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Kitty Vader

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Saw this in Google from a source at D’art, it’s pretty funny, thought I’d share it with everyone. If the real Darth Vader had more pink power, he’d be a very different character don’t you think? ^_^

The cutest Train - a real Neko train

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


THE JR Company in Japan responsible for underground trains and bullet trains have launched a new kind of train, the Neko Mimi! I wonder if those ears are aerodynamic or flop back when the train moves?


Grey’s Anatomy Actress wears Hello Kitty underwear in show

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

It’s her trademark appearance! The character of Isobel “Izzie” Stevens.

A peak on her underwear revealed a trademark quote by Derek Shepherd  in the series which was:“Well, this is fun. Hello again. I like the Hello Kitty, by the way.” There are several other references made to her wearing it, but I have not got a picture of it.

I wonder if this was an official endorsement sponsored or slipped in just for fun?

Miss Hello Kitty the real Cat

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

The actual article on Gizmodo featuring this picture was entitled Hello Kitty Cat Humiliation System, but I beg to differ, it’s a great way for Ms. Kitty and Ms. Cat to express herself! It’s really cute!

Hello Kitty Armoured Tank

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

(image courtesy of saving advice)

Now if all the World were to travel in Tanks like these, there would be no more Wars! That or it would be spotted to easily of course and would be rendered completely ineffective.

Puzzle Kitty in a Ball

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

This is a new and different kind of Hello Kitty, it’s PUZZLE KITTY but what’s really weird about this puzzle is that it isn’t just a Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty Puzzle, it’s actually round, so how do you put it all together? Don’t know, but it was interesting enough for me to take a live snappy of it!

Hello Kitty Robot Goes on Sale

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

A Hello Kitty robot for baby sitting is available for pre-order at a not so affordable $6,299.99.

NEC and Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd started to work on the Hello Kitty Robo back in 2004.

The Hello Kitty Robo features face recognition via stereo CMOS cameras, voice recognition, ultrasonic sensor, lift-up sensor and AV connector.
The 52cm tall Hello Kitty can chat with you in three different situations: 1 As a close friend; 2 With the family; 3 Guessing game.
The head and arms move. The accessories include a Mouse, not sure what you can do with that. Possibly the Kitty Robo is also a gaming computer.

On a lighter note - Hello Kitty and Daniel Strap

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Came across this Kitty and Daniel Stra, pretty cute but is it really that small? It looks tiny in size.

Oiwan vs. Indecency Charge and Flickr Censorship

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

A Hong Kong Blogger has a petition calling on Flickr to stop blocking access to it’s "adult" Flickr users as a form of protest against what happened to Oiwan on my previous post on this matter, meanwhile there was an interview by BBC with Oiwan on this, worth listening into.

致 Yahoo!:

貴公司旗下的 Flickr 網站於二零零七年六月推出了繁體中文版,但同時添加了內容分類過濾。當中,香港用戶只可以瀏覽「安全級」內容,不論任何年齡均不能瀏覽「中等級」及「限制級」內容。同時,有用戶發現因部份照片為裸體藝術照而導致所有照片被封鎖,顯示分類機制低透明度帶來之問題。以上政策嚴重損害香港市民之資訊流通自由,我們對此深表遺憾。

1. 取消內容封鎖,改為合理地以年齡過濾內容。
2. 使分類制度透明化,通知內容被評級為「中等級」及「限制級」之用戶,以及設立能良好運作的上訴機制。

Barbiegirls = Censorville and who believes the Hype?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Both GigaOM and Sciam have been reporting about the growth of the new Barbiegirls flash MMO game having a reported 3 million members growing at 50,000 new members a day but have they checked their facts? To quote Sciam:

Last night at the Digital Life preview a Mattel rep–who, just to make the conversation extra surreal, actually looked sort of like Barbie–told me that in the first 60 days of its existence, the new online virtual world Barbie Girls has signed up three million members, and they’re adding new ones at the rate of 50,000 a day.

Look at graphs by compete and alexa you can certainly see that there has been a spike in growth, but compare it to Neopets, Disney or even lesser web properties and it is left in the dust and I wonder where the 50,000 new member figures comes from, and how many are actually truly active? Just looking at the graphs demonstrates a pop in traffic since launch, but is nothing close to 3 million members. Or perhaps it has 3 million members but they’ve only signed up once and are gone, how many log in each day?

It’s traffic compares just about with Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post which I am sure does not have a readership equal to half of Hong Kong’s population (it’s english only).

I tried the game, I’m a fan of web games and even non-web games like Maplestory. The game is very underwhelming, and I saw at most a few hundred people online at any given time, I wonder if GigaOM and Sciam have bothered to try the game to see if it’s really that popular?

The game was incredibly underwhelming, and is a mix of habbo hotel, hompy and flash games but the only real community experience is the chat and it is enjoying the same kind of Second Life Hype because it’s supposedly focused to people like myself, young women but outside of the cute and stylish interface it has missed the mark, it’s not really fun, it’s mundane and gets dull easily because I cannot really play but above all it’s massively censored!


For a game that is supposed to be a kind of social chat, I cannot write anything without being censored! I was not writing swear words or anything like that, I would write “hello come visit my blog” and it would censor blog! It even censors common words like “but” (presumably because its close to butt) but I couldn’t even write confused! I tried c o n f u s e d and kon-f-us-ed and it wouldn’t work. Every brand was censored too, be it pepsi, sanrio, hello kitty, disney (kitty was censored too but not hello). In the end, I gave up in frustration as I could no longer bear how Barbieville was trying to reach me how to write. The image below is just an example, I promise I did not type anything rude!

A game that censors this heavily can never be a success in my view, we play to escape, we play to have fun, we play to enjoy a kind of freedom not experienced elsewhere. This game is 100 times more censored than my country (China) and for you western folks, that’s saying a lot.

Barbiegirls is going through a silot of hype and of course it’s still a Beta but if the Beta is considered almost complete I would be surprised that the community will continue to hang around for long, just chatting online in a slow flash interface isn’t going to cut it, we are not simpletons, we need more sophistication than this!

ps: Was this game designed by women for women or from men for women?

pps: There were a lot of people trolling around claiming to be “dudes”.