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What Goods on China? Google vs. China but is it right?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

In this article Huffpost writes about that Google is attempting to loosen China’s policies or else China may be comdemned in the court of public opinion. The web is also buzzing about it.

Are you serious? China is going to “bow” to a foreign company, it doesn’t even bow to the most powerful country in the world, much less a company that has anywhere between 15-30% search market share that was mostly censored?

By leaving China Google is not trying to work from within and will henceforth attempt to drive its agenda (and perhaps change) from the outside. Google deserves praise for its stand but is it too little too late or is it merely lipservice?

How well is enforcing change on the outside going to work?

CNN, BBC, Voice of America anyone? Who has enabled more change and freedom inside China? The advent of Alibaba, Sina, Sohu, Netease or QQ or the external forces of the BBC, CNN, Yahoo, Facebook or NBC?

What Google is telling the world outside of China is that it wants to open up all information, to create really an information revolution.

How do you enact a revolution? From the inside or from the outside? Let’s learn from history.

The world is saying Hello (Kitty)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

A fantastic new video from the Hello Kitty Online team! HIghly recommended, the music is great!

Very neat HKO Facebook App

Friday, January 8th, 2010

So like many of us I am also on facebook and was thrilled to hear that Hello Kitty has a tutorial facebook app. It’s cute and neat. It’s a tutorial/introduction and teaches new players how to play it and gives players a touch of HKO before they would download it, naturally I started playing it too. The effort looks quite high, it’s like a very neat little storybook!

Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction is now available on Facebook! Log in to facebook to accompany the heroic Jed on his quest to learn how to survive in Hello Kitty Online. Let your friends know so they can join the HKO fun! If you are on facebook you have to try this APP to teach you how to play HKO!


Play Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction now by clicking here.