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by Bilmay

I’m in my 4th day of summer vacation! I’ve finished on Thursday~ AM SO HAPPY! kao_mad.gif I think I’ve done pretty good in my final exam, but we’ll still have to wait till Sunday for the grades kao_smile.gif

Well lots of things happened in these 4 days kao_lol.gif but I don’t know what I should post here at all kao_laughing.gif I only think my insanity has went to a whole new level kao_lol.gif

well, since I’m not posting anything important, I’ll leave you all with HunterxHunter opening kao_mad.gif no matter how many years pass, I think this is the best opening EVER!


Note for Rosie: do you receive my emails? I don’t know if you do so I’m worried kao_cry.gif


Wild Tiger figuarts

by Bilmay

Hello~ It’s been a while kao_lol.gif kind of a long while .. kao_sweat.gif How has everyone been doing?
This past month was a bit crazy! I had my final exams + my addiction to twitter kao_lol.gif so I haven’t been able to blog for a while kao_cry.gif
My grades this semester were pretty good! I’m happy for the results kao_smile.gif it was a very busy semester so I’m glad it’s over now! Registrations for next semester starts in 2 days though kao_smile.gif


Oh btw! for my passing this semester with great grades, my mom got me WILD TIGER FIRUARTS! kao_love.gif the figure from the anime Tiger & Bunny kao_kiss.gif it’s been sold out EVERYWHERE so I have no idea how she got this! Plus she hates anime and all so I never expected her to do this kao_lol.gif

when it was still in the box! kao_happy.gif
the back of the box
me doing some random poses of Tiger kao_lol.gif

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my mom? She does the most unexpected stuff! kao_mad.gif I LOVE YOU MOM! YOU’RE REALLY THE BEST IN THE WORLD! heart_bounce.gif


Japanese Homework

by Bilmay

I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m actually taking Japanese classes at university kao_smile.gif I’m not really ‘registered’ in the course though (did not allow me kao_sweat.gif) but sensei allows me to to attend the lecture with the rest of the class kao_happy.gif
He makes me feel embarrassed when he praises my Japanese kao_blush.gif and he actually offered me a scholarship in Japan to continue my studies after I finish my Bachelor’s degree! kao_mad.gif But I need to finish all of the 3 Japanese level courses first (and I’m still not even registered in level 1 kao_lol.gif)


In the course we don’t really learn how to write in Japanese, just speaking and in Romaji (which is Japanese in English characters) or so I thought kao_lol.gif
This is the homework he gave us last time kao_cute.gif


After writing all this .. I feel like I’m an elementary school kid with my bad hand writing kao_laughing.gif


And one thing he taught us was .. a kids song! We actually sang it together in class kao_lol.gif It’s pretty cute and easy to remember kao_laughing.gif
And here it is! kao_cute.gif

Romaji lyrics:
Zousan Zousan
o-ha-na ga na-ga-I no ne
So-yo ka-a-san mo
Na-ga-I no yo
Zousan Zousan
Da-re ga su-ki na no
A-no ne ka-san ga
Su-ki na no yo

English lyrics:
Elephant Elephant
You have a very long nose
Yes, my mama has a long nose too
Elephant Elephant
Tell me, who do you love?
Oh you know it’s my mama that I love


It’s pretty fun to sing kao_happy.gif But I bet that a bunch of university students singing this at class looked a bit weird kao_lol.gif even though I was enjoying it! kao_laughing.gif


little update

by Bilmay

Sorry for not being able to update for a bit kao_sweat.gif I had this situation with university about me being dismissed and all. But thankfully today, everything seems to be alright and I will continue studying for this semester kao_happy.gif
The doctor responsible for rechecking my English final exam agreed to give me grades in order to make me pass the course; I was happy when I hear that so I returned home. But later, his secretary called me saying he changed his mind about it kao_mad.gif
I’ve been going back and forth for 6 hours and was waiting for 2 more! then he suddenly changes his mind? kao_shocked.gif asdfghjkl;’
But my nice ‘computer engineering’ professor decided to make that raise in his subject in English’s place today kao_blush.gif and everything turned out well! HAPPY ME! heart_bounce.gif


So on another note, I WANT TO GO SEE THE LION KING 3D!!! kao_mad.gif it still didn’t get released here in my country though kao_cry.gif so I cant wait!
I so would like to see THIS part in 3D! kao_mad.gif

