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Technology is very very useful. And stupid. Sometimes. For me, it’s most of the time. Anyhoo, lots of people use technology to keep in touch with their homies/peeps/amigos/extraterresial/etc. so it’s helpful.

But sometimes, it is not a good idea to mix romance and technology together. And if you do, g’luck friend.

Sure, you text the person you love everything is happy but nothing good lasts for long riiight?

But we all know technology ruins romance.

Pros and Cons about Technology and Romance TOGETHER

 PRO: You can text the girl/boy you love! As much as you want because you know they’ll answer back with as much love you have sent them!

CON: Unless you have unlimited minutes and text, you are going to need a job to pay off that phone bill, homie.

PRO: When you say call me, they do. Continously. Everyday. Till the point where you’re ready to chuck your phone OVA THE RAINBOW. So you block their number. Hehe.

CON: Like I said, technology can be stupid.Stupid, stupid, stupid. You block their number, they will end up facebooking you, twittering you, tumblring you and etc. No escape, babe.

PRO: If you have a long distance relationship, Msn and Yahoo mesenger is absolutely perfect. Don’t forget the phone. Yes, hear your true love’s voice from all the way across the world.

CON: Long distance call charges =.=

PRO: Sexting!

CON: Gross. No. Baad.

PRO: Facebook is the greatest thing alive. You can search up a hot guy you spotted at the mall and there it is! All his info right open!

CON: Hello? There’s such thing as privacy settings. So if you can see his info, you might want to check up on your FB settings.

PRO: You’re having a great relationship. You guys see each other every day. It’s sorta wonderful.

CON: You want to end it? Fine, but do NOT do it over the phone, internet or whatever. Especially if you’re a guy doing this to some poor girl. Us girls are very very sensitive. It makes you a spineless coward.

PRO: You need to chat about something immediately, so you use the phone.

CON: The other person on the other line probably put the phone down and is just saying yeah at random moments.

Pros and Cons about a non-modern romance :D

PRO: If you want to go see you boyfriend/girlfriend, get up and take a bus or something.

CON: They might not be home.

PRO: You want to chat? Go and actually physically talk to them!

CON: They might not be listening.Haha

PRO: Long distance relationships are hard. So send them a letter. Make it more romantic.

CON: The letter could possibly get lost in the mail.

SO yeah there is a lot more PROS and CONS but I have a lot of homework to write them all down.

Comment and tell me about your romance destroyed by technology!

goodbye halcyon days

My one true Facebook nightmare has become reality: my mother has added me on Facebook.

I’ve have Facebook over a year and she probably had one not as long as I have because she only has 27 friends…

Anyhoo, she probably found out I had one about three months ago when I was constantly on the computer =.=

So I confirmed her request, trying to be all calm. 5 seconds later, I’m deleting all my exposing stuff on Facebook in case she does a little bit of snooping. Oh my gosh. She hasn’t brought it up at home though, thank heavens. She probably added me as a friend because she wanted to make sure I was nothing bad though LOL.

But yeah, there is NO ESCAPE in this situation. Well unless you change your name and go live with the penguins in the South Pole. So if you have a private life online, than I suggest you add your parent and create another private Facebook or etc. account. You know, one you use for keeping it for friend communication purposes and the other for all your…other stuff.  And if you don’t have something to hide, than just add your parents but change your privacy settings and such just in case.

It gave me a massive heartattack when a notification popped up saying my mom requested me as a friend O_O So scary.

Haha, have a good one. Oh, and Happy April. Spring’s almost here.

Soo…This post for Valentine’s Day is waaay overdue.

My Valentine Day was amazing. Want to know why? Because we had a retired police officer come to our school to talk to us about bullying and drugs all day. And we had no classes. So yeah, it was a good day ^^

But my heavens, every where I looked, there were couples everywhere @_@ And this was when I was at school… Yeah.

Also, I wore sweats on Valentine’s Day, but I looked pretty damn good for a Monday.  LOL.  Me and a couple of my friends did this and everyone gasped,” Omigod, they’re Anti-Valentine.” But we were like,” No, it’s Singles’ Awareness Day.”  Yeah. I was single on that day but I had fun. Especially with a guy who I swore at last year for calling me emo… =.= .

