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According to Techcrunch Yahoo 360 is being shut down.

Although I don’t quite agree with the statement that "nobody noticed" but certainly very few people in the Blogosphere with influence appeared to care which is probably the more relevant statement, because certainly Yahoo users (of which there are a lot) do care a LOT about their data and have raised concerns/comments etc. on this. We shouldn’t forget afterall that something "small" in Yahoo terms is probably still huge for most other organizations and companies.

The Yahoo blog states:

Many of you have asked if Mash, Yahoo!’s experimental profile service, will replace Yahoo! 360. We know this is an important question for many of you, and even more so given this news. We don’t have all the answers today, but we are testing solutions, including Mash, in order to provide a more integrated universal Yahoo! profile throughout the Yahoo! network.

The only thing I found interesting is that an announcement to "transition" Yahoo 360 doesn’t come with an actual coherent, this is what we will do, approach. Letting customers guess and be concerned about the continuity of the service is never a good thing, even if they assure them that data will be "kept". As of the time of this posting there were 1,554 comments on the Yahoo Blog related to this and a quick glimpse appears to reveal that most of the users are not interested in change and like it the way it is, others just appear to want to have bugs fixed and not anything new. I’m curious to see what they will do with the "new" Yahoo Social Network.

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