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Hello Kitty Online Trailer

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Too cute for words! Discovered and published, can’t wait!

Liu Xiang = Achilles?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

So is super star Athlete Liu Xiang like the Greek Warrior Achilles, invincible but for his heel, his only weakness that would make him fall?

What an incredible PR bonanza, isn’t this a lot better than racing and ensuring multi millions of dollars of endorsement! Like everybody else I was looking forward to the hurdles, but not only was it disappointing, it was impossible to believe! If he was already in pain prior to the race, why did he even bother to try, he cannot use drugs to dull out the pain.

I am not the only one who is suspicious and the forums are lively on debate on this topic.

The conspiracy saga rages on from Corporate intent (Nike is involved) to just personal failure. Somehow, I hope I never find out because it would be too much to bear for a Nation who has had its biggest glory moment. Liu Xiang statistically did not have much of a chance to win Gold, infact some question if he would even qualify! The Nike argument comes largely because of the profit share that is made between Athlete, Coach and the association and Liu Xiang is certainly a gravy train right now in sponsorship. Now that he will be likened with Achilles, it may look even better, or so it might be hoped.

As quoted:

The question buzzing around online forums is: If Liu has had this injury for six or seven years, why did he deny it just 13 days before the start of the Beijing Olympic Games?

Liu had not mentioned his injury until August 18.

Xi Jiang, a reporter for the Secret China website wrote, “On July 30, a message posted by ‘JCCG’ on a China online forum said, ‘Liu Xiang is going to quit the competition because of his injuries.’”

The message continued: “The day before yesterday, I searched the Yahoo Olympics ‘Life Service’ page, and I found someone was reselling a ticket for the 110 meter hurdles. I was so happy. I spent 1500 yuan and got the ticket! Liu Xiang, you are my idol and I am willing to pay a fortune for it.

“However, today (July 30), when I showed it off to a friend of mine, he said that he knew the inside story. Liu Xiang is going to miss the 110m hurdles and that is the reason why someone is willing to resell the ticket. He seems quite sure about it so I’m starting to feel suspicious about the whole thing.”

He has not raced in 2008 and only trained in seclusion, is it because of the injury or part of a bigger plan? Let’s hope we never find out.

China leads medal tally in Olympics!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

What a day! Even if it won’t last for that long…China leads not only in Gold medals by a stretch, but also it leads the total tally of medals ahead of the United States!

China Olympics Score

If there is ever a chance that China could beat the US as the country with the most decorated athletes, this is the one on home ground! Unfortunately for China, the US in their last olympics went home with 102 medals, 36 of them gold vs. China with 32 gold but only 63 overall medals. The surprise is that this year Russia looks like it is no longer as a Federation, so its medal count evaporated from pervious years.

Olympics begins in Beijing 2008

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Beijing 2008, the time China has been waiting for!

After seven years of preparation, billions of dollars of investment, and a mammoth effort to clean up Beijing’s polluted skies, Chinese Olympics officials say they are staging one of the greatest Olympics ever.

The 29th summer games began at 8:08pm Beijing time on Friday – an auspicious time and date in Chinese culture which regards the number eight as lucky.

Details of the opening ceremony had been kept a closely guarded secret, but producers had promised a show that will "amaze the world".

"We have prepared for the Beijing Olympics for seven years and now we are ready … we are very confident indeed that we will stage a successful Olympics," Sun Weide, spokesman for the organising committee, told reporters.
"Of course we hope that these will be a great games, even the greatest."

The day also saw thousands of Chinese couples getting married on one of the most auspicious dates in several years – 08/08/08.

"This day is very meaningful for us because finally the Olympics are here," groom Peng Zhonghua, 23, told Al Jazeera as he signed his wedding vows with his smiling bride at a central Beijing marriage bureau.

The couple said that like many Chinese they planned to spend the evening at home with their families watching the opening ceremony.

Authorities have urged Beijingers without one of the 91,000 tickets to the opening ceremony to watch it at home, rather than try to travel to the Olympic green in the north of the city.

In an effort to avoid congestion, officials announced earlier this week that Friday would be a public holiday.

Stars arrive at Beijing ahead of China Olympics

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Hong Kong star Andy Lau waves to fans as he arrives at Beijing Capital Airport on August 5, 2008. The capital airport has become a destination for star-chasers as celebrities arrive one after another to watch or volunteer for the Olympics. Monday alone saw the arrival of more than a dozen Hong Kong stars, reported

and below some Olympic coke bottle art in Beijing too!


Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

so I got to admit that as a fan of all things cute and Hello Kitty, the whole Hello Kitty Online thing flew by me the first time round, and then I sort of looked on at the sideline as everyone was raving about it. It didn’t stop just during the closed beta, it kept going and going and going.

First off, I am a fan of this, really! But for those of you who remember we heard news about this up and coming game for so long, I was not even sure it was real! And now I missed that first big beta! I will be there the next time and will take it seriously!

Hello Kitty Game