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by Bilmay

Today when I was out shopping at H&M kao_smile.gif I saw BOB! kao_mad.gif


The moment I saw this I went “OMG THAT’S ROSIE’S BOB!” kao_lol.gif So I just had to take a picture kao_laughing.gif There was another one as well, but the picture didn’t turn out so well, so I won’t be posting it kao_sweat.gif


And just as I stepped out of the mall and was on my way home, HELLO KITTY STRIKES! kao_shocked.gif

250820111003.jpgSorry for the bad photo kao_sweat.gif but it was night the light wasn’t so good.

I was actually in the car with my mom talking about our preparation for my cousin’s wedding (YES SHE’S FINALLY GETTING MARRIED! AFTER 7 YEARS OF BEING TOGETHER! kao_cheering.gif I’m so happy for her!) and then stopping at the traffic light, I saw HK on the back of that car and went “I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTUREEE NAWW!” kao_lol.gif


On a different not kao_smile.gif 2010’s America’s Got Talent is just being aired here  kao_lol.gif and I really enjoy watching it everyday! Today was the beginning of the semi-finals kao_wink.gif

And I must say, that I just ADORE Prince Poppycock kao_mad.gif He’s just so amazing! and his voice is so awesome kao_love.gif

I really love this dude kao_laughing.gif But digging this up from YouTube kinda spoiled it for me and now I know that he get’s 4th place kao_sweat.gif

So if anyone has seen this before, don’t spoil it for me please! kao_mad.gif ’cause I’m enjoying this everyday with my sisters! kao_kiss.gif



by Bilmay

~WARNING! BL RAMBLES (safe though)~

okay, so there is this anime that’s starting to give me mini heart attacks kao_laughing.gif IN A GOOD WAY! heart_bounce.gif I never talked about it before since it has this BL vibe, but it’s kinda driving me crazy and I’m fangirling over it a lot to the point that I can’t shut up anymore kao_love.gif


It’s called No.6 and it’s supposed to be adventure and science fiction. But ever since the first episode, there were shounen-ai/ BL moments kao_lol.gif and that’s what drove me crazy over it kao_love.gif

PLUS! many people said that they actually kiss in the Japanese and Chinese novels (the novel is more popular than the manga kao_yes.gif) so it made me more attached to the anime in hope to see that kiss animated kao_laughing.gif

And in yesterday’s new episode, THEY ACTUALLY KISSED! kao_mad.gif I seriously screamed my head off at that moment kao_lol.gif even though it wasn’t an “I love you” kiss and more of a “good night” kiss. But it was just sooooo cute! kao_love.gif


And since I’m such a hardcore yaoi fan and a complete kiss fanatic kao_lol.gif I’ll be posting the video of that kiss here, if anyone’s interested in watching it kao_wink.gif

It kills me each time! kao_love.gif


Sorry to all my none BL-fans readers about this post, but I just couldn’t help my fangirlism! heart_bounce.gif

BUT THIS ANIME IS SO AWESOME! I really recommend it! kao_smile.gif



by Bilmay

They’re making another Tekken movie! And I didn’t know kao_shocked.gif not only that, but a new PS3 game as well kao_lol.gif Maybe since I’ve lost my faith in Namco for always bringing me down with their awesome releases and not making a release for PS3 kao_laughing.gif

BUT NOW A MOVIE! And not like the previous movie which was live action, IT’S ANIMATED! kao_mad.gif


As I read, the movie will be released in October (ALL THE GOOD STUFF ARE OUT IN OCTOBER FOR SOME REASON kao_love.gif) and there will be a new character as well. And that character will be included in the new game! kao_cheering.gif

This time the game won’t be called Tekken 7 kao_lol.gif but Tekken Hybrid kao_smile.gif

Tekken’s official site!


