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Anime goods

by Bilmay

Hello! it’s been a really long time since I last updated this thing kao_cry.gif i hope everyone’s been doing fine!

I’ve started my 4th year at university this year and so far everything’s alright! Just a little busy with assignments, reports, and projects kao_laughing.gif


Recently, I received a package from my dear friend Rosie who was kind enough to send me something!



I was too happy to see that it has finally arrived that I forgot to take more pictures hahaha kao_laughing.gif

She sent me  a Mario figurine, a puzzle, the pencils, Letter set, HK album, HK toothbrush, HK sweets, Little Tokyo bag, a little notebook, the cute monkey board, the plane antique, and the Coca Cola cup! kao_love.gif

I just love everything she sent! SO THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN ROSIE! kao_mad.gif I’ll make sure to send you something soon once I get time to go out kao_yes.gif


Soon after I got Rosie package, another one of my orders arrived kao_cheering.gif I’ve been kinda wasting lots of my money on anime goods haha kao_sweat.gif


I pre-order lots of stuff and they keep sending them month by month, so this is actually my September lot!  kao_cute.gifimg-20121008-00630.jpg

Trying to take a picture of my figures but my phone camera is stupid


My Tiger&Bunny section! I actually got more T&B stuff hahaha (addicted to this anime) but this is for the figures img-20121008-00634.jpg

Yuri & Flynn from Tales of Vesperiaheart_bounce.gif I adore them and the game SO MUCH! It’s really fun and their figures are beautiful! I cant wait for more “Tales of” figures  kao_mad.gif


Shizou with my mini-figures  kao_love.gif He’s so perfect kao_lol.gif


My Kuroko no Basuke PSP game! I got this with my August lot. but I forgot to take any picture for August  kao_cry.gif




I tried taking pictures of the game but they turned out blurry  kao_sweat.gif


Lastly, I took some pictures of how my room turned out to be kao_yes.gif




You can see Rosie’s box hahaha. I still didn’t find a good place to put it



Sorry for the messy room. I cant help my love for anime even though I’m practically an adult now, so please don’t judge me  kao_blush.gif


There can never be ‘too much’ or ‘enough’ anime stuff for me. I really love it and I enjoy it! I only wish that I could attend an anime-con in the future kao_love.gif


Last week MegaHouse showed that they’re making figures for Rin and Yukio from Ao no Exorcist kao_mad.gif



Simply beautiful kao_love.gifheart_bounce.gif I’m so gonna be ordering them when they finish and release them kao_mad.gif


More pictures of them kao_yes.gif





I can’t wait!!! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


Yesterday I’ve went to my friend’s house to watch some anime with her kao_yes.gif We started listening to Ao no Exorcist’s openings, and it felt so nostalgic!! kao_mad.gif though it was only aired last year and we still read the manga kao_laughing.gif but it reaaally was nostalgic! That was when I told her about the figures and it got me all excited again kao_laughing.gif

and soooo I’ll be posting both opening here again, like always kao_lol.gif

I just really miss this anime! NOW I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE AIRING IN AUGUST kao_mad.gif I think it’s in Augustkao_sweat.gif


I know I might be annoying since I only talk about anime kao_lol.gif but I just can’t help it kao_sweat.gif being an otaku and a fujoshi is actually hard work kao_laughing.gif

until next time~



by Bilmay

Hello! Today I have some news about Bandai Namco’s newest ‘Tales of’ Game kao_cute.gif

I’m actually so crazy about the ‘Tales of’ series! I love the games, graphic, soundtracks, EVERYTHING! kao_mad.gif There was actually a count down for this announcement long ago in their site. and of course it reached to 0 today kao_yes.gif and the new game that was announced was TALES OF XILLIA 2 kao_cheering.gif


This was not expected at all! The game itself still wasn’t translated into English (so yah I haven’t played it yet kao_sweat.gif) and it’s getting a sequel kao_laughing.gif

Though I am pretty excited for it but I was expecting something else kao_lol.gif now I have to wait for the US releases for the first Xillia game THEN wait AGAIN for Xillia 2’s US release to play kao_cry.gif

Namco why do you hate me? They release the ‘Tales of’ games on different consoles  kao_mad.gif AND take a long time for English release kao_cry.gif


