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ARMONK, NY & HONG KONG - 15 January, 2009 - IBM (IBM: NYSE) has announced its intent to acquire the strategic messaging service assets of Outblaze, Ltd, a privately held provider of online messaging and collaboration services, based in Hong Kong. Building on IBM Lotus’ market leadership in messaging software, the acquisition will accelerate the delivery of affordable, Web-based e-mail services in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

With more than 10 years of experience, Outblaze was one of the first companies to offer a fully hosted multilingual e-mail service and now supports over 40 million users. Outblaze’s proven online Web-based messaging service offers unique capabilities for branding and administration. Today, Outblaze operates one of the largest online service platforms for the provision of private-label email, collaboration and social media services for other service providers, telecommunications operators, corporations, academia, media and publishing companies.

The Outblaze messaging service will be part of IBM Lotus’ Project “Bluehouse.” “Bluehouse” is IBM’s online social networking and collaboration service designed for business and currently in open beta (http://bluehouse.lotus.com). “Bluehouse” helps people work together more quickly and easily beyond the boundaries of their organizations. Within the service people can share files, chat, participate in online meetings and network over the Web.

“The acquisition of these Outblaze assets further demonstrates Lotus’ commitment to delivering secure, scalable online solutions and will help accelerate delivery of collaborative services, with little to no IT involvement,” said Bob Picciano, General Manager, IBM Lotus Software and WebSphere Portal. "People are more connected, but getting the right information and expertise, particularly outside of your own organization, can pose quite a challenge. IBM will help companies overcome the barriers of time, distance and affiliation to easily work together and deliver better business outcomes,” added Picciano.

The combination of the Outblaze assets and “Bluehouse” will provide customers with more choices in messaging solutions. Enterprise clients will be able to use IBM as a single provider for all their messaging needs, whether on-premise or online, serving a range of user needs from occasional to full-time. Small business customers will get an simple to acquire, integrated set of collaboration services that allow them to easily work with their network of customers and partners. Partners such as telecommunications operators and Internet service providers will be able to package and sell collaborative services to their clients under their own brands.

Further detail on how these new assets will become part of the IBM online portfolio will be divulged at the Lotusphere conference in Orlando next week.

Although this is a little old, in D5 they had a memorable presentation which I highly recommend you watch. If it doesn’t play go here.

Nowadays you can set up a complete Open Source based PC for minimal cost, using Ubuntu or a Linux Variant, Open Office for your Word Processing needs and a variety of Browsers and E-mail clients like Mozilla and Thunderbird are all freely available such that you could have a PC that is completely made up of free software.

There must be an opportunity for charity organizations to take advantage of this as a low-cost, highly efficient system in place, the 100 dollar PC alone isn’t going to cut it, second hand PC’s could be donated and free OS could be installed and then given away to individuals and families who truly need it.

I can’t seem to find anyone who has done this, why has this not been done? You could take advantage of giving old PC’s new life as Linux is far more efficient than Windows for most basic computing needs such as getting introduced to programming, web browsing and office work?

This is old news for most of the blogging world but being able to use Qumana with  Sanriotown blogs is good news! While this is still in a testing phase I’m pleased to see that progress is being made and finally the API’s are being put to good use. The Qumana Blog Editor is a very useful blog tool, in particular if you’re editing multiple blogs and while it may not be the most powerful, it is free!

This one is a little different, because it’s flash based it should not have to go through the same javascript trouble that other RSS readers have difficulty embedding, meaning it can be used with myspace and other sites like that.

This is effectively what this study commission by HP says. Although old news, it recently made it into business 2.0 “dumbest moments in business. Apparently smoking pot has less of an impact on you than using a blackberry and receiving phone calls all at the same time.

This one caught my eye not because it was dumb but that I wonder if this is a generational thing. I have no doubt that my kids and other teenagers can probably run circles around me in things like video games or other action related online games. I also think that the next generation is growing up in a much more wired, always-on, and multi-tasking environment, with your phone, your IM, your TV and your browser (and maybe a game or so) all on at the same time.

Outside of the natural bias of an IQ test, I have to wonder if this is not simply a matter of a generational thing and that as we get older we become less suited for multi-tasking anyway and hopefully our experience will aid us in becoming more efficient and effective for what we lack in vitality in energy?

Dell in China announced that it will sell a computer for 2,599 Yuan (that’s approx. USD 320). The small computer was designed in Shanghai said Michael Dell: “We need to adjust our business to meet the needs of these new customers in fast-growing and emerging markets.”

This is certainly an interesting development, a computer this cheap equipped with Windows XP and all the other benefits that go with a system like that could have some potential market implications with regards to increased PC penetration and development. Although your average Chinese can probably still not afford this, it’s very affordable for the bulging middle class.

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