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Myanmar’s call for Democracy (and why China must help)

So now 100,000 people flood the streets and finally the masses in Yangon join the buddhists, and while the Generals threaten action they still have not moved like they did in the 8888 Uprising in 1988. There the military fired against monks and civilians alike and it was mercilessly crushed while the World just watched.

Many things have changed however, the architect and coup orchestrator Ne Win died 5 years ago and the present General hardliners may not be as bloodthirsty or as bold. Also, the figure of Aung San Suu Kyi has emerged in a significant as well as international way, the call for democracy and symbol of repression has lingered on for many years not unlike Mandela in South Africa. Myanmar as a Country may be unknown but the world is much smaller today, maybe you can’t find it on a map but you will know that it is a repressed country. This time if there is a massacre, Myanmar’s Junta will suffer more isolation, not only from the west but from its Asean “friends”.

Much more significantly however is that Myanmar depends on aid, trade and development to the only powerful Country that has been able and willing to support it in the past; China. Although China is not democratic, China does not need revolution and military crackdown in its neighboring country anymore than North Korea and its nuclear bombs. Its economic growth requires stability, stability does not come from unrest and suppression and just a year before the Beijing Olympics which is China’s call to the World as a true power to be reckoned with does not need this smear on its “clean vest”. If the Junta in Myanmar were to strike, China will condemn Myanmar along with the rest of the World and this could spell true disaster to the Junta.

China may not desire democracy, but it does need stability and it knows that a totally totaliarian state like Myanmar cannot sustain itself. China has grown by offering more freedoms, bit by bit starting with the economy and moving very slowly on other parts of freedom but it is many giant leaps forward in comparison to Myanmar.

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