This is the same as the previous post but without the summary text.

It was remarkably easy, I used and then I used the following technorati search string of It is not perfect, but this RSS Flash widget now provides you with an updated summary of what recent posts exist on Sanriotown using Technorati indexes.

This is a demonstration of how to use Dream Studio differently, it’s a multimedia player, so it can be used to not only play Videos or Slides, but also just MP3’s or soundtracks embedded in a webpage or a blog, the above is a perfect example. Dream Studio supports the uploading of separate sound files. Although I embedded the same song twice, you just have to click and play, and by resizing it it could actually be a media player. I re-embedded it below, but made the size even smaller (1/3 smaller) to demonstrate how it could look, background color I made black but it could be white or whatever you like.

Sega Toys has produced a home planetarium, particularly in a place like Hong Kong where stargazing is simply impossible. For my 2 year old Son it’s excellent because he loves looking at stars, and he also gets to learn about the Stars as I can add new constellations. The quality is surprisingly good, you need to place the Star “Egg” as I call it (as it’s shaped like one) high up if you have a high ceiling as it will get out of focus very quickly. I bought it for about 9,000 yen which is approx. 80 USD and it’s been great value for money, it comes in cool black or white.




  • Size: 110 (Width) ×160 (height) ×110 (depth) mm
  • Weight: about 660g (battery is excluded)
  • Power Input: 4AA batteries not included
  • Projection Distance: 2m to about 2.3m
  • Projected Area: about diameter 270cm
  • High brightness white 1W LED
  • 2 disks included 

Although this is a little old, in D5 they had a memorable presentation which I highly recommend you watch. If it doesn’t play go here.

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