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Hello Kitty Anti Virus + Firewall - cute PC protection

Yes, it’s true, there is a Hello Kitty Anti Virus product! Symantec should be worried for Kitty has set its sight on that market too!

Firewall Antivirus Kitty

From the description it looks to be a standard Anti Virus software with apparent emphasis on being really easy to use, it’s also just plain cute! Antivirus and Firewall service all in one. It appears to be using the Custodia backend according to the description which is the actually the first time I have heard of this company so it is an interesting attempt to differentiate. It’s currently only available in chinese.

Hello Kitty Anti Virus AV

The service comes complete with all the pink that is Kitty! Some more screenshots attached.

Pink Anti Virus Alert


Thank you to sidekick for the link post, that’s how I found it, as a random comment on one of my blog entries!

10 Responses to “Hello Kitty Anti Virus + Firewall - cute PC protection”

  1. BBE Says:

    oh cool

  2. Says:

    cute and awesome.

  3. speedy3223 Says:

    that’s all well and good, but is it effective? if hello kitty’s as cute to the virii as it is to kids and adults alike, then it pretty much fails as an antivirus program. . .

  4. sidekick Says:


    did you scared by the word “AV”? :P

  5. Says:


  6. Says:

    I’ll say it again, cool

  7. Says:

    ohh Kitty doc!

  8. hkfood Says:

    wow funky stuff

  9. Says:

    I wonder how good this works.

  10. Thomas Says:

    Hey great man, kitty is coool. But I am utilizing software which is nice. I will also wait for this cool kitty.

    Thank YOu!

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