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My Packages are Here~

by Bilmay

Yayayay so the title explains it my packages are here kao_cheering.gif it didn’t take long for them to arrive this time kao_lol.gif


Small pckaged from Japan and the other is from Singapore kao_yes.gif


From Japan I got the new Nitro+CHiRAL BL game DRAMAtical Murder kao_love.gif

Kids! Please don’t search this up kao_mad.gif it’s an 18+ BL game. Oneesan is a psycho and was too excited about it, that’s why I’m adding it to my blog.


waaah I can’t wait to play it  kao_kiss.gif the only problem that’s preventing me from playing is me pc kao_cry.gif I’m still unable to play any game for some weird reason, sigh.

But soon I’ll get a laptop since I really need one for university kao_lol.gif and I’ll surly install the game! kao_laughing.gif


And from Singapore I got more manga!! kao_mad.gif


omg I’m such a manga crazed girl haha kao_laughing.gif I got all the released books of Karneval kao_love.gif the art is just so pretty! I actually read the first volume a while ago but didn’t continue for some reason, but now I got all kao_cheering.gif and I’ll surly be getting the upcomming volumes when released kao_lol.gif


Oh and did anyone realized Hello Kitty on the 3rd volume? kao_laughing.gif it was warpped inside as a gift! It made me happy kao_mad.gif



it’s so cuuuute~  kao_kiss.gif it’s a dress up thing I guess haha


Lastly, I got another new pet kao_lol.gif I have so many pets! My house is like a zoo kao_mad.gif

Just today morning, the gardener brought this little baby bird kao_kiss.gif


I’m taking care of it now kao_blush.gif I’m like a birds expert kao_lol.gif since in the past lots of birds would fall into our garden and we don’t find they’re nests. so we take them in kao_smile.gif

Once we found this baby miina bird (I don’t know the english name for it but wee call it miina) and we raised it haha. This is Shakespeare kao_happy.gif


4 years old and yet so handsome kao_kiss.gif but he has this bad habbit of attacking peoples toes kao_laughing.gif oh and he can make sounds just like a parrot! I taught him how to meow kao_lol.gif


Okay that sums it all I thinks, until next time kao_cheering.gif


Hello Kitty in my car!

by Bilmay

I’ve been back from my trip for a week now, but I didn’t really blog about it kao_lol.gif I’ll post pictures from the trip later though, since I don’t have them with me right now kao_smile.gif


A couple of days ago mom bought me THESE for my car! kao_mad.gif

This actually took me some time to put kao_laughing.gif
It’s a sun shield!!! kao_kiss.gif
It looks like this when opened heart_bounce.gif

Thanks mom! you’re the best EVER!!kao_blush.gif


Oh and when I was returning home from university today, I saw this amazing scene! so I just had to take a picture kao_happy.gif

I was actually driving at that moment kao_lol.gif

Notice how my country misses the ‘green’ element kao_cry.gif so depressing!


And one last thing for today! This vocaloid song (it was just released yesterday) had been stuck in my head ever since! kao_mad.gif it’s so amazing and the art is so beautiful too! heart_bounce.gif wish you guys would see it kao_kiss.gif


I dunno why I haven’t added a ‘Hello Kitty’ tag before kao_confused.gif but here it is now!! kao_cheering.gif


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