, historical, scientific…

happy flower


do u like it too?

Guess what? (Question 1)

Ghost 01

what is it in the photo?


a ghost?


hahaha… it’s me!!


i took this photo near a school.

and, i got some more..

Ghost 03

Ghost 02

Ghost 04


it’s fun to take some photos like these.


Ghost 05

How to backup computer files effectively/efficiently?


oh i have millions of photos in my computer.

how can i backup the files effectively/efficiently?


My detective look

detective look 06

detective look 05

detective look 04

detective look 03

detective look 02

detective look 01


it’s not magic!

Me in the mirror

can’t see my body?


because i was hiding my body behind the mirrors.

it uses 3 mirrors to do the reflection.


it’s fun!!

good mood

Lovely church in pink

Pink church

it looks like a castle in disneyland.

the color,

the roof…

it’s so lovely & sweet!


Happy Easter!!

Korean bbq lunch

korean bbq lunch 02

korean bbq lunch 03

i had Korean BBQ lunch set after going to church yesterday.

my favorite!!


I have the plate that a famous cafe has the same too

i went to a cafe having cat faced food & real cats yesterday.

and, i found that the cafe has the same plate that i have.

cat faced ice-cream snacks 01

cat faced ice-cream snacks 02


the pink rabbit-shaped plate!

i bought my plate few years ago.

i like it very much.

i used it to take some photos for the food i like/cook.

(please refer to ‘Lovely cakes with chocolate chips ‘ which i took the photo/wrote the article/posted 2 days ago.)


there were some lovely cats running around me at the cafe.

and, i like these two.

Cat 01

Cat 02


i like the food too.

Mint soda with cream

i like both the drink & the ice-cream snacks that i ordered this time.

i tried the toast last year.

cat faced toast

yummy & lovely!!

shooting star


Cat as a bunny

Lovely cakes with chocolate chips

cake with chocolate chips

my daddy bought me some snacks again.


so lovely!!

happy flower

Get my swimsuit ready!

i love fine dinning..


but now, i got to keep fit for wearing swimsuit!!


good mood


(i think my arm surgery was a successful one.)


Dinner 01

Marron Cream

i like Marron Cream alot.


she has the same hobbies as i have.

we both like

afternoon tea sets,



cookies and coffee.

Marron Cream


i wish she and i can enjoy a nice afternoon tea in a beautiful garden..

in Hello Kitty Land, Tokyo, maybe?

happy flower

I come back home from hospital after surgery

i vomitted alot after surgery.



my daddy was so sweet.

he bought me some cakes.

cakes - chocolate & coffee

i liked the coffee favor and the chocolate chips in the cake.

it brightened up my day in hospital.

green leaf


and now,

i am home again.


The church

the church 02

Which one do u like?

this dress is sweet and lovely..


my new dress



this dress is more trendy..

good mood

my new dress 02


i like them both. 

which one do u like?

The school in movie

i went to a school on a Sunday


it’s so beautiful.

the school 02

the school


i wish i could study in there.

(too bad that it’s a school for boys only.)

Lovely family

a teddy family


the dad the mum & the son

the daddy,

the mummy

and the son

Trip of red rose

i really enjoy the trip..


the windmill 02 the windmill 01

the windmill..


the window 

the juice the card

the door

the afternoon tea..


the graffiti 01 the graffiti 02

the graffiti..


the bear in garden sale

the garden sale..


the garden

the garden..


i like drinking milk.


good mood



Milk moustache

The blog of the week!!

thanks to Sanrio!!!! 

it’s so nice to become “blog of the week” here in SanrioTown blog.

bow 01


bok 02


it’s too bad that i will have to stop writing my blog for awhile.



i will go back to hospital and will have my second surgery for my arm.


it will happen at the end of March.

hope u guys will still remember me.

A lovely couple

they are so sweet..


they are kissing..

they fall in love..

Pink necklace

i’ve got a lovely pink necklace today.


i like it very much.



Pink necklace

New hair style

i like reading Japanese magazines.

i want to try some new hair styles.

however, i am not good at this.


see my ‘new hair style’:

curly hair (new)

i wanted to have curly hair…



actually i tried some years ago..


curly hair (old)


the effect can never be good.

what should i do?

Rabbit stickers

Rabbit stickers

yeah! my lovely rabbit stickers!!


my fd gave it to me as a gift few years ago.


he had 4 lovely cats.

super lovely!!


if i find the photos of his cats, i think i should post them here.


when i was a kindergarten student, i learnt abit piano.

i quited it after several classes because my teacher was yelling at me all the time.


now i have dreams about piano.


and i enjoy watching the fingers playing piano for me.


2 years ago,

i got a chance to learn piano again.

for one class only..

my friend taught me how to play it with my right hand.

i could just play a few notes

but i felt so happy.

it’s me

Computer games & wii

i seldom play computer games now.

i used to play it with my brother.


me in wii

it’s me in wii.

Photos my love my troubles

i love taking photos so much.

this causes me troubles sometimes.


i have too many photos in my computer/cell phone/camera.

i can’t get them a place to store them.

i gotta delete some/resize some.


i need to upload them to my homepage.

it costs me so much time.


however, i just enjoy it so much.

i think i can’t get rid of this bad hobby.