Anyways! Here is the trailer and gameplay kao_yes.gif It’s actually pretty awesome! it feels different from the other series kao_happy.gif


oh and yesterday I just got my hands on these  kao_love.gif

tales-of-the-abyss-3ds-cover-300×300.jpg kid_icarus-uprising_logo.jpg

I didn’t know they were even sold here!  My country is picky when it comes to Nintendo, so you rarely see any around here kao_lol.gif

But yaaaay I got them!  At last! Though I’ve played tales of the Abyss 2 times on PS2 already kao_laughing.gif I just love it! heart_bounce.gif


Also! Thanks to Muyo-chan who told me about the Ao no Exorcist musical kao_love.gif

I haven’t been following it’s news lately nor reading the last few chapters kao_sweat.gif and I don’t even know why kao_lol.gif I still didn’t check about the musical, but here are the pictures Muyo-chan sent me kao_laughing.gif



I’ll be checking this more often and try to update more as well  kao_smile.gif


aaaaaaah this was just released kao_mad.gif I don’t even know what to saaaay! I’m just way too excited for this!! kao_love.gif watch watch!


Here are some gif screenshots  kao_kiss.gif




waaaaah N  kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif so cuute so awesome! I think I just died when I saw him!! you steal my heart boy kao_love.gif I LOVE YOU kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


Now I can’t wait for the game haha kao_happy.gif it looks amazing kao_kiss.gif anyone going to get it when released?


My Packages are Here~

by Bilmay

Yayayay so the title explains it my packages are here kao_cheering.gif it didn’t take long for them to arrive this time kao_lol.gif


Small pckaged from Japan and the other is from Singapore kao_yes.gif


From Japan I got the new Nitro+CHiRAL BL game DRAMAtical Murder kao_love.gif

Kids! Please don’t search this up kao_mad.gif it’s an 18+ BL game. Oneesan is a psycho and was too excited about it, that’s why I’m adding it to my blog.


waaah I can’t wait to play it  kao_kiss.gif the only problem that’s preventing me from playing is me pc kao_cry.gif I’m still unable to play any game for some weird reason, sigh.

But soon I’ll get a laptop since I really need one for university kao_lol.gif and I’ll surly install the game! kao_laughing.gif


And from Singapore I got more manga!! kao_mad.gif


omg I’m such a manga crazed girl haha kao_laughing.gif I got all the released books of Karneval kao_love.gif the art is just so pretty! I actually read the first volume a while ago but didn’t continue for some reason, but now I got all kao_cheering.gif and I’ll surly be getting the upcomming volumes when released kao_lol.gif


Oh and did anyone realized Hello Kitty on the 3rd volume? kao_laughing.gif it was warpped inside as a gift! It made me happy kao_mad.gif



it’s so cuuuute~  kao_kiss.gif it’s a dress up thing I guess haha


Lastly, I got another new pet kao_lol.gif I have so many pets! My house is like a zoo kao_mad.gif

Just today morning, the gardener brought this little baby bird kao_kiss.gif


I’m taking care of it now kao_blush.gif I’m like a birds expert kao_lol.gif since in the past lots of birds would fall into our garden and we don’t find they’re nests. so we take them in kao_smile.gif

Once we found this baby miina bird (I don’t know the english name for it but wee call it miina) and we raised it haha. This is Shakespeare kao_happy.gif


4 years old and yet so handsome kao_kiss.gif but he has this bad habbit of attacking peoples toes kao_laughing.gif oh and he can make sounds just like a parrot! I taught him how to meow kao_lol.gif


Okay that sums it all I thinks, until next time kao_cheering.gif


Manga Arrived!

by Bilmay

Hello~ kao_happy.gif

Today my manga order has arrived yaay kao_mad.gif well, the order wasn’t for me kao_lol.gif I made it to a friend haha. It’ called Blood Alone and I don’t really know the story or anything, but it’s cover is so pretty kao_love.gif


oh and it’s actually the first 3 volumes made into a 1 book, so it’s HUGE kao_mad.gifthis was the biggest manga book I’ve ever seen kao_laughing.gif


It’s as big as 3 of my manga! well it IS a 3 volumes book kao_lol.gif

sigh, it’s so pretty heart_bounce.gif I have 6 more manga coming on the way  kao_laughing.gif I’m such a manga freak haha! oh wait, they’re actually 8 on the way! I just made a new order yesterday kao_cheering.gif

