• July 2010
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My friends came over today. Corelle( who will be known as Copanda) liked this guy who lived in my neighborhood.  So we sneaked over to his house and called him. “Hello?” “Haii, it’s May.” “Haha. What’s up?” “Look out your window.”  And he did. The immature idiots we were were acting like freakish stalkers. He came outside and began talking to us.  Then Copanda wanted to talk to him for a sec and they vanished.  So we followed them and hid behind a tree(showing ourselves on purpose).  I saw them hug and the guy, copanda’s now boyfriend, was glaring at us. And I kind of feel kind of jealous. I wish I was popular >_< Oh well. At least I have my readers.

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  1. It’s okay! That happens to me all the time, when my friends get attention from my crushes. >_

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