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by Bilmay

I’m in my 4th day of summer vacation! I’ve finished on Thursday~ AM SO HAPPY! kao_mad.gif I think I’ve done pretty good in my final exam, but we’ll still have to wait till Sunday for the grades kao_smile.gif

Well lots of things happened in these 4 days kao_lol.gif but I don’t know what I should post here at all kao_laughing.gif I only think my insanity has went to a whole new level kao_lol.gif

well, since I’m not posting anything important, I’ll leave you all with HunterxHunter opening kao_mad.gif no matter how many years pass, I think this is the best opening EVER!


Note for Rosie: do you receive my emails? I don’t know if you do so I’m worried kao_cry.gif


My Packages are Here~

by Bilmay

Yayayay so the title explains it my packages are here kao_cheering.gif it didn’t take long for them to arrive this time kao_lol.gif


Small pckaged from Japan and the other is from Singapore kao_yes.gif


From Japan I got the new Nitro+CHiRAL BL game DRAMAtical Murder kao_love.gif

Kids! Please don’t search this up kao_mad.gif it’s an 18+ BL game. Oneesan is a psycho and was too excited about it, that’s why I’m adding it to my blog.


waaah I can’t wait to play it  kao_kiss.gif the only problem that’s preventing me from playing is me pc kao_cry.gif I’m still unable to play any game for some weird reason, sigh.

But soon I’ll get a laptop since I really need one for university kao_lol.gif and I’ll surly install the game! kao_laughing.gif


And from Singapore I got more manga!! kao_mad.gif


omg I’m such a manga crazed girl haha kao_laughing.gif I got all the released books of Karneval kao_love.gif the art is just so pretty! I actually read the first volume a while ago but didn’t continue for some reason, but now I got all kao_cheering.gif and I’ll surly be getting the upcomming volumes when released kao_lol.gif


Oh and did anyone realized Hello Kitty on the 3rd volume? kao_laughing.gif it was warpped inside as a gift! It made me happy kao_mad.gif



it’s so cuuuute~  kao_kiss.gif it’s a dress up thing I guess haha


Lastly, I got another new pet kao_lol.gif I have so many pets! My house is like a zoo kao_mad.gif

Just today morning, the gardener brought this little baby bird kao_kiss.gif


I’m taking care of it now kao_blush.gif I’m like a birds expert kao_lol.gif since in the past lots of birds would fall into our garden and we don’t find they’re nests. so we take them in kao_smile.gif

Once we found this baby miina bird (I don’t know the english name for it but wee call it miina) and we raised it haha. This is Shakespeare kao_happy.gif


4 years old and yet so handsome kao_kiss.gif but he has this bad habbit of attacking peoples toes kao_laughing.gif oh and he can make sounds just like a parrot! I taught him how to meow kao_lol.gif


Okay that sums it all I thinks, until next time kao_cheering.gif


Filling the gap of time

by Bilmay

Hello everyone!it’s been a long long long time since I’ve last blogged here kao_mad.gif How is everyone doing?

Today I’ll just blog randomly about stuff that happened and I couldn’t blog about kao_happy.gif so just to fill in the gap of time kao_lol.gif


First of all, I’ve been taking Japanese level 2 now kao_cheering.gif sensei actually made me enter in mid term kao_laughing.gif he asked me to study all the level 2 material 3 days before the misterm exam. It was so hard to keep up kao_cry.gif but I did it anyways haha. I studied hard and did good on the midterm kao_blush.gif

Yesterday we had another exam. The one who gets the highest grade gets to go to Japan for a study tour for 2 weeks! kao_mad.gif We were only around 10 people there, so the chance of me going is 10% kao_lol.gif but after doing the exam, (and it was SO HARD kao_cry.gif) I don’t know about my chances anymore kao_lol.gif there were lots of kanji I couldn’t read and some sentences I didn’t understand kao_sweat.gif and questions I didn’t answer. Sensei would call the person who’s going in 2 days. I hope I can goooo kao_mad.gif



My horrible hand writting  kao_happy.gif it’s when I was studying kao_lol.gif


Yesterday I made some cupcakes kao_cheering.gif and like always, I make them colorful kao_lol.gif I think it makes a person happy when they see a colorful cake haha kao_love.gif