Maybe I should take a picture of all my manga kao_yes.gif I currently have around 67 kao_lol.gif


oh and about the Japanese exam I wrote about in my last post, I didn’t get the highest grade so I’m not going to Japan this August  kao_cry.gif but oh well, there is always next year right? I’ll make sure no one takes that 1 spot from me again  kao_mad.gif I’ll have to study hard and master kanji.

or I’ll just wait for the Japanese Embassy if they’ll make more challenges this year kao_yes.gif there is always a chance~


Wild Tiger figuarts

by Bilmay

Hello~ It’s been a while kao_lol.gif kind of a long while .. kao_sweat.gif How has everyone been doing?
This past month was a bit crazy! I had my final exams + my addiction to twitter kao_lol.gif so I haven’t been able to blog for a while kao_cry.gif
My grades this semester were pretty good! I’m happy for the results kao_smile.gif it was a very busy semester so I’m glad it’s over now! Registrations for next semester starts in 2 days though kao_smile.gif


Oh btw! for my passing this semester with great grades, my mom got me WILD TIGER FIRUARTS! kao_love.gif the figure from the anime Tiger & Bunny kao_kiss.gif it’s been sold out EVERYWHERE so I have no idea how she got this! Plus she hates anime and all so I never expected her to do this kao_lol.gif

when it was still in the box! kao_happy.gif
the back of the box
me doing some random poses of Tiger kao_lol.gif

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my mom? She does the most unexpected stuff! kao_mad.gif I LOVE YOU MOM! YOU’RE REALLY THE BEST IN THE WORLD! heart_bounce.gif


~ Beware! Fangirlism ahead ~

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I WANT THIS SO BAD! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif Ao no Exorcist 2012 calendar!!! kao_love.gif

Calendar and picture credit goes to escape_rope

I’ve been haunting twitter lately, and one of the people I’m following (nice girl kao_smile.gif) posted this picture of the calendar, AND.I.JUST.DIED!!! kao_mad.gif IT’S SO PRETTY AND LOVE AND PRETTY!!! kao_love.gif I SO NEED TO GET MYSELF ONE!!
It coasts around $78 though and I’m currently in a fight with myself about if I should get it or not asdfghjkl;kao_lol.gif I SO WANT IT!!! Though I know that my parents are gonna nag me about this BUT STILLLL!!
AAAAAARGH WHAT DO I DOOO?kao_mad.gif I want it but .. I WANT ITTT!!


This and that

by Bilmay

Animania 2011 has passed, and I wasn’t able to attend … I can’t say I’m not sad about this, but by next animecon I would have my own car kao_smile.gif AND WILL SURLY GO THERE! kao_mad.gif

still sad about this anime convention though … kao_sweat.gif


on a more happy note, HUNTERxHUNTER’s teaser is up! kao_cheering.gif it’s a remake of the whole series! Even though the art looks pretty much the same, BUT IT’S JUST PRETTY! kao_mad.gif

aaaah I get to see Leorio  again! kao_love.gif yes am his fangirl kao_laughing.gif

here’s the teaser kao_smile.gif

OH I CAN’T WAIT FOR OCTOBER 2nd!!! kao_mad.gif


Another thing is that I just came back from the Cinema kao_yes.gif I went to watch ‘Final Destination 5′

which I must say that was the most disgusting movie from all 5 of them kao_lol.gif my sister was getting dizzy and thiiiiiis close to throwing up! While my cousin and I were jumpy through the whole movie kao_laughing.gif It was disgustingly scary, BUT STILL AWESOME! kao_mad.gif



by Bilmay

I just snapped! The hardcore fangirl inside of me SNAPPED!! kao_mad.gif

I was going up the stairs to my room when I suddenly began singing  a song from Gravitation (my very FIRST BL anime kao_lol.gif). This anime turned me into the yaoi fangirl that I am now kao_laughing.gif it’s a love story between a novelist and a band singer kao_yes.gif

okay that’s not what I wanted to blog about kao_lol.gif so I was singing one of the songs that Shuichi sings (the band singer) and I’ve realized along my way up what I was singing! So I rushed to my room and searched the song in YouTube kao_laughing.gif and while I was watching it, I went all “KYAAAAA heart_bounce.gif“over it!


I’m still in my fangirling state right now kao_love.gif and so I want to share the song here with everyone kao_smile.gif

It’s the concert from the OVA and it’s SAFE, so fear not kao_laughing.gif

I can’t believe that I still memorize that song kao_lol.gif and I just love how he called him “YUKIII” (the novelist) when he saw him in the crowd *melts* kao_love.gif


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