Here is the movie trailer kao_wink.gif TEKKEN BLOOD VENGEANCE kao_mad.gif

It’s just so amazing! I really can’t wait to see this kao_kiss.gif


God I sounded so boyish just now talking about this kao_laughing.gif But oh well, I LOVE BEING A GAME ADDICT AS MUCH AS I’M AN OTAKU! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


Anime update

by Bilmay

Why are my parents so cruel? kao_cry.gif so I’ve been asking for permission to go to Animania but they seem to always reject the idea kao_cry.gif My dad will always say “you’re too old for this” and mom would go “ask your dad about this, but I’ll make sure he says no”. WHY? kao_mad.gif I really have to convince my dad! Else I’ll have to kiss the biggest animecon in my country goodbye kao_sweat.gif

Any ideas of how I could do that? I really really really really want to go! kao_cry.gif


I have a huge Ao no Exorcist rant  kao_lol.gif but  I’ll post it here an other time kao_laughing.gif

This time I have the new anime that’ll be released this fall! kao_cheering.gif there are just a lot to look forward to! kao_love.gif





The manga is just so freaking CUTE! heart_bounce.gif and I’ve been dying while waiting for new chapters! I can’t believe it’s turning into an anime! kao_mad.gif I reeeeally can’t wait! kao_love.gif

I highly recommend this anime/manga! kao_laughing.gif


And did you guy hear that a new Hunter x Hunter season is coming soon? kao_mad.gif

This really is an awesome year! who cares about 2012 kao_laughing.gif

News from here!


And on a random point, Tiger & Bunny new ending is really amazing kao_love.gif

and is it just me or the YouTube player changed?  kao_lol.gif


Animania 2011!!

by Bilmay

Animania 2011 finally has got a fixed date!! kao_cheering.gif the event was announced a while back but they didn’t really have a fixed date for it, BUT NOW THEY DO! 10th September here I come! kao_mad.gif

Since I couldn’t really attend the previous animecon thanks to my parents not allowing me and my bad foot kao_sweat.gif I guess I’ll be using the cosplay that I’ve prepared but never got to wear kao_laughing.gif

I’m not missing the animecon this time! kao_yes.gif Hopefully I’ll have my license by then and go on my own kao_blush.gif UWAAAAAH I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS! kao_love.gif


On another note, messing up at youtube has become a habit of mine kao_laughing.gif and I stumbled upon THIS!

SLAYERS NEXT OPENING! kao_mad.gif OMG THE MEMORIES! I really felt like crying while watching this kao_lol.gif

aah nostalgia heart_bounce.gif where did all the good times go?


As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, that I was playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core kao_smile.gif But I finished it a while ago now kao_lol.gif I just didn’t really have the time to say that I did kao_laughing.gif

Since I really really LOVED that game heart_bounce.gif I decided to get a plushie! kao_mad.gif

meet my Cloud everyone kao_kiss.gif


SO CUUUTE!! kao_kiss.gif

I know he doesn’t really look like himself kao_lol.gif since Cloud is just so cool! kao_laughing.gif


Yup so cool~! kao_love.gif


I actually wanted a Zack plushie! But sadly they never made him onekao_shocked.gif though he’s like the HOTTEST Final Fantasy character EVER!! kao_mad.gif (well, to me at least kao_happy.gif)




Here is my most favorite theme music in Crisis Core kao_smile.gif

It’s just so sad and wonderful at the same time  kao_cry.gif


 On another game related note  kao_lol.gif

I started playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep kao_kiss.gif

for a reason, my PSP wouldn’t open this game before kao_sweat.gif and it killed me real bad since I just LOVE Kingdom Hearts! kao_mad.gif But now I can play it!! I already finished one of the 3 stories kao_cute.gif (Terra’s story) and am nearly finishing Ventus’s story! Cant wait to finish the whole gameeee kao_blush.gif

Square Enix never fails me! kao_love.gif Their games are the best!  Namco has pretty awesome games as well. But somehow they like to tease me and not release the games I want on PS3 or in English! kao_sweat.gif Maybe it’s just my luck kao_lol.gif


Here is Birth by Sleep’s intro kao_smile.gif sang by Utada Hikaru as all Kingdome Hearts intros kao_laughing.gif

She has a wonderful voice kao_love.gif


My room has changed a lot! I wanna post a picture of it kao_cute.gif but am currently waiting for more posters kao_lol.gif so I’ll make sure to post it after I get them! kao_mad.gif


Screenwriters are EVIL!

by Bilmay

I’m just SO hooked to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core heart_bounce.gif the whole Final Fantasy Series is just AWESOME! kao_mad.gif


But seriously, Crisis Core is a legend! kao_mad.gif I can’t stop playing it!