Usually I make each cupcake contain all the rainbow colors, but it takes me more that half an hour just to add the colors  kao_cry.gif so I made each cake a color this time, and some of them 2  kao_blush.gif


2 colors! kao_happy.gif yah I was eating while studying kao_laughing.gif


my hand after the baking operation kao_lol.gif the colors needs time and more cleaning to wear off the skin kao_happy.gif


Now to the pets! kao_yes.gif

This is my little baby black duckling


It was so cute and cuddly~ kao_blush.gif


Now it turned to be big and pretty kao_kiss.gif we’re keeping it now with my uncle since we don’t have any space for her anymore kao_happy.gif


Lastly, I’ve got a new pet kao_wink.gif


This is Chaos the hedgehog kao_blush.gif I’ve always wanted a hedgehog so when I saw it I just HAD to buy it kao_lol.gif


She’s so cute kao_lol.gif

What surprised us is that one day when I was going to feed her, I found 4 little thorn balls next to it kao_shocked.gif she was pregnant when I got it kao_laughing.gif I couldn’t get a picture of them when they were small because she was always protecting them kao_love.gif


I got this when I was cleaning their cage, here they were a liiiiittle bigger kao_happy.gif


This was when they were older enough to go out and explore by themselves and when there were able to see kao_love.gif


Here is a video I took of them 2 days ago kao_mad.gif I only spotted 2 of them

It’s a horrible quality I know but I had to make it reaaaaly small so I could upload it on Sanrio kao_lol.gif


This is it for now. I’ll make sure to update more on my blog from now on  kao_kiss.gif

until next time~


Wild Tiger figuarts

by Bilmay

Hello~ It’s been a while kao_lol.gif kind of a long while .. kao_sweat.gif How has everyone been doing?
This past month was a bit crazy! I had my final exams + my addiction to twitter kao_lol.gif so I haven’t been able to blog for a while kao_cry.gif
My grades this semester were pretty good! I’m happy for the results kao_smile.gif it was a very busy semester so I’m glad it’s over now! Registrations for next semester starts in 2 days though kao_smile.gif


Oh btw! for my passing this semester with great grades, my mom got me WILD TIGER FIRUARTS! kao_love.gif the figure from the anime Tiger & Bunny kao_kiss.gif it’s been sold out EVERYWHERE so I have no idea how she got this! Plus she hates anime and all so I never expected her to do this kao_lol.gif

when it was still in the box! kao_happy.gif
the back of the box
me doing some random poses of Tiger kao_lol.gif

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my mom? She does the most unexpected stuff! kao_mad.gif I LOVE YOU MOM! YOU’RE REALLY THE BEST IN THE WORLD! heart_bounce.gif


I’ve done it again!

by Bilmay

aaaaaah sorry again everyone! I know that I haven’t been hanging around here lately kao_cry.gif I blame it on twitter kao_lol.gif But still I miss it here~ and everyone heart_bounce.gif I promise to update this like I used to in the past, so forgive me kao_sweat.gif
Merry belated Christmas everyone! LOVE YOU!kao_kiss.gif


Twitter + Angry Birds

by Bilmay

Hello minnasan! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while kao_sweat.gif but there wasn’t anything interesting happening around to blog about. kao_lol.gif I’ve finished most of my exams and I’ve done pretty well in them as well, so I’m happy kao_blush.gif
I’ve kinda been wasting my free time tweeting on twitter kao_lol.gif but it’s really fun! I’ve got to know crazy otakus like me kao_laughing.gif so if anyone’s got a twitter then please tell me so I could follow you kao_smile.gif
Here is mine kao_happy.gif feel free to follow me~



Oh and boredom struck me yesterday and so I decided to get these pens kao_happy.gif


I don’t know why I got all three kao_lol.gif but I think they’re cute~


Whoa I reached 3000 viewers already? kao_shocked.gif It wasn’t long since I’ve put the counter though.. But Thanks a lot to all my readers and viewers! kao_cheering.gif I’m so happy that you guys actually read my rambles kao_kiss.gif
Oh and before I forget! ROSIE!!!!!! THANKS A MILLION TIMES~!! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!~ nullnull


