• July 2010
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I fell off the face of world for awhile, unfortunately due to work. Isn’t this child labor or something. Well, I guess it doesn’t count ’cause I’m 13. Oh well, so how’s everyone’s summer? Better than mine,hey? TT___TT I miss sleeping late into the afternoon

2 Responses to “I fell off the face of the world( but no one probably cares)”

  1. Poor you ._. But i’m sure everything is going to be alright ;) My summer… huh. my boyfriend have to leave me and back to England {i live in poland} so… yep. i hate that summer xd Greetings!

  2. I guess it is child labour. Iike sleeping into the late morning, at least it’s better than afternoon. That’s when I watch cartoons. LOL.

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