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Hello Kitty Online Trailer

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Too cute for words! Discovered and published, can’t wait!


Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

so I got to admit that as a fan of all things cute and Hello Kitty, the whole Hello Kitty Online thing flew by me the first time round, and then I sort of looked on at the sideline as everyone was raving about it. It didn’t stop just during the closed beta, it kept going and going and going.

First off, I am a fan of this, really! But for those of you who remember we heard news about this up and coming game for so long, I was not even sure it was real! And now I missed that first big beta! I will be there the next time and will take it seriously!

Hello Kitty Game

Up to 5 year prison term for Indian man for expressing “personal opinion” in India with Google’s support

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Techcrunch has an interesting article on Google supporting and assisting the arrest of an Indian Man for saying he hated a prominent politician. More details on this story here entitled Techie held for posting derogatory messages against Sonia Gandhi on Orkut.

To quote from Techcrunch:

He was then charged under section 292 of Indian Penal Code and section 67 of the Information Technology Act because he created a profile and then posted content in vulgar language about Sonia Gandhi in the community. If he’s convicted, he can be imprisoned for up to five years and may have to pay a fine up to Rs one lakh.

Now what is interesting is that for a democracy like India there appears to be no free speech issue issue for arresting a pan who said he hated a politician.

The Express Indian times said this:

Interestingly, the person who formed this community is not guilty as per the law. The police said that hating Sonia Gandhi is a personal opinion of the person who formed the community and having a personal opinion about someone is not an offence as per the law.

So he may not even be technically in breach as the law says he is entitled to a personal opinion.

So why is he charged and arrested?

Isn’t India a democratic country?

When China arrested people such as Shi Tao the media was abuzz, Yahoo was taken, in part, to congress on this, lots of reactions took place. The world was against China and its government, lots of protests took place. Yahoo was called a moral pygmie for supporting China by US Politicians because of this.

Don’t get me wrong, both is wrong, neither China or India should be arresting people for expressing their personal opinions or their free speech rights.

But the Internet has little  news about Rahul Krishnakumar Vaid from Gurgaon in contrast. Shi Tao in contrast was prominent news including the BBC.

China is not a democratic country yet, it is communist and has laws against certain areas of free speech and media. That they are not  agreeable to some, if not most is not my point, I agree that China needs to open up more and become more democratic which it is slowly embracing. What I find awful is that when a democratic country does the same thing, the world turns a blind eye. WHY?

Because you embrace ‘democracy’ therefore it is ok to break your own fundamental values? Countries that are called communist do not?

A dangerous polarization is taking place, like as was mention in this Pro-China or Anti-China video about the infamous torch relay.

China is viewed as simply bad no matter what it does, and if the media and individuals continue to display China poorly without recognizing that there are other aspects you will make us more suspicious. You will make us wonder more about your hidden agenda to hurt us. Are you afraid of China? Why can a perso be arrested in a democractic country for violations of free speech but not in China? What would happen if someone blogged "I don’t like Hu Jintao?" in China, it would be more than a mere footprint of online news, it would take the world by storm, Google would be asked to come in to congress to explain their actions like Yahoo did.

But for Rahul, he doesn’t seem to matter, because he is from India, or because India is "democratic" and endorses the western view of free speech?

Does the world really think China wouldn’t notice this type of treatment and be understanding of it? What does one really hope to achieve other than further polarizing and segmenting the chinese? If it was the intent of western media to garner sympathy and support for creating a more open society in China, your recent display was anything but.

The West does not understand us

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Or perhaps they do not want to understand us, from this post I saw this:

Sushipanda said that over half of my Chinese-Chinese friends on MSN have put the badge on their contact names, in defiance of all the anti-China bullying that they’re undoubtedly reading about in the Chinese newspapers, watching on the Chinese news, and scouring over on the hundreds of blogs and BBS’s peppering China’s cyberscape and devoted to propping up this country’s national pride.

TC suggested that outsiders are suggesting that the news in China is being censored and that Chinese citizens aren’t getting a balanced view of the reality of the international protests. But whatever the cause, this is a significant showing of Chinese nationalistic behavior, and a sign that they are paying attention to the outside world.

What is surprising is that the West and the western media appears to insist that things are bad in China, the Olympics is China’s call to the new century, about improvement, about progress, and about some pride. The only perception the West leaves us with is that you wish to deny this moment of glory to us, why would you do that? When South Korea had their Olympics from a corrupt and military state was there this protest? Infact you were all hailing the progress and hoping South Korea will improve after this, which it did, so why do you want to spoil it for China? Are you envious, jealous or feel that we do not deserve our entry into the word? Do you think us foolish or ignorant of the meaning of “freedom” or “democracy”?

