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Anime goods

by Bilmay

Hello! it’s been a really long time since I last updated this thing kao_cry.gif i hope everyone’s been doing fine!

I’ve started my 4th year at university this year and so far everything’s alright! Just a little busy with assignments, reports, and projects kao_laughing.gif


Recently, I received a package from my dear friend Rosie who was kind enough to send me something!



I was too happy to see that it has finally arrived that I forgot to take more pictures hahaha kao_laughing.gif

She sent me  a Mario figurine, a puzzle, the pencils, Letter set, HK album, HK toothbrush, HK sweets, Little Tokyo bag, a little notebook, the cute monkey board, the plane antique, and the Coca Cola cup! kao_love.gif

I just love everything she sent! SO THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN ROSIE! kao_mad.gif I’ll make sure to send you something soon once I get time to go out kao_yes.gif


Soon after I got Rosie package, another one of my orders arrived kao_cheering.gif I’ve been kinda wasting lots of my money on anime goods haha kao_sweat.gif


I pre-order lots of stuff and they keep sending them month by month, so this is actually my September lot!  kao_cute.gifimg-20121008-00630.jpg

Trying to take a picture of my figures but my phone camera is stupid


My Tiger&Bunny section! I actually got more T&B stuff hahaha (addicted to this anime) but this is for the figures img-20121008-00634.jpg

Yuri & Flynn from Tales of Vesperiaheart_bounce.gif I adore them and the game SO MUCH! It’s really fun and their figures are beautiful! I cant wait for more “Tales of” figures  kao_mad.gif


Shizou with my mini-figures  kao_love.gif He’s so perfect kao_lol.gif


My Kuroko no Basuke PSP game! I got this with my August lot. but I forgot to take any picture for August  kao_cry.gif




I tried taking pictures of the game but they turned out blurry  kao_sweat.gif


Lastly, I took some pictures of how my room turned out to be kao_yes.gif




You can see Rosie’s box hahaha. I still didn’t find a good place to put it



Sorry for the messy room. I cant help my love for anime even though I’m practically an adult now, so please don’t judge me  kao_blush.gif


There can never be ‘too much’ or ‘enough’ anime stuff for me. I really love it and I enjoy it! I only wish that I could attend an anime-con in the future kao_love.gif



by Bilmay

Hello! Today I have some news about Bandai Namco’s newest ‘Tales of’ Game kao_cute.gif

I’m actually so crazy about the ‘Tales of’ series! I love the games, graphic, soundtracks, EVERYTHING! kao_mad.gif There was actually a count down for this announcement long ago in their site. and of course it reached to 0 today kao_yes.gif and the new game that was announced was TALES OF XILLIA 2 kao_cheering.gif


This was not expected at all! The game itself still wasn’t translated into English (so yah I haven’t played it yet kao_sweat.gif) and it’s getting a sequel kao_laughing.gif

Though I am pretty excited for it but I was expecting something else kao_lol.gif now I have to wait for the US releases for the first Xillia game THEN wait AGAIN for Xillia 2’s US release to play kao_cry.gif

Namco why do you hate me? They release the ‘Tales of’ games on different consoles  kao_mad.gif AND take a long time for English release kao_cry.gif


Anyways! Here is the trailer and gameplay kao_yes.gif It’s actually pretty awesome! it feels different from the other series kao_happy.gif


oh and yesterday I just got my hands on these  kao_love.gif

tales-of-the-abyss-3ds-cover-300×300.jpg kid_icarus-uprising_logo.jpg

I didn’t know they were even sold here!  My country is picky when it comes to Nintendo, so you rarely see any around here kao_lol.gif

But yaaaay I got them!  At last! Though I’ve played tales of the Abyss 2 times on PS2 already kao_laughing.gif I just love it! heart_bounce.gif


Also! Thanks to Muyo-chan who told me about the Ao no Exorcist musical kao_love.gif

I haven’t been following it’s news lately nor reading the last few chapters kao_sweat.gif and I don’t even know why kao_lol.gif I still didn’t check about the musical, but here are the pictures Muyo-chan sent me kao_laughing.gif



I’ll be checking this more often and try to update more as well  kao_smile.gif


aaaaaaah this was just released kao_mad.gif I don’t even know what to saaaay! I’m just way too excited for this!! kao_love.gif watch watch!


Here are some gif screenshots  kao_kiss.gif




waaaaah N  kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif so cuute so awesome! I think I just died when I saw him!! you steal my heart boy kao_love.gif I LOVE YOU kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


Now I can’t wait for the game haha kao_happy.gif it looks amazing kao_kiss.gif anyone going to get it when released?


