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Filling the gap of time

Posted on May, 01, 2012

Hello everyone!it’s been a long long long time since I’ve last blogged here kao_mad.gif How is everyone doing?

Today I’ll just blog randomly about stuff that happened and I couldn’t blog about kao_happy.gif so just to fill in the gap of time kao_lol.gif


First of all, I’ve been taking Japanese level 2 now kao_cheering.gif sensei actually made me enter in mid term kao_laughing.gif he asked me to study all the level 2 material 3 days before the misterm exam. It was so hard to keep up kao_cry.gif but I did it anyways haha. I studied hard and did good on the midterm kao_blush.gif

Yesterday we had another exam. The one who gets the highest grade gets to go to Japan for a study tour for 2 weeks! kao_mad.gif We were only around 10 people there, so the chance of me going is 10% kao_lol.gif but after doing the exam, (and it was SO HARD kao_cry.gif) I don’t know about my chances anymore kao_lol.gif there were lots of kanji I couldn’t read and some sentences I didn’t understand kao_sweat.gif and questions I didn’t answer. Sensei would call the person who’s going in 2 days. I hope I can goooo kao_mad.gif



My horrible hand writting  kao_happy.gif it’s when I was studying kao_lol.gif


Yesterday I made some cupcakes kao_cheering.gif and like always, I make them colorful kao_lol.gif I think it makes a person happy when they see a colorful cake haha kao_love.gif


Usually I make each cupcake contain all the rainbow colors, but it takes me more that half an hour just to add the colors  kao_cry.gif so I made each cake a color this time, and some of them 2  kao_blush.gif


2 colors! kao_happy.gif yah I was eating while studying kao_laughing.gif


my hand after the baking operation kao_lol.gif the colors needs time and more cleaning to wear off the skin kao_happy.gif


Now to the pets! kao_yes.gif

This is my little baby black duckling


It was so cute and cuddly~ kao_blush.gif


Now it turned to be big and pretty kao_kiss.gif we’re keeping it now with my uncle since we don’t have any space for her anymore kao_happy.gif


Lastly, I’ve got a new pet kao_wink.gif


This is Chaos the hedgehog kao_blush.gif I’ve always wanted a hedgehog so when I saw it I just HAD to buy it kao_lol.gif


She’s so cute kao_lol.gif

What surprised us is that one day when I was going to feed her, I found 4 little thorn balls next to it kao_shocked.gif she was pregnant when I got it kao_laughing.gif I couldn’t get a picture of them when they were small because she was always protecting them kao_love.gif


I got this when I was cleaning their cage, here they were a liiiiittle bigger kao_happy.gif


This was when they were older enough to go out and explore by themselves and when there were able to see kao_love.gif


Here is a video I took of them 2 days ago kao_mad.gif I only spotted 2 of them

It’s a horrible quality I know but I had to make it reaaaaly small so I could upload it on Sanrio kao_lol.gif


This is it for now. I’ll make sure to update more on my blog from now on  kao_kiss.gif

until next time~


4 Responses to “Filling the gap of time”

  1. Welcome back.
    Hope u get a high score and be able to go to Japan.
    I like the video.
    Ducklings, I love them, I had one, but even as an adult she never learn to quack.

  2. Thanks! I hope I get it to! it’ll be like a dream come true to me! though I’m not sure I’ll be able to win.
    My duckling was just starting to learn how to quack hehe it was kinda funny

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  4. good luck with the Japanese! (*3*)

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