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Diary event for HKO, blogger alert earn 200 LP’s easily!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Taken from the Facebook page!

We have a new special event for all HKO fans - share the magic of your day in Hello Kitty Online! In A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online we want to know about quests you completed, beautiful places you visited, or the new friends you’ve made! This is a fun way to earn Sanrio Loyalty Points (you can use Loyalty Points to buy cool HKO stuff in the Item Mall!).

Each submission will earn you 200 Sanrio Loyalty Points. Grand prize and Runner-up winners will earn 1,000 and 500 points, respectively

Just make an entry and get 200 Sanrio LP’s? Here I come!

My Melody is KING KONG

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

in Hello Kitty Online of course, where else? The likeness is freakishly close…

Here is the very original King Kong climbing that all american building and knocking down whatever he can.

and here below is My Melody, who is doing her utmost to compare to the GREAT KING KONG, but she’s still trying to get up there (I don’t think she ever makes it does she?) and that flower pot is just adorable on the top.


She does seem like she is struggling a little bit there but she’s doing her darnest in climbing that steep Eiffel Tower, painted all pink Hello Kitty Online style!

Of course, not to be outdone, King Kong saw this act and decided he must emulate it not to beaten, he not only climbs it, he’s doing it with Attitude (see him laugh).

Course, the great KING KONG is so great and big, he’s almost hanging out of the Eiffel Tower, guess My Melody is still a whole lot cuter and smaller than we all thought.

But you can see KING KONG laughing (probably thinking to himself “har har har, I am still the greatest”), hang in there Mr. KONG, you do that for much longer and it’s going to be the leaning tower of Paris.

Happy Valentine Hello Kitty Online

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Happy Valentine indeed, from Feb 12 through Valentine Day Hello Kitty Online mmo will go live once again for everyone to play and see and check out! Get your game here!

Hello Kitty Online has shook the gaming industry!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Hello Kitty Online has shook the gaming industry with a Hype Rating of 8.34 and claimed the TOP SEAT for Most popular mmorpg. Best thing is, ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET. Reposted from here.

"HKO doesn’t have PvP it has PvCS. This makes all PvP, especially using internet spaceships, all pink and fluffy."
"im sorry but i don’t understand the obsession behind this game. Im not trying to troll but i really want to know how this game appeals to you and why does this have such a high hype rating. i can’t understand it when there many other cool games coming out such as chronicles of spellborn etc. is there something im missing please tell me why you like this game so much maybe im wrong and this game does have something really cool to offer…"

"i rather play hello kitty then age of conan thats for damn sure."

"I also would rather play HKO than AoC, I tried AoC actually, nice but run of the mill"

"Don’t you ever insult Hello Kitty Online.

"I remember checking Hello Kitty Online out when some people were saying "Hello Kitty Online —->" on the EVE forums, and I have to say, I think it looks like a damn good game!"

"Perhaps, but Warhammer was supposed to be the "WoW-killer" for the past year or so. Having not succeeded in that mission despite the the number of rave hype reviews, I say HKO has the next best chance…which isn’t saying much at all. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to tap into HKO and fiddle with the game to see how it is different."

Such responses, how can a game with such loyal fans not be GREAT?

I agree!

A funky colored Hello Kitty Laptop

Friday, September 26th, 2008

A new Hello Kitty Laptop? It looks less blingy than the other one and has a printed coating look with various Hello Kitty printed all over it, cute!

China leads medal tally in Olympics!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

What a day! Even if it won’t last for that long…China leads not only in Gold medals by a stretch, but also it leads the total tally of medals ahead of the United States!

China Olympics Score

If there is ever a chance that China could beat the US as the country with the most decorated athletes, this is the one on home ground! Unfortunately for China, the US in their last olympics went home with 102 medals, 36 of them gold vs. China with 32 gold but only 63 overall medals. The surprise is that this year Russia looks like it is no longer as a Federation, so its medal count evaporated from pervious years.

