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A couple of weeks ago, it was my bestie Cindii’s( who will hear by be known as xoninja) birthday. She invite these four guys and they were pree nice and cool. Andy, Jimmy, Gurveer and Van.  So for her birthday we went to Chinatowwn. Andy is a player so of course, he flirted with me and all the girls there. But he was kinda cute so I sorta fell for him. ACK! What’s the matter with me? I shouldn’t fall for someone I barely know. I couldn’t help it because he was being so nice. I told Anaaiirplane and she said,” love at first sight. Duh, Mayo you are just to slow >_>”. So I was frustrated. And then, a week later, he found out. Oh gawd, what do i do? so it’s been a week after that mishap and our brand-new friendship has broken. i cant talk to him without him ignoring me. so i kept thinking,” how could i do this to myself and him?” i cant do anything nao. so im giving up ^-^

Last nite, I had a dream that my friend Danny had a unibrow. I meant he sort of always had unibrow but it wasnt really noticable unless you looked up close.  Anyway back to the dream, we were in science class and I was sitting behind him. And he was rocking away on his ipod and he turned around. His unibrow had a life of its own! It was as hairy as your grandpa’s armpit! It was moving as it was dancing. And DAnny kept on going,” What are youu staring at it!?” It was so gross. Almost like that time when he flashed me his armpits. My gawd, were they hairy 0_o =___= I think Im going to the bathroom just in case.

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