In this past week

by Bilmay

I GOT MY OWN CAR! kao_cheering.gif111020111114.jpg

not clear from the plants kao_lol.gif but it’s a Volkswagen Golf kao_blush.gif

my lovely Rokudo Mukuro key chain kao_kiss.gif


I’ve made this a while ago using plastic and aluminum kao_cute.gif It’s a wayfinder! from the game Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t really know what to do with it after finishing with it kao_lol.gif but now I’ve hanged it in my car kao_happy.gif


Another thing is that my novel order “Death Note: Another Note” has arrived 2 days agokao_mad.gif
The cover is just so pretty! heart_bounce.gif I’ve read the whole Death Note manga and watched the anime! now it’s the novel’s turn kao_lol.gif it’s a HIGHLY recommended anime kao_yes.gif


Also another thing kao_laughing.gif I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XIII kao_smile.gif

I’ve had the game since my birthday kao_lol.gif but I’m just playing it now. Laziness kao_sweat.gif
I’ve reached chapter 4 so far and it’s actually pretty amazing! kao_love.gif I dunno why people hate it that muchkao_confused.gif

This scene here is from the end of chapter 2 and it’s reaaaaaaaaallllyyyy CUTE! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif I hope that you guys would see it kao_blush.gif It’s a marriage proposal scene and it’s cuteness kills me each time I watch it kao_lol.gif


I think this concludes this week maybe kao_laughing.gif until next time kao_wink.gif


Nintendo 3DS

by Bilmay

I’ve finally got myself a DS!! kao_cheering.gif I’ve always been a fan of it and really really wanted to play it someday kao_yes.gif and now I can! kao_mad.gif


Aqua blue N3DS, and they gave me ‘The Legend of Zelda’ remake for free!! AAAAH I’M JUST SO HAPPY! kao_love.gif
I never really played it before but I know the story kao_laughing.gif so having to be able to play it now is really amazing! kao_mad.gif


The 3DS has really awesome stuff too! kao_happy.gif I’m still exploring it though kao_lol.gif Now I can’t wait until Kingdom Hearts 3D is released! heart_bounce.gif


PS3 Games

by Bilmay

It became a habit of mine to check for PS3 games each time I go out kao_laughing.gif but for some reason, I haven’t been able to find a game to buy kao_sweat.gif

Anime themed games always get my attention (of course!)  but sadly no matter how bad I want to buy them, I just can’t! kao_cry.gif

Usually the Anime themed games I find are always rated as M (Mature). Even though I have no problem playing them kao_lol.gif but the PS3 is not mine alone. And so my brothers and sisters are always there to watch me play kao_sweat.gif


So last time I was out, I’ve found these 3 games. And there was a special offer on them too! kao_cry.gif (I don’t know why they’re rated 12 in these pictures but they ARE mature games)



The art and game play looked just so pretty! kao_love.gif I really wouldn’t mind playing them at all kao_lol.gif but can’t ..

oh well, guess I have to search more for ‘normal’ anime themed games for PS3. It’s hard to find them kao_laughing.gif but I’ll try kao_yes.gif



by Bilmay

They’re making another Tekken movie! And I didn’t know kao_shocked.gif not only that, but a new PS3 game as well kao_lol.gif Maybe since I’ve lost my faith in Namco for always bringing me down with their awesome releases and not making a release for PS3 kao_laughing.gif

BUT NOW A MOVIE! And not like the previous movie which was live action, IT’S ANIMATED! kao_mad.gif


As I read, the movie will be released in October (ALL THE GOOD STUFF ARE OUT IN OCTOBER FOR SOME REASON kao_love.gif) and there will be a new character as well. And that character will be included in the new game! kao_cheering.gif

This time the game won’t be called Tekken 7 kao_lol.gif but Tekken Hybrid kao_smile.gif

Tekken’s official site!


Here is the movie trailer kao_wink.gif TEKKEN BLOOD VENGEANCE kao_mad.gif

It’s just so amazing! I really can’t wait to see this kao_kiss.gif


God I sounded so boyish just now talking about this kao_laughing.gif But oh well, I LOVE BEING A GAME ADDICT AS MUCH AS I’M AN OTAKU! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, that I was playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core kao_smile.gif But I finished it a while ago now kao_lol.gif I just didn’t really have the time to say that I did kao_laughing.gif

Since I really really LOVED that game heart_bounce.gif I decided to get a plushie! kao_mad.gif

meet my Cloud everyone kao_kiss.gif


SO CUUUTE!! kao_kiss.gif

I know he doesn’t really look like himself kao_lol.gif since Cloud is just so cool! kao_laughing.gif


Yup so cool~! kao_love.gif


I actually wanted a Zack plushie! But sadly they never made him onekao_shocked.gif though he’s like the HOTTEST Final Fantasy character EVER!! kao_mad.gif (well, to me at least kao_happy.gif)