I am a card designer (hey. it’s not my job!)

i love to send out the cards that i design them.


here are some of them:


xmas card that i designed - 2007

x’mas card 2007


 xmas card that i designed - 2008

x’mas card 2008


 xmas card that i designed - 2009

x’mas card 2009

I love desserts & sweets!

i love making desserts

and i love tasting the professional ones too.


it does not happen very often..


if i can,

i would love to try some afternoon tea sets at good cafe/restaurants..

high tea fan


sometimes i try dessert buffets too.

Dessert buffet

A wooden rabbit

i love rabbits!


i collect rabbit dolls for years..

i have many stuff about rabbits too.


Wooden rabbit

A lovely wooden rabbit that i met in a luxury hotel.

Paint my nails into pink flowers

Nail painting - flowers in pink

it was my second trial.

i am new for nail painting.


i tried to paint some pink flowers on my nails.

different pink… different designs.. for different fingers!!


very lovely colors!!

very lovely nails!!

i just can’t stop painting them..

Japanese gangster?

jap gangster look

i wanted to pretend to be a japanese gangster.


sometimes i watch japanese movies/magazines/dramas.

i love japanese cartoons too.


actually, i learnt abit Japanese when i was around 15.

i took some courses during the summer holidays.


and now i forget most of it.

so please~ please don’t ask me to translate.

A mix of bunny & kitty

i tried to dress like a japanese student.

but finally i dressed like a creature which is a mix of bunny & kitty!


bunny or kitty


my (bunny’s) ears


my (kitty’s) claw!!

Oh tennis!

i learnt tennis when i was 15 or 16.


i was not good at it

but i kept playing it once for awhile.


it’s the truth before i broke my arm last summer.


my doctor said i will be able to play it again 1.5 years after my surgery.

good mood



u guys who are good at it,

please teach me!!


tennis i love u

oh i didn’t wear makeup that day!


Oh my poor arm!

i broke my arm.




i fell down near the pool last year.

it was so painful!!!!


i went to the hospitals and had a surgery.


i could not even write or pick up the chopsticks after the surgery.

it was so frustrating!!

and then i went back to the hospital and stayed at the hopsital for so long.

so long..



i have to thank my friends who talked to me on the phone/came visit me.

u guys were so sweet!!



i also want to thank the good guys that i met in the hospitals!

the doctors,

the nurses,

the physiotherapists,

the staff,



the weather keeps changing these days.

my arm is painful again.

i hope i can recover 100% soon.


i miss my lovely swimsuit.

it’s pink in color,


it’s a bikini!!!!!!!

my pink bikini


i hope i won’t feel scared when i go to swimming pool again.

i enjoy swimming so much!!


My monkey darling

where is my big monkey?


i think it disappeared few weeks ago


few months ago?


i miss it so much.



i hope i can find it soon.

where is my big monkey

i hope that it will company me always..

Green apple

Green apple

it’s a huge green apple!

so lovely!!


i took the photo on the way i went back home from school last summer.

Korean bbq

Korean bbq

i love korean bbq.


it’s fun to have so many different kind of food in front of me.

so many!!


Yes it’s me who cooked it!

yes i love cooking..

but i love making the food in my own way.


yes they are sushi

they are the sushi that i cooked.

very cute!!

i love them.



i love creating something new and cute and sweet.

Red roses & pink roses

Red & pink

i got roses!!


i always love red roses.


when i was a little girl,

i read alot of story books.

they told the romantic stories..

the princess,

the prince,

the white horses,


the red roses..


i always want to have a prince-charming guy

coming for me

asking me to marry him..



i know it’s hard to get a prince.

by the way, the prince coming for me may not act like the prince that i hope for.


in real life,

i would love to give my heart to a guy who is:

1) having a heart full of kindness and goodness;

2) treating me good, sweet and gently;

3) giving me the whole of his heart (and time too);

4) able and willing to marry me;


5) able to speak/write good Chinese and English.


most of my friends laugh at me for the fifth one.

actually i want someone who can communicate.

he gotta have a heart/mind to listen to me and express himself

with patient.


he should be a clever guy too.

i don’t expect a millionaire to fall in love with me,

but he should be able make good decisions (with good intention too).


i hope i can trust him.

i will then give all my love to him..

only him..


i like pink roses.

they’re pretty and sweet.


i have so many stuff in pink.

u guys will see them later in this blog.


Teddy from State of Washington

Let me protect yurika!

it’s my lovely teddy bear,

from State of Washington, U.S.A.


i bought it the day after my exams.


it has the ‘wolf’ printed on its body,

and a ‘W’ for his left foot.


i love it very much.



now it’s sleeping in my drawer

with a pink silk cloth covering it.


(oh no.. u can see my face without makeup from this photo.)


Books & movies

yes i have a japanese name..

yurika 百合香.


it’s from a japanese fiction.

the fiction is about a cat which is a detective too.


when i was a little girl,

i loved reading detective stories,

chinese kung-fu stories,

and also love stories.


and now,

i love all kind of movies except for scary movies.



my favorite movies?

so many..


for example?

New Moon


i love seeing the boys protecting their love one with their power/life.

they never make use of their superpower to hurt the others.

i like them.


 It’s my fork for tonight’s dinner

i hope i have superpower too.

so that i can protect myself,

and the one who needs help too.


Happy birthday to my blog!!

just want to say hi to you all!


i guess people may want to know how i look.Let’s turn it on!

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