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Hong Kong getting more ridiculous with Censorship

Friday, August 31st, 2007

A great cartoon and blog post of what is going on in Hong Kong right now, courtesy of Outblaze.

In today’s SCMP there was a Letter "The hilarity of TV censors"
First, I burst out laughing. Then I felt an overwhelming sense of irritation. Then a feeling of utter nausea.

On Tuesday night, I was innocently watching a film on cable. One of the scenes took place inside a Venetian palazzo. Hung on the walls were some Renaissance paintings.

Then suddenly, as the camera scanned the canvasses, all of the breasts and thighs on the paintings were blurred out! That’s Hong Kong censorship for you. It was of course laughable.

The irritation came because we try so hard to tell and sell to the world the idea that Hong Kong is a world-class city.

And the nausea followed because I cannot imagine that our government is actually employing an army of censors to carry out these blocking blurs, which presumably they do on every single minute of broadcast!

Apart from the prudishness, it screams out with total ignorance. Somebody must do something about this hilariously delirious behaviour.

David Tang, Central

The cutest laptop

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

This AMD Turion based laptop by Tulip is a very cute Laptop package, image courtesy of coreduonews These are the stats:

Mobile AMD Turion 64 Chip
12.1″ WXGA 1280×800 16.7M color screen
ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M chipset
Front load DVD +-RW drive
Integrated camera with “mirror like function”
UMTS prepared with built-in external antenna
Integrated Wi-FI and Bluetooth
Windows Media Center
3 hour battery life
Weight: 2.6 kg
Dimension: 36×28×6 cm

The Tulip appears to try to go after a chic Apple look with a twist, it certainly makes an appearance but the screen size appears very small for the waste around the edges, a truly rounded screen would have been more cool.

Hello Kitty Race Queen - good or bad?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any Racier, Hello Kitty goes race girl! She’s cute but the racing girls are beautiful too, and unlike other outfits, this one isn’t too daring as far as racing girls go but I wonder about the family friendly image, leather jacket anyone?

Is this supposed to make Kitty popular with the boys or the girls? hmmmmm anyway it’s something different. Zent is a Super GT motorsports Company in Japan and normally Super GT isn’t the domain of women or girls, so I wonder what the strategy here was?

What do you all think of this, male testosterone aside? They are the Zent 2007 Sweeties and I’m not sure if this is not going to be another Hello Kitty massage toy episode?

Hello Kitty Fan Bedset

Friday, August 24th, 2007

I’ve posted previously about Anime fan service bedsheets, but given that we’re here with Hello Kitty, I give to you the Hello Kitty Fan bedsheets! It’s a whole lot more wholesome and family friendly! Kawaiiiii!

Hello Kitty Cutecrow

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

This isn’t going to scare anything away but it sure catches attention!

The wooden tube creates sounds through the wind, I think that is the scary part.

Pink PSP, why not Hello Kitty?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The SONY PSP  is now available in Pink, to try and attract us "female gamers" (I love how we’re a category, and not people) to play their great lineup of Games available on the PSP, like GTA, Splinter Cell and other racing games, that’s probably because the research has shown that infact we like Games like GTA, we just have never been properly exposed to them?

They’ve got the message completely wrong, I’m completely turned off by it, and I love Pink! A Screaming blonde appeal to me, does not. You want real cute? Pink, Kitty and nice. Learn from Nintendo and its NDS, it’s the content, it’s what inside that counts, not just the superficial outside.

Hello Kitty DS Cover

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Whenever I take out my shiny pink DS in public it never fails to elicit stares of wonder, desire and in some cases, utter confusion. Why is this tattooed, big sideburned guy playing with this thing that looks like a girl’s compact? If you get these same looks when you whip yours out, here’s a way to confuse them even more!

I wonder if it’s official.

Via Kotaku

A new and improved Hello Kitty Vibrator

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Unlike the previous incarnations which were ill-intended and ill-dated, this one is a revised version many years afterwards as a Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager, posts on the Internet have gone wild with the assumption of a new "vibrator", but it’s really very harmless.

Now it is unsafe to blow balloons and bubbles for your Kids

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

This story caught my attention about a Clown who was banned to use balloons and blow bubbles because of Child Safety concern.

A British clown has had the smile wiped off his face after being told he could not use balloons in his act because children might be allergic to latex.

Barney Baloney said he was told by bosses at a supermarket, where he was booked to appear, that he should leave his balloons at home because of the potential for allergic reactions.

The 47-year-old entertainer, also known as Tony Turner, has previously had to ditch his bubble-making machine because he could not get public liability insurance as companies assessed that youngsters might slip and hurt themselves.

He said he was also told by one venue he could not twist balloons into the shape of guns for fear of encouraging youngsters to commit violence, although swords were deemed acceptable.

‘At this rate I will have no act left. Things are going from crazy to ridiculous,’ Barney Baloney told the Yorkshire Post newspaper.

A spokesperson for the Tesco supermarket in Leeds where he was due to appear refused to back down saying it is a health and safety issue.

The spokesperson said they had banned balloons because latex is used in the manufacture of them and this can trigger an allergic reaction in some children.

He said: ‘We always have the welfare of children at heart.’

This is getting ridiculous. We should stop taking walks for fear of getting allergies through Hayfever or pollen, we should no longer swim for fear of getting drowned, and of course we should exterminate every insect on the planet to make sure our kids are safe and not subject to any kind of disease.

Someone will profit by inventing a non-slip soap floor for use with Bubbles or a non-allergic balloon (Latex allergy? never heard of that, probably rare).

If this is where the world is headed, we may as well start living in a sterile Hospital and weaken our immune system even more so that we may truly not live a natural life.

Full Metal Alchemist Comedy

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Found this today while trolling around on Dream studio, I’m a big fan of FMA and this was just something to lighten up my day!