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Puzzle Kitty in a Ball

This is a new and different kind of Hello Kitty, it’s PUZZLE KITTY but what’s really weird about this puzzle is that it isn’t just a Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty Puzzle, it’s actually round, so how do you put it all together? Don’t know, but it was interesting enough for me to take a live snappy of it!

4 Responses to “Puzzle Kitty in a Ball”

  1. Says:

    This is the first time seeing a round puzzle instead of a flat one.

  2. Raein Says:

    Why is Charmmy as big as Hello Kitty! T_T If all our cats are as big as we are, I’d be scared! XD

  3. Says:

    cool pic round puzzle weird first time seeing that

  4. Cinnamoroll~luver Says:

    hey! I got the hello kitty puzzle too! to fix it you basically stick the puzzle pieces, spiralling. I wish i saw the charmmy kitty one! i also saw doraemon!

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