I think it’ll be just amazing! kao_love.gif


I failed?

by Bilmay

I just got back from my driving exam, and I’ve failed it kao_cry.gif even though everything was perfect when I was still training! But it seems that the exam car was waaaaay  lighter the the car I was training in (which was as heavy as a mountain) kao_sweat.gif so it was kinda new to me how to handle such a light car like that, and since I didn’t really have time to really get used to it, I’ve made some mistakes. And it all led to my failure kao_cry.gif I should try training on a lighter car next time kao_confused.gif



Heart No Kuni No Alice got turned into a movie! kao_happy.gif I just really wanted to say this because my friend Rosie loves that manga and I thought she’d like it if she knew it got turned into an anime kao_smile.gif (unless she already knows about it kao_lol.gif)




Okay so Ao no Exorcist  anime has been completely changed from the manga since 2 episodes now! Which is really a let down kao_cry.gif I really liked how they made the plot go in the manga, but now that they’ve done exactly the opposite thing in the anime makes me wonder how they’ll really continue with the story kao_sweat.gif

But I still love it kao_mad.gif I just hope they’d stick to the actual story.


and as always I’ll be posting some screenshots here kao_lol.gif (getting boring isn’t it?)


First of, this is Amaimon! he never showed up in my other posts coz he still didn’t appear at that time. He’s Mephisto’s little brother kao_blush.gif


He’s so cool!  kao_love.gif


Mostly, he messes up and pick fights with Rin kao_laughing.gif


Mephisto’s face never fails me! kao_love.gif He’s so awesome!


Subarashi Subarashi




 Fujimoto being a good father! I love that man! kao_cry.gif


Now for Rin faces kao_lol.gif



so cute heart_bounce.gif


Annoyed by Yukio kao_happy.gif




Demon Rin is awesome! kao_mad.gif


Rin with Kuro kao_cute.gif


and I just LOVE baby Rin!! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


Oh and I almost forgot! stuff with collage are going on well right now, kao_smile.gif and my friend is being really helpful and cooperative with me as well kao_mad.gif so it makes me happy to see that he’s trying so hard for my sake for not being kicked out! kao_happy.gif


Killing mode activated

by Bilmay

We received our transcripts yesterday, and even though I’ve passed all my subjects with great grades, I still failed the semester ’cause my witch English teacher decided to give me a D! I’m really mad about this and I’ll go speak with her about it!

I only need 0.09 to pass the semester! kao_mad.gif and with failing this semester specially it I’m gonna get kicked out of collage kao_sweat.gif I’ve done all my HWs and I’m like the only person in class that actually participates with her! Yet, on the final exam day she was like “Oh, I haven’t seen you in a while. This will effect your grade” OMG WOMAN! I ONLY DIDN’T ATTEND THE LAST 2 LECTURES COZ I HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY FOOT AND COULDN’T WALK! They’re not supposed to degrade us unless we didn’t attend for 7 lecture not 2!

I’m seriously mad! FURIOUS!  kao_mad.gif I don’t wanna get kicked out coz of English! I never get less than a B+ and now she gives me a D? God, this really makes me wanna cry kao_cry.gif I have no idea what I’ll do if she doesn’t plan on giving me more marks..


on another note, Ao no Exorcist new opening is WICKED!  kao_love.gif



by Bilmay

OMG I FINALLY GOT MY PC BACK! kao_shocked.gif And the semester has officially ended for me today kao_sweat.gif I’M.SO.BEAT! *collapses* I dun even wanna go anywhere in the break! I’ll just stay home relaxing and lazying off until the next semester starts kao_lol.gif

I’m so tired that I can’t even type anymore, forgive me for not being able to post for over a month kao_cry.gif Will try to post something new tomorrow though kao_lol.gif


Animecon Tickets!

by Bilmay

Wow it’s been a while! kao_lol.gif

Sorry everyone! University is eating me up and I dun really have much time to blog kao_cry.gif Tomorrow I’m gonna start midterm, so I hope I can keep up with my blog  even for a bit kao_sweat.gif

There are a lot I wanna say kao_mad.gif but I can’t just say it all at once kao_laughing.gif so I’ll leave it for my next entry kao_wink.gif