But what I’m here to rant about isn’t how awesome the game is kao_lol.gif EVEN THOUGH IT’S SO AWESOME kao_mad.gif but about why do screenwriters just love to kill off our favorite characters whether it’s in an anime or a game or whatever!  kao_cry.gif

Because really .. I’ve had enough with my favorite characters dying all the time kao_cry.gif while the ones I hate still roams alive. Like Ichigo from Bleach for example, HE’S MY MOST HATED ANIME CHARACTER OF ALL TIMES YET HE NEVER DIES OR EVEN LOSES A FIGHT! kao_mad.gif such an annoying character! To think I stopped watching Bleach because he pissed me off so much kao_sweat.gif



And now the same is happening again in Crisis Core kao_cry.gif Angeal, who’s like a father to Zack (the main character) dies just like that when it’s still just chapter 6! kao_shocked.gif and the story after his death (well, actually they made me kill him) sounds like it’s the ending of the whole game kao_sweat.gif

If Angeal’s death was just this sad, thanks to my friend for ruining and spoiling the ending for me then what am I gonna do by the end of the game? kao_cry.gif  *goes into a dark corner to cry* kao_cry.gif


Here is Angeal’s death scene if anyone’s interested in watching it kao_cry.gif

This is the Japanese version with English subtitles (couldn’t find it in English at YouTube) The one I’m playing is the English version, and I think they sound MUCH better in English! kao_mad.gif heart_bounce.gif Well, I think it’s ’cause I got used it it kao_laughing.gif but they don’t sound half bad in Japanese either kao_love.gif


Yaay so we’re going to have an new animecon here! kao_cheering.gif Since the martial law is gonna be lifted from my country on June 1st, we’re having the con at June 30th!! kao_yes.gif My birthday is on June 29th kao_lol.gif so having an animecon is like a birthday present to me kao_mad.gif

This is the banner we’re having kao_happy.gif  Banicon actually refers to Bahrain (my country) Anime Convention kao_lol.gif they kinda mixed them together to get Banicon kao_laughing.gif


My friends and I were actually planning to go to Anime Expo 2011 that’ll be held in LA on July 1-4! Since it’s like the biggest EVER! kao_mad.gif But convincing our parents to go half way around the world to the US was kinda hard kao_sweat.gif and then the news about the animecon that’ll be held here came out, sooo .. we kinda canceled it kao_cry.gif

But there is always next year right? kao_cute.gif It’s one of my dreams to attend an Anime Expo! kao_mad.gif So I’ll make sure to convince my parents about it for next year to go to the US kao_smile.gif


Another thing is that I’m starting to get addicted to Final Fantasy VII: Crises Core kao_mad.gif


I’ve been playing it everywhere and all the time!  kao_mad.gif While heading to collage, my free time at collage, while heading back home, at home, even while I’m on PC kao_shocked.gif

Well I guess it cant be helped .. since I’m such an RPG addict, and a total SQUARE ENIX freak kao_lol.gif Plus Final Fantasy never fails to amuse me kao_happy.gif

It’s a really great game! kao_wink.gif


Here is the opening of the game kao_smile.gif (not really a song though)


Wow I sometimes wonder if what I’m doing is healthy kao_confused.gif Games and Anime addict! Anyone thinks I should cut loose a bit? Because I seriously don’t know if my lifestyle like this is wrong or not kao_shocked.gif



by Bilmay

I wanna ask something first! What browser do you guys use? kao_confused.gif I use Firefox but it keeps lagging and crashes all the timekao_sweat.gif I was told to use Google Chrome since it’s really fast! But when I did … everything was just so BIG! It has a huge zoom that it hurts my eyes kao_shocked.gif PLUS, I couldn’t even write a post at Sanrio blog kao_sweat.gif it only shows the ‘Code’ mode to me. No Visual kao_cry.gif

So I just wanna know what you guys use! Firefox is killing me! kao_sweat.gif


So a couple of days ago, my cousin came to my house to play kao_cheering.gif and with her .. SHE HAD THIS!


