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Internet Radio doomed and monopolized by unfair business tactics?

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

I was completely unaware of the difficulties Internet radio faced until I saw a flood of posts on this topic here, here and here.

There appears to be a bitter struggle going on over the royalties and licensing fees that a court awarded to SoundExchange, which represents the big labels and performers to such an incredibly amount that it would force Internet Radio to completely shut down and go out of business for services that include Yahoo and Real Networks because backpay for a year of Internet Radio is a staggering US 1.15 billion and with further increases to come.

None of this news to me because the fight between traditional media and new media has been raging on for years and years and I first dismissed this as another such case, afterall, the independent artist can cut his own deal if he/she wants to be heard anyway.

Apparently not.

To quote from the above by Ocelopotamus:

By the way, just in case you think this is all about being fair to musicians and making sure they get their cut, here’s the most outrageous part of it all: the industry will be collecting money supposedly on behalf of musicians and bands they don’t actually represent, who will likely never see the money.

Though the RIAA only represents the Big Four, SoundExchange collects royalties on behalf of all copyright holders whether they claim them or not — which means it can take action even against webcasters who traffic exclusively in content from indie labels that would prefer to let things slide. To prevent such action a webcaster would have to negotiate exceptions with each label individually.

That’s right. To put this in simple English: If your friend’s band records a demo and your friend hands it to you with express permission to play it on your Internet radio station, SoundExchange will still demand a huge royalty payment on behalf of your friend’s band, even though your friend has never signed any kind of agreement with SoundExchange and will never see a cent of that money.

What this means is that this organization in the USA called SoundExchange can claim royalties on your behalf as an artist because it’s considered Radio without you ever knowing or caring about. A kind of Internet Radio Tax if you will but without the benefit truly going to the Artists.

The music industry has been at the center of many scandals and their controversial style of doing business has gotten a lot of attention, one might feel sorry for the kind of loss in business they have already suffered, but it’s the above sort of unfair and monopolistic behaviour that is doing them no favor.

This sounds almost too outrageous, do what you can to defend the survival of Internet radio!

Hong Kong Institute of Education row continues

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

For those of you who have been following this, it’s really scandalous that education in Hong Kong is so mired by deep, conflicted politics and these are the people educating us about our future?

reposted from the Papers:

An academic pressure group has called for the resignation of key members of the Hong Kong Institute of Education’s ruling council.
The University Education Concern Group was reacting to the council’s decisions on Monday not to retain institute president Paul Morris as a professor when his term ends in September and to order him to go on leave immediately.

The decision was made to enable the teacher training institute at Tai Po to "turn a new leaf", according to the council’s vice-chairman, Eddie Ng Hak-kim.

But the academic group said council officers, including its chairman and vice-chairman, should resign to let the institute "start afresh".

Responding to the group’s statement, Mr Ng said he hoped the institute would be left alone.

"We have a new beginning and I hope HKIEd will have the room to focus on promoting the blueprint for its future development," he said.

Mr Ng said the council’s decision had been made to allow HKIEd to start anew, and the new management team to take over as soon as possible.

But the academic group said it was "unfair" to shift blame for the HKIEd "incident" to Professor Morris, and unreasonable to place the president on premature leave, calling that decision "an act of revenge".

The group was referring to the commission of inquiry into allegations of government interference in the affairs of the institute and the freedom of its academics, which reported its findings last week.

Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, formerly the top education civil servant, resigned as ICAC commissioner after the inquiry found she had infringed the freedom of two academics by calling for their sacking.

You have been marked on my profile map! You have been marked on my profile map!

Monkey vs. Tiger Cubs

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Funny video of a monkey taunting a tiger cub, gave me a real chuckle watching it.

Tiger Baby Cub

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Tigers aren’t usually cute, but this one really is…

My Widget doesn’t work

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

I tried to embed the radio widget, but it didn’t work for me…. hmmm…why…

The real Laputa Robot

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

This photo I got from the Web was obviously taken from the Ghibli Museum, but it looks so real! It is a very big Robot in real life.

Laputa Cel

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

A cel is a slide of the actual animation, these are then typically bought and sold at fairly high prices, some of them can sell in the thousands if they are real original cels of master animation pieces and popular scenes. I’m guessing this one can be had as an original for a few thousand hong kong. The cel is the work that is then used to overlay, at 24-30 frames per second, that means you get 30 very similar looking frames per second shot. You can overlay various Cels on top of each other to create background, scenery and frontend…so this Cel is infact transparent.

Anime fanservice bedsheets Part 2

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

After much popular demand I present to you more juicy bits of information on Anime fanservice bedsheets. What I found interesting after some serious researching is that I cannot find any sheets of my anime heros, it appears there is no shojo market here at all. It’s all anime girls, in very suggestive poses and available mostly in Amazon Japan  or specialist websites like chara-ani.  Prices vary, for the pillows it’s around 10,500 yen.


These are actual pictures from the chara-ani website where you can buy this stuff, but it’s all in Japanese unfortunately. I got some more images to follow for all you interested parties (I’ll assume most of you are guys…)


These ones are actual pillows and pillow designs, so if you don’t want a full bedsheet, then you can just wrap your hands around your favorite characters!  I was amazed what I discovered looking around, seriously if anyone has any anime based bedding featuring men, I’d love you see those!


Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Today is the annual Hong Kong Dragonboat festival. It is an annual chinese tradition that has become very famous in Hong Kong with different companies and national groups competing for the racing price usually filled with a lot of alchohol and parties.

My Melody Animation

Monday, June 18th, 2007

It’s pretty cute, it’s a lot more anime style than I thought, not just because it’s cel shaded but also the music and style seems very typical japanese anime, along the lines of Pokemon.