April Fools Joke with Hello Kitty Online

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

The team at Wowinsider did a really cool April Fools joke, I had no idea how nuts it all was, many posts of turning a World of Warcraft site into a Hello Kitty Online, so cool (and cute of them too!!)

Hello Kitty Online Insider

But what I don’t get is why they stopped it, afterall, users voted in favor of keeping it! WOW! The last comment made in the Wowinsider forums say it all

 Well I loved the whole exercise, and I loved the fact that it wasn’t a half-hearted one or two articles, but dozens of them. Bravo! Awesome April Fool’s. It’s nice to see some creativity and imagination, after several years of WoW those qualities were starting to wear a bit thin.

To the aggressive complainers out there: how much WoW news could there possibly be, and how much can any reasonable person honestly consume in a sitting? Enjoy the April Fool’s and be thankful for the variety and zaniness!

Hello Kitty vs. Kuromi

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Fighting for the Kitty World Order, funny! I wonder who won, the fight is apparently already over.

Ronald McDonald doing Dance Dance Revolution

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Ronald McDonald is teaching us how to play Dance Dance Revolution, a bit weird ?? It’s funny to watch.

Barbiegirls = Censorville and who believes the Hype?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Both GigaOM and Sciam have been reporting about the growth of the new Barbiegirls flash MMO game having a reported 3 million members growing at 50,000 new members a day but have they checked their facts? To quote Sciam:

Last night at the Digital Life preview a Mattel rep–who, just to make the conversation extra surreal, actually looked sort of like Barbie–told me that in the first 60 days of its existence, the new online virtual world Barbie Girls has signed up three million members, and they’re adding new ones at the rate of 50,000 a day.

Look at graphs by compete and alexa you can certainly see that there has been a spike in growth, but compare it to Neopets, Disney or even lesser web properties and it is left in the dust and I wonder where the 50,000 new member figures comes from, and how many are actually truly active? Just looking at the graphs demonstrates a pop in traffic since launch, but is nothing close to 3 million members. Or perhaps it has 3 million members but they’ve only signed up once and are gone, how many log in each day?

It’s traffic compares just about with Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post which I am sure does not have a readership equal to half of Hong Kong’s population (it’s english only).

I tried the game, I’m a fan of web games and even non-web games like Maplestory. The game is very underwhelming, and I saw at most a few hundred people online at any given time, I wonder if GigaOM and Sciam have bothered to try the game to see if it’s really that popular?

The game was incredibly underwhelming, and is a mix of habbo hotel, hompy and flash games but the only real community experience is the chat and it is enjoying the same kind of Second Life Hype because it’s supposedly focused to people like myself, young women but outside of the cute and stylish interface it has missed the mark, it’s not really fun, it’s mundane and gets dull easily because I cannot really play but above all it’s massively censored!


For a game that is supposed to be a kind of social chat, I cannot write anything without being censored! I was not writing swear words or anything like that, I would write “hello come visit my blog” and it would censor blog! It even censors common words like “but” (presumably because its close to butt) but I couldn’t even write confused! I tried c o n f u s e d and kon-f-us-ed and it wouldn’t work. Every brand was censored too, be it pepsi, sanrio, hello kitty, disney (kitty was censored too but not hello). In the end, I gave up in frustration as I could no longer bear how Barbieville was trying to reach me how to write. The image below is just an example, I promise I did not type anything rude!

A game that censors this heavily can never be a success in my view, we play to escape, we play to have fun, we play to enjoy a kind of freedom not experienced elsewhere. This game is 100 times more censored than my country (China) and for you western folks, that’s saying a lot.

Barbiegirls is going through a silot of hype and of course it’s still a Beta but if the Beta is considered almost complete I would be surprised that the community will continue to hang around for long, just chatting online in a slow flash interface isn’t going to cut it, we are not simpletons, we need more sophistication than this!

ps: Was this game designed by women for women or from men for women?

pps: There were a lot of people trolling around claiming to be “dudes”.