HELLO KITTY UNO!!!  kao_mad.gif


The moment I saw it I went KYAAAAA and EEEEK kao_lol.gifIt’s just so adorable!! heart_bounce.gif

I asked her to buy me one too! kao_love.gif It’s like love at first sight! kao_laughing.gif

WANT SO BAAD! kao_kiss.gif


On to more anime ramble kao_happy.gifheart_bounce.gif (that’s all I’m ever good at kao_lol.gif) or should I say, more ‘Ao no Exorcist’ ramble kao_laughing.gif


Plot Summary: Humans live in the world of Assiah, demons in Gehenna. The two dimensions are not meant to interfere with each other, but demons still possess creatures in Assiah in spite of this. The humans who can fight these demons are known as exorcists. Rin Okumura is a boy who bears the curse of being Satan’s illegitimate son. His foster father sacrificed himself to save him from demons. To avenge his foster father’s death as well as to prove himself, Rin decides to follow the path of an exorcist. 

From AnimeNewsNetwork


The story is just so awesome! You’ll get hooked from the first episode! kao_yes.gif There are 3 episodes so far now! OTAKUS YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH THIS ANIME!! kao_love.gif It is so awesome that I’m thinking about reading the manga!  kao_mad.gif

I just love Rin so much!!!  kao_kiss.gif It’s been a while since last time I got this addicted to an anime character  kao_love.gif


Some Rin faces  kao_cute.gif



Rin and his twin Yukio kao_smile.gif


So cute! kao_mad.gif



Rin and Mephisto kao_kiss.gif

Mephisto Pheles is so funny and pinky kao_laughing.gif His umbrella’s shaped as an ice cream, has a pink cell phone (that has pink cute stuff hanged to it), and a pink limo kao_lol.gif

Love that dude! kao_laughing.gifheart_bounce.gif


The opening song wasn’t shown in the first episode, so I couldn’t post it my my last post  kao_yes.gif BUT NOW IT IS! kao_wink.gif so as usual I’ll be sharing it here kao_smile.gif

Here is “Core Pride” by UVERworld kao_mad.gif


Try to watch that anime if you can! kao_smile.gif It’s SO worth it! Believe me kao_laughing.gif

That’s all for now! kao_wink.gif


Editor’s Pick!!

by Bilmay

Soooo, today when I got up from bed; like always I’d check my HK mail kao_smile.gif And I got surprised when I saw a message saying “Congratulations! Your Dream Studio Video has been chosen as one of our Editor’s Picks!” kao_lol.gif

I mean, I only added the video yesterday! kao_laughing.gif
Anyways, I thought about posting it here! kao_wink.gif It’s about KONPEITO!! kao_mad.gif A cute Japanese candy! kao_love.gif

You can watch it at Dream Studio from here  kao_cute.gif

Tell me what you think!! kao_blush.gif


Okay so what I really wanted to post is another useless post Grell Sutcliff!! kao_shocked.gif (from Kuroshitsuji)


Me and some friends on Facebook (who I’ve met at Animania) been kinda spamming each-other’s walls with anime pictures kao_lol.gif And since my friends know just how much I love this guy kao_love.gif, I’ve been spammed with TONES of his pictures and videos kao_laughing.gif

And one of the video I got was HILARIOUS!!! The song has been stuck in my head for days!! kao_mad.gif It’s a really awesome video heart_bounce.gif you should watch it! kao_blush.gif

Well, I think it’ll be more funnier if you had actually watched the anime kao_lol.gif


All of these pictures and videos made me want to re-watch Kuroshitsuji! kao_cry.gif and I actually want THIS!!



I searched everywhere in the net but I just couldn’t find anyone who sells Grell’s plushie kao_cry.gif


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