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Spread the word about what is happening in Myanmar massacre

A really excellent blog from ko htike of people posting regular updates from camera phones and so on has pictures of the horrible bloodshed that is happening once again in Myanmar. Military is cracking down, shooting and killing monks and protesters who are largely peaceful, from the AP:

YANGON, Myanmar (AP)—Soldiers fired warning shots Thursday above an estimated crowd of 70,000 anti-government demonstrators defying a crackdown that has drawn international appeals for restraint by Myanmar’s ruling junta.

Some protesters shouted “Give us freedom, give us freedom!” at the soldiers.

Witnesses said at least one man had been shot, though the weapons fire did not appear to be aimed directly at the crowd that had gathered at Sule Pagoda.

The demonstration followed early morning raids on Buddhist monasteries during which soldiers reportedly beat up monks and arrested more than 100.

There is a duty for those who have influence to write about it, link about it, and most importantly to try and get the the message posted so that it’s on the frontpage of the most important news sites and social networks out there. I was expecting to see it on the top of Digg but was surprised to find that it wasn’t digged high, do people not care? There are some things that certain site shave a responsibility to help push/promote, this should be one of those causes! On the frontpage of MSNBC there is no mention of this either, the headline of MSNBC today is the below:

RUNNING DRY: How Americans use scarce global water supply, while people are being shot for a call to freedom elsewhere in the World? Sure, environment is important but isn’t this a story you can push for another day? Seriously.

Spread the word, talk about it, digg up any news related to Myanmar and this massacre, make the world know about it, because apparently the news sites and the social news sites are not doing it!

Taken from the Website of Ko, some recent pictures and images on the situation:

An email message from burma

Today, the people’s uprising lead by the monks, NLD members, students and citizens of Burma are entering the battle with their lives and blood.

In the aftermath of 8888 (18 Aug 1988) pro-democracy uprising, the Burmese democracy activists were forced to leave the country in exile. They tried achieving democracy from abroad. Both the exile oppositions organizations and the international community share the similar opinion to bring about a change in the country from force within. We also believe in a change by standing up against the regime from within with a united force. Today is the tenth day that the monks have led the protest in the streets with the students and citizens to defy the junta.

In this revolution, 15 monks and people including a Japanese citizen have sacrificed their lives in this cause. In Burma, the only path to oppose the military junta is to demonstrate peacefully. The military junta repressed the peaceful demonstration brutally by hiding truth. The longer the military junta represses the people we are bound to loos more lives.

Would the Burmese community in exile and the institutions like the UN and EU wait till the situation in Burma gets worse like Darfur in Sudan?

The neighbouring countries like China, and so called democratic countries like India and ASEAN countries selfishly avoiding the problems in Burma by brushing pass as our internal problems. It does not matter how many people the military kills, we woe to struggle and scarify our lives to restore democracy for our future generation.

On behalf of the Burmese people I salute the courage of Mr Kenji Nagai, a Japanese journalist employed by the APF Tsushin based in Tokyo, who scarified his life whilst recording media footage of gun shots to educate the global citizens.

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  1. kiminkeys Says:

    I agree!!!! Spread the Word. they need our help.

  2. Says:

    Yeah, USA may know about it, but don’t care..

  3. Says:

    People should really take these things more seriously!

  4. My Blog about all things Cute and Internet Says:

    China supports efforts to drive political change in Myanmar

    China on Sunday reiterated its support for UN efforts to foster political change in military-run Myanmar, ahead of bilateral talks on the crisis there.
    “On one hand we believe that the Myanmar people have the capacity to resolve their own issues,” …

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