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Fake Disneyland (with Hello Kitty and Doraemon) in China

Monday, May 14th, 2007

The image above is not Disneyland, it is infact the Shijingshan Amusement Park, a theme park that is infact owned by the Government in China. A video of the theme park is below.

And here are some of the excerpts of the videos showing a fake Doraemon and Hello Kitty, and you can so tell they are fake, the costumes are so bad, it’s not even funny, images courtesy of Japan Probe.

The case was widely reported and ultimately the Amusement Park has started to knock down some of the more obvious rip offs after Disney filed an official complaint but it demonstrates a case in point, China is not truly ready for copyright. In the various articles people interviewed saw nothing wrong with it, infact, if anything they should it was wrong for only Disney or Sanrio to own the rights.

A quote by one of the people interviewed on selling fake DVD’s as reported by the AFP.

Lei Danni, who runs a small shop selling fake DVD and compact discs, brushes off accusations by American companies that his business hurts sales of legitimately produced software. “We aren’t stealing from anyone. Most of my customers say they wouldn’t buy the real thing anyway because its too expensive. So there is no connection.”

What China doesn’t realize is that by allowing this type of piracy to run largely unchecked, it hurts the creative industry and incentive for people in China to develop the kind of IPR that is easily copied, such as character design and other creative designs. How will China produce the next Gucci, Disney or Pixar when IP theft is so commonplace?