 So how was your Singles’ Awareness Day? LOL.

comment and tell me how it went :)

goodbye halcyon days

Many people in their life have that one person. That one obnoxious, egotistic, rude, and even better, younger person in our life.  And the one thing that pisses you off about him/her is that he doesn’t know how to respect his/her elders.  I had a friend just like that. He’s in a grade younger than me and he was really nice ’cause he was friends with my little sister and I was friends with his big sister.  Everything was fine until he told my sister his first impression of me. It was totally rude and she told me every single word. So I simply said something back on what I thought of him. And I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything, just something that insults and compliments at the same time.  But he interpreted the message wrong. So, I shrugged off until one day, my sis and her friends were having a contest with that rude kid.  I was being polite to him and he was being polite to me, but the minute I left, he insulted me.  And now, he dares has the nerve to insult my sister over a joke.  He thinks he deserves a big apology over a project subject my sister chose. It’s not her fault. It’s not. She has this disability that makes her a bit slow so she doesn’t get the best marks but, she still makes it in class. And he totally degrades her on Facebook.  His sister was such a kind person, so I don’t get how he manage to become so egotistic. He’s not freaking high and mighty. He’s a person that’s not different from everyone else. So if he thinks he can go around being rude to my friends or family, he’s insane.  He doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s friend is he doesn’t know when to give up.

Haha sorry. One of my rant posts. ^.^’

goodbye halcyon days.

You know what’s my favourite part about friendships? Sleepovers :D

There are 3 stages of friendship: the getting comfortable with each other stage, the talking on the phone stage and the sleepover stage. That’s the best part because that means you and your friend are so close to each other that you just feel like you need to sleep  in the same bed to confirm that friendship, haha.  I cannot live without my best friend ,Stephanie. I just absolutely love her.

When I have a sleepover with Steph, we do some pretty crazy stuff than we would never ever do with our other friends.  We play Truth or Dare,  Tackle Soccer (haha), Facebook chat with poeple and such.

A penny for your favourite sleepover memory?

I think he saved me from depression.

My guyfriend. We were friends for nearly two years and we’re really close.       I like him. Alot.  I’m pretty sure he knows.  He calls me cute and silly and those sorts of things. But if I really did like him, wouldn’t I want something else?

Right now, it is 12:16 am in Alberta. And I am still up.  School starts on Monday for me…

Oh man, am I going to miss the holidays >_<

Anyway, Happy New Years ^-^

What did you get for Christmas? I got a new camera and there’s already some weird pictures on it….Haha.

Happy Holidays (I should’ve just said that before)

During 2009-2010, I had become pretty obsessed with facebook. Especially when I made friends with all these people. 

So as a New Year’s resolution (one of them), I had decided to deactivate my facebook account. Just for awhile.

I really hated how facebook became my world, when it was much more simpler to just hang out with a friend or call them. Many things happened and I just wanted a little individuality.

SO, I quit. Done. Haha.

Also, I’ve decided that no matter what, I will go through with my resolutions!


-Work out on the treadmill more for good marks in gym.. =_= (I’m so fat!) 

-Study french vocabs more(I did average on my report card…)

-Save money…Stop spending it =_=

-Try and become more normal like I used to be when I was a kid.

So, ummm, Happy Holidays :)

goodbye halcyon days

I really like this korean author, Anna or An Na.  I’m not exactly sure how to say her name.  She’s an amazing author.  Her stories relate to what life would be life for teens with parents with high expectations.  There was this one book of hers that I read twice: A step from Heaven.  It was sad.  This girl moved to America when she was a child.  Her father would make accusations of her and her mother blamed her when her father left them.  It was very sad.  I cried so much.  The second book I read by her was ‘Wait for me’.  Another good read.  Read them if you please ^-^

goodbye halcyon days

Dear boy, you’re very sly when it comes to stealing my heart.  Everytime I think about you, my mind goes elsewhere.  When someone says your name, I immediately jolt up with attention and listen.  When you talk to me, I’m afraid of sounding like a dork.  When I see you, everything else just disappears.

goodbye halcyon days

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