Do not raise your false torch for your so called chaotic and revolutionary freedom that will bring misery and war. You claim the name of Tibet for an Olympic Boycott but the Da Lai Lama himself does not agree or advocate it.

There is much China needs to improve upon, nobody will disagree with you here. There is no question that human rights can be better, that poverty is a problem, that education is a problem, that censorship is a problem, but if you think boycott, revolution and drastic change is the answer, as your violent protests seem to indicate then you will have learnt nothing of China’s true bloodshed in its many revolutions.

Eliot Spitzer’s Girl cashes in big time

Monday, March 17th, 2008

A star was born earlier this week, and she was fortunate enough to already have decent-quality products available on the Internet. The price of Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Amie Street songs instantly soared from pennies to $0.98, and now, according to the Post, has settled around $0.68. And that just the beginning for this very physical digital entrepreneur.Highlights from the Post:

  • $200,000+ from song sales so far (300,000+ downloads)
  • $1 million offer from Hustler magazine
  • Offers from Penthouse, et al
  • $1 million offer from Kick Ass Pictures for a starring role
  • Expected $1 million offer for a book deal.
  • Hypothetical “Client No. 9″ perfume deal
  • “Six figure” offer from Georgi Vodka to star in their butts-on-buses campaign (”She’s probably got the most popular butt in America right now,” a Georgi executive says). Georgi also wants to create a new product around her called “Vodka No. 9.”
  • Commercials, tabloid-TV shows, a sexy clothing line, and more.

The Post’s expert estimates that Ashley could coin $2.5 to $5 million off this publicity bonanza and calculates that she “would have to service Spitzer 581 to 1,162 times at her going rate of $4,300 for four hours to earn the same amount of money.”

The downside: Her new business success will make her ineligible for further representation by her public defender. Also, the 22-year old will be besieged by reps, managers, advisors, acquaintances, and agents of all types, some of whom will no doubt persuade her that she can’t afford not to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In the moment, this will seem like pennies, but if her career trajectory follows that of other instant web stars, will soon leave her penniless again.

Wow, is all I can say!

Edison Chen apologies over scandal pictures

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The full text is here.

HONG Kong actor and singer Edison Chen has apologised over images of him partially nude with several starlets which were found in the Internet.

The 1 min 28 second-long apology that was recorded on video was reported by all Chinese dailies – Sin Chew Daily, China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau yesterday.

The apology signalled that Chen, who had been missing since the photos involving six female artistes were widely circulated in the Internet since the end of last month, admitted that he had taken those photos.

Chen provided the media with the video statement through his lawyers.

Previously there was a lot of discussion over the “fake pictures” and how people who owned any of these would be prosecuted according to a police statement, which of course is both favoritism and abuse of a different kind given the recent GOD scandal were the furniture store was raised for T-shirts that were somewhat controversial. If after all this sabre rattling it turns out that they were not fakes what does this all mean?

Over in this article describing this as Hong Kong’s biggest sex photo scandal ever. The interesting bit being this:

According to an informed source close to the person who was the source of the photographs, several months ago Edison Chen sent his pink Apple Powerbook laptop to a Central computer shop for repairs. The technician made the accidental discovery that there were several hundred photographs and videos of Edison Chen and/pr more than a dozen celebrities/artistes and he downloaded them onto his own computer.

Source from Sing Tao.

The story continues.

His apology is below.

UPDATE: follow up articles are here and here.

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

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Cute Hello Kitty Christmas Song

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

I got this straight from and it’s really very cute! Merry Christmas everyone!

Sanriotown has new look!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Sanriotown has a brand new look! I really like it, I noticed a couple of weird things but I guess they are still fixing things up. The interface is cleaner and more brushed up, it also has the blogs and videos shown on the frontpages, which is better than before.

Hong Kong getting more ridiculous with Censorship

Friday, August 31st, 2007

A great cartoon and blog post of what is going on in Hong Kong right now, courtesy of Outblaze.

In today’s SCMP there was a Letter "The hilarity of TV censors"
First, I burst out laughing. Then I felt an overwhelming sense of irritation. Then a feeling of utter nausea.

On Tuesday night, I was innocently watching a film on cable. One of the scenes took place inside a Venetian palazzo. Hung on the walls were some Renaissance paintings.

Then suddenly, as the camera scanned the canvasses, all of the breasts and thighs on the paintings were blurred out! That’s Hong Kong censorship for you. It was of course laughable.

The irritation came because we try so hard to tell and sell to the world the idea that Hong Kong is a world-class city.

And the nausea followed because I cannot imagine that our government is actually employing an army of censors to carry out these blocking blurs, which presumably they do on every single minute of broadcast!

Apart from the prudishness, it screams out with total ignorance. Somebody must do something about this hilariously delirious behaviour.

David Tang, Central