But there is still one thing I wanna write about kao_cute.gif 2 days ago I GOT MY BANICON TICKETS! kao_mad.gif one is mine and the other is my cousin’s kao_smile.gif (I got them like the second day of their release kao_happy.gif)


So excited about this!! kao_happy.gif

I still didn’t prepare my cosplay yet though! kao_sweat.gif but surly you guys will be the first to see it! kao_kiss.gif


now I must study! until later! kao_smile.gifheart_bounce.gif


Oh we’re back ..

by Bilmay

Yup we’re back to collage again! kao_sweat.gif Everyone here are having finals and we just started! kao_mad.gif Started the begging of the week actually, but it killed me so bad that I didn’t have time to blog kao_shocked.gif

It turned into a prison!! kao_mad.gif They closed all the entrances to buildings and opened only 3 for in the whole university! ONLY 3!! kao_shocked.gif there are thousands of students here, you can do the math! Not only that! but they have to inspect every student as well!

I reach there by 7:30  when I go by bus because I have lectures at 8. BUT until all the inspection ends it’s already 8:45 kao_cry.gif most of the lecture would just end while I’m standing in that never-ending queue! kao_sweat.gif

In short, it’s a disaster! They should’ve just canceled the semester!


And since a new Ao no Exorcist has been released! kao_lol.gif time for anime rant! kao_cheering.gif



 Episode 5 starts with them in class kao_smile.gif


Rin dreaming about being the best exorcist  kao_laughing.gif


Then after he woke up, he looks back at one of his classmates Bon kao_wink.gif


 aaaand then …


AHAHAHA I actually died at this part! kao_laughing.gif Admiring Bon!


 Rin being all shy when he was left alone with Shiemi So cute!! heart_bounce.gif


competing with Bon at PE class Buuut kao_cute.gif


 AHAHAHA! kao_happy.gif


 Bon thanking Rin for saving his life kao_kiss.gif

Bon: Thanks..

Rin: HUH?


And as a thanks he gives him a hair clip to hold his hair while studying!

Bon is just so cute! heart_bounce.gifkao_mad.gif

This anime is NOT BL!


 Now for cute Rin faces again! kao_wink.gif


EEEK CUTENESS!! kao_love.gif I JUST LOVE HIM! heart_bounce.gif


’cause I just love his face here! kao_kiss.gif


 I really like this character! kao_blush.gif


Rin acting cool kao_laughing.gif


Please forgive me everyone who reads my blog! kao_mad.gif I’ve been posting a lot Ao no Exorcist lately! kao_lol.gif I just can’t really help myself! kao_mad.gif But surly real soon I’ll have something good to talk about it here kao_laughing.gif

So until then! kao_wink.gif


Crisis at my country

by Bilmay

My country Bahrain, is the smallest Arabian country with the population of barely 1 million. And as may some know, there has been lots of crisis at the middle-east lately with their governments.

So far, our government  killed lots and injured thousands of people from my country; and this has been going on since the 14th of February.

The members of the military force and our army aren’t  actually Bahrainies, but from other countries from the middle east and middle Asia (Like India). And they were the ones ordered by the king to kill those innocent people.

75-80% of our people wants the change in the country, while the others are with our king. Those few attacked us with sticks, knives and guns. While we were doing peaceful protest only holding flowers in hands.


Things has been  a bit quite for the past 2 weeks, sine the prince was protecting the people. But today the royal family actually had a fight with him, and so the military forces striked again injuring more than 300 people (kids and women included).

The few 20-25% of the people who were doing some wild acts against the protesters, headed to my collage today at 10:15am, broke into campus, attacked students, and vandalized  the campus grounds.

The buildings and classes were totally shattered from inside out and they even burned one of the buildings.

Collage has been halted until further notice.


The sad part is that Bahrain Television has been telling lies about the stuff happening in the country and that small party of the people actually believe these lies. And with believing the lies, they think that we’re the ones at fault and keep attacking us while the government says nothing.

Even our collage’s dean went to talk about what happened this morning, but he as well was filled with lies.

Saying that the protesters were the ones to attack student and vandalize the campus, while in truth they were no protesters inside collage.



Pearl roundabout were the protesters gather


So to sum up, everything’s messed up here. Everyone’s fighting for what the believe in, and so I’m also fighting alongside my people.

Discrimination is what causing all this in my country.

I just pray that everything turns okay.

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