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Jackie Chan admits in dubious movie past

Thursday, July 31st, 2008


Kung Fu film star Jackie Chan Monday admitted that he acted in a porn movie 31 years ago, responding to a report revealed by Hong Kong media, Information Times reported Tuesday.

"I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I don’t think it’s a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies," Chan said. "The porn movie at that time was more conservative than the current films," he said.

Hong Kong netizens tipped local media that Chan was in the porn movie "All in the Family" in 1975, with a porn movie star who was famous at that time.

The Hong Kong made movie, directed by Zhu Mu, was defined as a comedy. Dean Shek, Tien Chun, and Sammo Hung were also co-stars.


Evangelion food served cold with humour and weirdness

Monday, July 28th, 2008

If you’ve ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, you’ll find this one particularly weird and funny. I am not sure if I am able to eat out of a plate like this, but they’ve got the spear of longinus as an eating utensil, very interesting.


As compared to the anime below there is some likeness….I think he’s called “Adam”, personally I’d be sort of weirded out eating on a plate like this, well made though ^_^

Lion reunion with their human parents

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

The true story of a female lion reunited with their human foster parents after a few years. Christian is the name of a pet lion bought from the famous Harrods department store in London in 1969. After about a year with his owners the lion had grown too big to remain with them. After a chance encounter with the stars of the film Born Free, the owners handed the pet lion over to the "Lion Man", conservationist George Adamson in order to be rehabilitated into the wild in Kora National Reserve, Kenya. A movie was made documenting the translocation from England to Kenya. In this footage, a year has passed and it looks like this pet lion has adapted to living with a pride of lions when his old friends come back to visit him.

More on wikipedia.

Gothic Hello Kitty and Kuromi in Hello Kitty Black Wonder

Friday, July 18th, 2008

The folks at Sanrio are hosting an incredible event in Hong Kong called Hello Kitty Black Wonder which is also advertised here in Sanriotown.

The general mission is to rescue Hello Kitty and Daniel in a series of clues and games that herald a little bit of Alternate Reality Gaming. It is actually like a theme park really but in a gothic, dark sort of halloween way.

The video above I got from Sanriotown, some slideshows of the event.

The Graphics and design is funky, some pictures from Apple Daily.

Here’s poor Daniel in Jail, you have to go rescue him! Looks sort of cowboy western like.

Special items are also on sale and looks like they are selling quickly!

A Hello Kitty House with Hello Kitty Stuff (real life)

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

It’s not a store. It’s a resort styled along Hello Kitty style inside and outside (although why is one of the houses green?)


The interior is surprisingly stylish, not as silly pink as I would have expected.

This is another view of the place. Pretty funky, I wonder if they will have something like this elsewhere.

Shapes with Hands

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Every once in a while I come across a video worth sharing with people, this is one of them, shapes and drawings on a hand to turn a hand into a really life like animal, well done! Please remember to offer your appreciations to the creator of this video!

She also has a blog too.

Hello Kitty Anti Virus + Firewall - cute PC protection

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Yes, it’s true, there is a Hello Kitty Anti Virus product! Symantec should be worried for Kitty has set its sight on that market too!

Firewall Antivirus Kitty

From the description it looks to be a standard Anti Virus software with apparent emphasis on being really easy to use, it’s also just plain cute! Antivirus and Firewall service all in one. It appears to be using the Custodia backend according to the description which is the actually the first time I have heard of this company so it is an interesting attempt to differentiate. It’s currently only available in chinese.

Hello Kitty Anti Virus AV

The service comes complete with all the pink that is Kitty! Some more screenshots attached.

Pink Anti Virus Alert


Thank you to sidekick for the link post, that’s how I found it, as a random comment on one of my blog entries!

Guilty Plea for Edison Chen xxx Picture Offenders

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Kowk Chun-wai changed his plea yesterday and admitted publishing 84 pictures of female stars in sex acts with entertainer Edison Chen Koon-hei by posting hyperlinks to them.

He was warned he would probably go to jail.

Kwok Chun-wai, 24, is one of three people charged in relation to the celebrity nude pictures scandal that gripped the city early this year.

With the support of his parents and friends, Kwok appeared calm when he pleaded guilty in Kowloon City Court to three counts of publishing an obscene article by posting the internet links on January 29 and February 6.

He originally denied the charges in another court on June 3.

Principal Magistrate Andrew Ma Hon-cheung said he would likely impose a jail sentence, noting the offences were serious and had occurred on several occasions.

They can attract a maximum fine of HK$1 million and up to three years’ jail. Kwok was remanded to July 24 for sentencing, pending a background report.

The court was told Kwok had first downloaded the celebrity sex pictures from the internet and saved them to a file storage server,, and later posted 25 hyperlinks on the Hong Kong-based adult discussion forum to direct Net users to the site and allow them to download the images.

Prosecutor Hayson Tse Ka-sze said that of all the posted hyperlinks, police found that only five led to celebrity sex pictures, Of the pictures, 84 ruled obscene by the Obscene Articles Tribunal on April 23 were cited in the charges. Some of the images showed oral sex.

Police arrested Kwok on February 10 at his Ngau Tau Kok home.

Barrister Ody Lai said her client had not realised the seriousness of his actions. What had motivated his offence was the community interest that had already been sparked [many similar pictures had already been posted on the internet] and a statement relating to them published in a Chinese newspaper by the Emperor Entertainment Group on January 28.

The group claimed the pictures were fake, the court heard.

The court was told Kwok was a hard-working employee with a good work record who had started a logistics degree at Caritas Francis Hsu College in January.

He was very remorseful over what he had done, Ms Lai said.

The celebrity sex photos sparked a huge controversy in February when hundreds of explicit pictures of Edison Chen and female celebrities were distributed by e-mail and messaging systems.

The photographs were of Chen with purportedly Canto-pop star Gillian Chung Yan-tung, actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi, former actress Bobo Chan Man-woon, model-actress Rachel Ngan Wing-sze, former singer Candice Chan Si-wai, 2001 Miss Chinese International contestant Mandy Chen Yu-ju and Vincy Yeung Wing-ching, niece of entertainment tycoon Albert Yeung Sau-shing.

Gillian Chung and Edison Chen have since made public apologies in relation to the pictures.

Chen is expected to return to the city in October for the trial of the remaining two people charged over the incident.

The first man arrested in relation to the scandal, Chung Yik-tin, was freed on February 15 after charges against him were withdrawn.