Japanese Homework

by Bilmay

I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m actually taking Japanese classes at university kao_smile.gif I’m not really ‘registered’ in the course though (did not allow me kao_sweat.gif) but sensei allows me to to attend the lecture with the rest of the class kao_happy.gif
He makes me feel embarrassed when he praises my Japanese kao_blush.gif and he actually offered me a scholarship in Japan to continue my studies after I finish my Bachelor’s degree! kao_mad.gif But I need to finish all of the 3 Japanese level courses first (and I’m still not even registered in level 1 kao_lol.gif)


In the course we don’t really learn how to write in Japanese, just speaking and in Romaji (which is Japanese in English characters) or so I thought kao_lol.gif
This is the homework he gave us last time kao_cute.gif


After writing all this .. I feel like I’m an elementary school kid with my bad hand writing kao_laughing.gif


And one thing he taught us was .. a kids song! We actually sang it together in class kao_lol.gif It’s pretty cute and easy to remember kao_laughing.gif
And here it is! kao_cute.gif

Romaji lyrics:
Zousan Zousan
o-ha-na ga na-ga-I no ne
So-yo ka-a-san mo
Na-ga-I no yo
Zousan Zousan
Da-re ga su-ki na no
A-no ne ka-san ga
Su-ki na no yo

English lyrics:
Elephant Elephant
You have a very long nose
Yes, my mama has a long nose too
Elephant Elephant
Tell me, who do you love?
Oh you know it’s my mama that I love


It’s pretty fun to sing kao_happy.gif But I bet that a bunch of university students singing this at class looked a bit weird kao_lol.gif even though I was enjoying it! kao_laughing.gif


Hello Kitten

by Bilmay

Yesterday, my sister brought home a kitten. My whole family (except mom kao_lol.gif) LOVES cats! BUT the only problem is … the kitten look like a week old kao_sweat.gif


She said she found it alone on the streets so she took it in. Everyone was mad at her because it’s mom might have been nearby and she just took it from there kao_mad.gif. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO RAISE THIS?! kao_cry.gif Just seeing it breaks my heart! It’s still blind and can’t even stand! Kittens this age needs their mothers kao_sweat.gif plus feeding it milk is so hard and it won’t drink most of it kao_cry.gif


We had lots of cats before. So we pretty sure know how to take care of them. But kittens we had that are this young had their mother with them and grew up to be annoying kao_lol.gif so what am I supposed to do with this one without it’s mom? kao_confused.gif
It really breaks my heart seeing it like this with it’s cries kao_cry.gif I’m so afraid that it’s gonna die ..
Does anyone know how my sister and I can raise such a young kitten? kao_cry.gif


Hello Kitty in my car!

by Bilmay

I’ve been back from my trip for a week now, but I didn’t really blog about it kao_lol.gif I’ll post pictures from the trip later though, since I don’t have them with me right now kao_smile.gif


A couple of days ago mom bought me THESE for my car! kao_mad.gif

This actually took me some time to put kao_laughing.gif
It’s a sun shield!!! kao_kiss.gif
It looks like this when opened heart_bounce.gif

Thanks mom! you’re the best EVER!!kao_blush.gif


Oh and when I was returning home from university today, I saw this amazing scene! so I just had to take a picture kao_happy.gif

I was actually driving at that moment kao_lol.gif

Notice how my country misses the ‘green’ element kao_cry.gif so depressing!


And one last thing for today! This vocaloid song (it was just released yesterday) had been stuck in my head ever since! kao_mad.gif it’s so amazing and the art is so beautiful too! heart_bounce.gif wish you guys would see it kao_kiss.gif


I dunno why I haven’t added a ‘Hello Kitty’ tag before kao_confused.gif but here it is now!! kao_cheering.gif


On a trip

by Bilmay

Hiya guys! I’m actually on a trip to Madina in Saudi Arabia with my family. I’m posting from the iPad and I can’t seem to post any pictures here. The trip was sudden and not really panned for lol so I didn’t really mention it.
We took the bus on Thursday with our group at 10pm and reached at 10am to our hotel. Sleeping at the bus killed my whole body! This is the first AND last time I’ll ever travel by bus for 12 hours or more! Too bad there were no more plane tickets, that’s why we took the bus D: though it was still fun with all the people in our group xD
And our hotel is really amazing! I’ll make sure to post some pictures when I get back home this Thursday :3

Until then everyone!

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