Here is my most favorite theme music in Crisis Core kao_smile.gif

It’s just so sad and wonderful at the same time  kao_cry.gif


 On another game related note  kao_lol.gif

I started playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep kao_kiss.gif

for a reason, my PSP wouldn’t open this game before kao_sweat.gif and it killed me real bad since I just LOVE Kingdom Hearts! kao_mad.gif But now I can play it!! I already finished one of the 3 stories kao_cute.gif (Terra’s story) and am nearly finishing Ventus’s story! Cant wait to finish the whole gameeee kao_blush.gif

Square Enix never fails me! kao_love.gif Their games are the best!  Namco has pretty awesome games as well. But somehow they like to tease me and not release the games I want on PS3 or in English! kao_sweat.gif Maybe it’s just my luck kao_lol.gif


Here is Birth by Sleep’s intro kao_smile.gif sang by Utada Hikaru as all Kingdome Hearts intros kao_laughing.gif

She has a wonderful voice kao_love.gif


My room has changed a lot! I wanna post a picture of it kao_cute.gif but am currently waiting for more posters kao_lol.gif so I’ll make sure to post it after I get them! kao_mad.gif


Screenwriters are EVIL!

by Bilmay

I’m just SO hooked to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core heart_bounce.gif the whole Final Fantasy Series is just AWESOME! kao_mad.gif


But seriously, Crisis Core is a legend! kao_mad.gif I can’t stop playing it!


But what I’m here to rant about isn’t how awesome the game is kao_lol.gif EVEN THOUGH IT’S SO AWESOME kao_mad.gif but about why do screenwriters just love to kill off our favorite characters whether it’s in an anime or a game or whatever!  kao_cry.gif

Because really .. I’ve had enough with my favorite characters dying all the time kao_cry.gif while the ones I hate still roams alive. Like Ichigo from Bleach for example, HE’S MY MOST HATED ANIME CHARACTER OF ALL TIMES YET HE NEVER DIES OR EVEN LOSES A FIGHT! kao_mad.gif such an annoying character! To think I stopped watching Bleach because he pissed me off so much kao_sweat.gif



And now the same is happening again in Crisis Core kao_cry.gif Angeal, who’s like a father to Zack (the main character) dies just like that when it’s still just chapter 6! kao_shocked.gif and the story after his death (well, actually they made me kill him) sounds like it’s the ending of the whole game kao_sweat.gif

If Angeal’s death was just this sad, thanks to my friend for ruining and spoiling the ending for me then what am I gonna do by the end of the game? kao_cry.gif  *goes into a dark corner to cry* kao_cry.gif


Here is Angeal’s death scene if anyone’s interested in watching it kao_cry.gif

This is the Japanese version with English subtitles (couldn’t find it in English at YouTube) The one I’m playing is the English version, and I think they sound MUCH better in English! kao_mad.gif heart_bounce.gif Well, I think it’s ’cause I got used it it kao_laughing.gif but they don’t sound half bad in Japanese either kao_love.gif


Yaay so we’re going to have an new animecon here! kao_cheering.gif Since the martial law is gonna be lifted from my country on June 1st, we’re having the con at June 30th!! kao_yes.gif My birthday is on June 29th kao_lol.gif so having an animecon is like a birthday present to me kao_mad.gif

This is the banner we’re having kao_happy.gif  Banicon actually refers to Bahrain (my country) Anime Convention kao_lol.gif they kinda mixed them together to get Banicon kao_laughing.gif


My friends and I were actually planning to go to Anime Expo 2011 that’ll be held in LA on July 1-4! Since it’s like the biggest EVER! kao_mad.gif But convincing our parents to go half way around the world to the US was kinda hard kao_sweat.gif and then the news about the animecon that’ll be held here came out, sooo .. we kinda canceled it kao_cry.gif

But there is always next year right? kao_cute.gif It’s one of my dreams to attend an Anime Expo! kao_mad.gif So I’ll make sure to convince my parents about it for next year to go to the US kao_smile.gif


Another thing is that I’m starting to get addicted to Final Fantasy VII: Crises Core kao_mad.gif


I’ve been playing it everywhere and all the time!  kao_mad.gif While heading to collage, my free time at collage, while heading back home, at home, even while I’m on PC kao_shocked.gif

Well I guess it cant be helped .. since I’m such an RPG addict, and a total SQUARE ENIX freak kao_lol.gif Plus Final Fantasy never fails to amuse me kao_happy.gif

It’s a really great game! kao_wink.gif


Here is the opening of the game kao_smile.gif (not really a song though)


Wow I sometimes wonder if what I’m doing is healthy kao_confused.gif Games and Anime addict! Anyone thinks I should cut loose a bit? Because I seriously don’t know if my lifestyle like this is wrong or not kao_shocked.gif


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