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For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Hello Kitty Online MMO has started an interesting event called "be nice to a newbie".

What was interesting in this event was how new players suddenly got great offers for their gear, and many were saying how this was "much harder", I thought this was really interesting that buying equipment from new players was considered tougher by some than actually questing for some difficult items which can take many hours to complete.


For those who know the game, watch the details in the chat text, 1000 dollars for T-shirts, trading level 9 wands for level 1 wands etc., it’s great to be a newbie in HKO right now, click the image to see it expand (to see the full sized screen if you want!)


The below is the redemption line, it was the end of the line, the entire line I could not capture from my position as they were redeeming their items for quest fulfillment, it was pretty funny and interesting.

3 Responses to “New Event inside Hello Kitty Online has interesting effects”

  1. This is a really hard quest. x_x

  2. Yep! I got a better wand! I got good clothes too! So many generous members!

  3. wow! I haven’t been on it a couple of days (been sick), and already there’s new happenings…

    So how does this work? You just give “free” stuff to newbies? Do you ask for anything in return? And why don’t the rest of us get any breaks? I still haven’t finished with that crazy croc at the harbor… hehehehee

    Talk to you soon and if I see you online I’ll nudge you! :)

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